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17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Part II

I wanted to post these photos from the GLAAD Awards on Saturday Night. I had a great time! Unfortunetly, things are so crazy right now I don't have time to add any commentary to these photos, but definitely go to Andy's_Blog for a great rundown of the nights highlights. I'll try to add my 2 cents when I get a second!
Miss Universe 1997, Brook Lee and Myself

Posing with Bravo Producer Andy Cohen

Andrae, me and the boys from the Amazing Race

4 Responses to "17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Part II"

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick...

After reading Andy's blog, it sounds like you were the brightest light in the room.

Maybe not winning PR was the best thing that happened to you.

Love to see your gorgeous smile.


Remy said...

aw i love the pictures. i want to meet you and Andrae real bad!


Chuku said...

I hope producer Andy Cohen is the picture it looks like he has had a little too much fun and you are helping him stand up. Not only are you cute, but also compassionate.
Anyway- good to see you are still being acknowledged. In your industry that's important...
and it looks like you're enjoying it.
Be well.

Suzy said...

You are so pretty, I swear.