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NICK HOSTS.....Style Week OC 2010: NIKOLAKI Fashion Show, Cadillac Couture, This Friday!


Fashion Week in the OC!!!
NIKOLAKI Designers Nick Verreos and David Paul, taking their bow at Islands of The World Fashion Week, Bahamas
Well kiddies, we are less than a week away from debuting our Tenth Anniversary NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Collection at Style Week Orange County! We finished our Model fittings today (they went well!), went accessory shopping, got a FABULOUS Shoe Sponsor--Michael Antonio--and now, we just have LOTS of alterations, minor fixings, and still some looks our "Petite Mains" seamstresses are busy working on--- But trust me--David and I will be ready! Our show--in case you have been living under a (fashion) rock, is this Friday, October 1st, at 7PM. Style Week OC is Open To The Public (which is just FAB!!!) so if you can make it to the OC on Friday night and want to see some fashion--head to the Irvine Spectrum darlings--No RSVP necessary!
Here's a "Sneak Peak": An Aqua Blue Silk Zibeline Gown with hand-beaded neckline--just perfect for getting that Martini at the Sao Paulo Brazil Country Club or a fancy Gala at the Pelican Hill Resort!
In addition to my NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Runway Show--I am so excited to be emcee'ing the Cadillac Couture: Red Carpet Gown Fashion Show, right afterward (as well as Saturday night, Oct 2nd). Alumni from the Fashion Instute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM (where I am an Instructor, of course!) will show glamorous designs inspired by the car company's iconic design philosophy. Here are the fashion illustrations from the FIDM designers themselves:
Nick Gaska
Alejandro Ortega
Clay Sadler
Adrienne Young
Also, I will again host and judge the Ezekiel Needle & Thread Competition on Saturday night, October 2nd:
I hosted--and judged-- last year's Needle & Thread Competition at the 2nd Annual Style Week Orange County and I am back at it again! Last year, the Winner was FIDM Debut Graduate Adrian Manuel and since I was one of his Instructor's and Mentor in the Advanced Fashion Design Program, I was so proud of him!
And (Last Year's) Winner Is: Nick Verreos Announces Needle & Thread Competition Winner 2009, Adrian Manuel (left)
This year, there will be seven collection with 35 looks total--all from FIDM designers---and the winner will have their winning design featured in Ezekiel's Spring 2011 Collection! Very Project Runway-esque! *Click HERE for the entire schedule! *Also, HERE is my latest column for the Orange County Register's Style Binge Blog, which talks more about all the events happening this weekend at the Irvine Spectrum to celebrate Style Week OC! See you at Style Week Orange County...and bring your Best Fashion Look because I may be giving "Nick Red Carpet" Mental Gold Stars!!!!

WHO WORE WHAT?.....Nicole Ari Parker in NIKOLAKI, 2010 UNCF Evening Of Stars

Gorgeous in NIKOLAKI
Strike a Pose: Nicole Ari Parker in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos & David Paul gown, UNCF Evening Of Stars Tribute to Chaka Khan
This past Saturday, September 25Th, was the 32nd Annual Edition of United Negro College Fund's/UNCF Evening of Stars at the Pasadena Convention Center. Stevie Wonder led an all-star tribute to the one and only, Miss Chaka Khan, where she was presented with the prestigious UNCF's Award of Excellence in recognition of her distinguished career and support of the UNCF. The GORGEOUS actress Nicole Ari Parker, best known for Showtime's drama series "Soul Food", was a presenter and she wore one of our NIKOLAKI Gowns!!! Actress Nicole Ari Parker--in NIKOLAKI--and husband, actor Boris Kodjoe, UNCF's Evening Of Stars Tribute to Chaka Khan
Her Stylist Chaz E. Foley brought several of our gowns from our Atelier to her, and I'm so excited she chose one of them for this fabulous Red Carpet Gala--which also will be televised on January 2011.
In case "inquiring minds" want to know: The gown is a black silk Duchesse strapless fitted gown featuring an "Obi"-like waist and back gold lurex-linen detail. I think she looked AMAZING! Love the stylish pixie haircut as well!

NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Green Hills Nashville Fashion Challenge: RECAP

Nick Does Nashville: Green Hills "It's A Nice Area", The Rockettes, a Run-In with a Miss Tennessee and Suzie Wong's House of Yum...
Nashville Fashionistas: Nick Verreos poses with one of the Winners of the Macy's Fashion Challenge Green Hills Event (left) and her friend
Last week, A DAY after my Macy's Puerto Rico Event, I flew from San Juan to Nashville Tennessee!!! Yes, I was TIRED but huney, FASHION doesn't understand that word! Unless we are describing an outfit! I landed at almost midnight in Nashville, went to my Airport Marriot Hotel, and asked the lobby how far the "Green Hills" of Nashville was (to be ready for the next day and my event). They said "why?" Of course, I told them I was hosting an event at the Macy's in the Mall at Green Hills. They responded with: "Ohhhh, Green Hills,...THAT'S a NICE AREA!!!". Ummm, OK. I checked in and called it a night.
The next day, I got ready and caught a cab to my event. I told the cab driver: "I need to go to Macy's in Green Hills". He responded "Green Hills!!?? That's a NICE AREA!!" That's the second person who said that! I think that the Green Hills area of Nashville needs to make a new marketing campaign: "Green Hills: It's a Nice Area!". I finally arrived and guess who was at the Macy's at the Green Hills Mall as well?
Reunited: Nick Verreos and The Rockettes, Macy's Green Hills Nashville TN
The Rockettes!!!!!! Well, I just about DIED and went to Gay Xmas Heaven! I hosted a "Kick It With The Rockettes" event--back in Los Angeles--not too long ago at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM, and had a BLAST! And here they are again!!! They just happened to be at the same Macy's I was at, doing an event of their own--promoting their Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular, of course.
Of course, we lit up the Macy's Green Hills "Green Room" doing more high kicks and even doing The Rockettes "salute" (photo above).
Waiting For Nick: The audience at Macy's Green Hills Mall, Nashville TN
I finally got my leg to come down long enough to leave my Rockettes "girlfriends" and mosey on over to the fabulous Macy's Green Hills Impulse Department--and host my Macy's Fashion Challenge" event. The floor was PACKED; hundreds of shoppers, guests and yes, Project Runway fans, filled the seats and kiddies, it was STANDING ROOM ONLY!! Who do I think I am: Tim Gunn? Hardly. But yes, it was a BIG crowd!
The Best Sequin Dress Goes To: Nick Verreos Judges the Macy's Fashion Challenge, Nashville Tennessee
Something about being tired from flying and my crazy airplane itinerary, lack of sleep and those Southern Belles in Nashville...but I ROCKED IT! It was mainly the audience: They were FABULOUS with a Capital "F".
Nick Verreos poses with his Nashville Models (styled by audience members!), Macy's Green Hills Nashville, TN
I consider myself a "Southern Belle" at heart, so I was right at home! One of my Macy's Fashion Challenge Models was a REAL Southern Belle...
She was Miss Tennessee USA 2009, Kristen Motil and a Top Ten Finalist in Miss USA 2009!!!
Model Sandwich: Nick Verreos poses with two of the models, Miss Tennessee 20009 Kristen Motil (left) and Sulivan Mellencamp (right)
Macy's LOVE: Nick Verreos and the Macy's Green Hills Mall Nashville Team
After my event, the wonderful store manager, Patrick Bain, drove me back to my hotel (ain't that sweet!) and gave me a drive-by tour of Nashville. He showed me all the sights, including...
Tootsies bar and lounge, "Music Row" of course...
Also, we drove by the "Musica" Statue and I even got to see...
The Country Music Hall of Fame...well, just the front of it (the poster of Tammy Wynette was enough for me!). That night, two of the lovely Rockettes (sans costumes), Laura Danelski and Alina Williams (a local "Southern Belle" who lives in Nashville) invited me to dinner at...
Suzie Wong's House of Yum. The Executive Chef is Arnold Myint, who was on Bravo's "Top Chef D.C." show. He wasn't there, but there were a lot of cutie waiters! My dinner was DELICIOUS and a perfect ending to my short--but FABULOUS--time in Nashville: The Rockettes, Southern Belle Fashionistas, a great Macy's event at Green Hills ("It's A Nice Area!"), and a little bit of sightseeing? Who could ask for more.

NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Talks Fall 2010 Trends, OC Register

Fall 2010 Trends...on OC Register's Style Binge Blog!!Hi kids! In continuing with my OC Register Style Binge blog "Fashion Dish", this week's theme is "Fall 2010 Trends" and what you need to have in your closet RIGHT NOW according to... Moi...I know it's like 100 Degrees out here in Southern California but just stay with me--I promise, it will get colder! (I think) Here's a Quick Cheat-Sheet: And also One-Shoulder Draped Dresses:
Burgundy jersey one-shoulder draped dress, worn by model Amanda Fields and Heidi Klum wearing a one-shoulder jersey-and-leather Draped Dress, both from our NIKOLAKI Collection.
Here's a "sneak peak" to my OC Register's Style Binge Blog for this week: In general, fall 2010 is showcasing a lot of metallics, military accents, sophisticated brocades, velvet burnout (and the burnout look is seen in casual looks like fitted tee’s as well) and fur accents on coats (love the CHUBBIES!) and accessories (of course FAUX only, darlings!)
Designers also continue to feature lots of layering, as well as ladylike tailored suiting and coats; think “Mad Men” styles but updated for 2010. Beautiful coats can complete your ensemble, and can be form-fitting or over-sized.
To read my entire Fashion Dish with Nick Verreos Blog click HERE!

PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 8 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 9


High Fashion Messes, More Kooky Looks from Mondo, and One Angry Central American Nation...On last night's Project Runway Episode 9--the Sponsor Tie-in L'Oreal Make-Up Challenge--the designers got to create a "High Fashion" look worthy of Paris Couture Week (can't wait to see that!!) and an accompanying more "mass market" version (this was yet another Season 8 "Twist" kiddies). There were no "Michael C-can't-sew" hissyfits, Gretchen kept her "Critique Corner" on the D.L., and two of the boys got to move in with designers Andy and Michael, making Andy happy since I guess he also cannot stand being in the same room with Michael (along with the rest of the cast). The show was packed with lots of visual candy--some bad and some good. Here were my highlights:
Mondo's New Look of The Day: Chain-Smoking Slot-Machine Playing "Crazy" Grandma from Boca
Oh Mondo, I have a burning question: How, on Earth, did you pack SOOOO many Looks into your one allotted suitcase? I think when I was on the show, I packed two jeans, one pair of pants, a couple t-shirts and a jacket or too. But huney, these kids now arrive STYLED!!!!! They are far more "TV Ready" than I ever was back in the day! Just sayin'.

For this episode, that kooky top, plus the hot pants plus that headband: He looked like a Grandma Madge getting ready to hit Caesars Palace in Vegas!
Michael Costello's Train Can't Be Stopped
I mean, really...LOOK at the other designer's faces!! There should be "Pop Up bubbles", and if there were, they would say "What the H***??" There was NO POINT for the train to be THAT long! There never is. But it is a sign of younger fresh-out-of-design school designers to always wanna go over the top to prove a point. Point taken, but it didn't work.

A Peak at Nina Garcia's Judging Card for Michael Costello...
Love that! This is for you doubters who think that the judges don't have photos or don't have any info on those cards. I, for one, can tell you, that when I was a Guest Judge back in Season 6, we did!
Now, onto Miss Guatemala...
I actually did not hate Valerie's white one shoulder gown-as much as Miss Nina Garcia. When I saw the "Coming Up" clip of her saying "She looks like Miss Guatemala", I though she was talking about this...

Mondo's cheap-poly satin concoction which actually won! Now, back in Season 6, when I was a Guest Judge, I said a minor little comment about contestant Gordana's outfit, looking like "a Pre-Cold War secretary in Warsaw Poland" and I got LOTS of HATE emails from just about anyone of Polish descent (they're very sensitive!). I am wondering if the ENTIRE country of Guatemala is doing the same to Nina. And just in case you are wondering what an actual Miss Guatemala looks like in a gown, I give you...
Exhibit A:

Miss Guatemala 2009, Lourdes Figueroa at the Miss Universe 2009 Pageant
And Exhibit B:
Miss Guatemala 2010, Jessica Scheel, from the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant

But the lowest in the bunch was Ivy Higa's dresses, both very bright turquoise and both very prom-meets-pageant (was that a theme?). That gown of hers did remind me of...

a Pinata! I wonder if there was Candy under that gown! I guess we'll never know...Bye Ivy. Here is a Sneak Peak of my Recap:
Paris High Fashion or the Miss Guatemala Pageant? OK, let me just get this out of the way: I am still NOT over those nasty pants from I'm-the-new-Alexander-Wang Andy South's "Jackie Kennedy American Sportswear" ensemble. I actually had draping nightmares over it. Before last Thursday, I remembered Jackie O as an oversized-sunglasses-and-Oleg Cassini-wearing DIVA who loved the Greek Isles (and a few other things, thanks to my fellow recap blogger Laura Bennett!). Now, I can only think of BAD-pants-Jackie O: from Camelot to Cameltoe in one hot minute. Darn you, Miss Andy! Oh well, let's progress to nicer thoughts: A New Roommate Situation (no, not that loser with two left feet from "Dancing with the Stars"!) and a New Challenge.... To read my entire recap click HERE.

NICK HOSTS.....Macy's Fashion Challenge, Woodfield Mall Schaumburg, IL Sept 25

Guess Who's Coming Back to The Chicago Area???
Well, kids, I am ON THE ROAD again! Today, My David and I just finished our first Model Fittings (they went really well, Thank You-Know-Who) for our Nikolaki Spring 2011 Collection to be debuted at Orange County Style Week next Friday--and now, I am getting ready to fly to Chicago!! As you know, I have been traveling a lot across the US--and the Caribbbean--for Macy's, hosting many different fashion events...
And tomorrow, I am excited to be flying to Chicago to host the Macy's Fashion Challenge at the Macy's in Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg Illinois--about 30 miles Northwest of downtown Chicago. The event begins at 2PM. Audience members will get to take the "Macy's Fashion Challenge" and style models for "special occasions" on themes I picked myself! And the winners of each challenge will receive $100 Macy's Gift Certificates! I'll also be showing all the Fall 2010 Trends so make sure to bring a notepad to take notes! And don't forget your camera or Flip 'cause I may just show Schaumburg how to "Give Runway"!
Here are the Details: What: Nick Verreos Hosts the Macy's Fashion Challenge Where: Macy's at Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg Illinois When: 2PM RSVP: Nope, just show up! See you tomorrow!!!

NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Fashion Director Event, Plaza Las Americas Mall Puerto Rico

Bienvenido a Puerto REEEEECOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Align CenterMiss Puerto Rico: Nick Verreos and his Macy's Puerto Rico Models, Plaza Las Americas
One week ago--to the day--I went to the Caribbean Island (and unofficial 51st US State) of Puerto Rico, to host one of my many Macy's Fashion Director Events. I was SOOOO EXCITED to be coming to Puerto Rico. Why? First of all, I am half Latino and speak fluent Spanish and grew up in Venezuela--which is like Puerto Rico but in South America.
Also: This was my second time in the island. Back in my UCLA/College days, I spent a very crazy Spring Break in Puerto Rico with my College roommates and friends where I had to call my parents back home to wire me money because I had none to pay for a hotel! But this time I was going for work and actually staying in a nice hotel...
The Sheraton Hotel and Casino near the Convention Center. No beach or poker-playin' time, unfortunately. Need I remind you, I am here for Fashion and for Work! I arrived the night before my event and was surprised to see what awaited me at the American Airlines Gate:
Yummy Yummy: Sancocho
There were two people--with a whole "Soup Kitchen"-like set up--serving what I think was SANCOCHO! Now, in case you are Latin-food deficient, Sancocho is a traditional soup consisting of vegetables and (usually) large pieces of meat, served in a broth. As I walked out of my LONG flight, the entire gate was filled with waiting passengers (for the next flight I presume?) with Styrofoam bowls of the stuff. I was like "What the H***???". Welcome to Puerto Rico!!! It's like the "lei" of Puerto Rico I guess!
AM Modeling: Nick Verreos flanked by his Univision "Tu Mañana" Morning Show Models
Very early the next morning--the day of my event--I was scheduled to do an interview--and mini-Fall Trend Fashion Show with models--with the local Univision Morning Show, "Tu Mañana". When I showed up, I really had no idea what to expect and if they even knew who I was. But all that changed the minute I met my new GIRLFRIEND:
Matchy-Matchy: Nick Verreos and Nuria Sebazco, on the set of Univision's Puerto Rico "Tu Mañana"
The gorgeous "Tu Mañana" anchor, Nuria Sebazco. She went LOCA: She was like "OMG, te quiero! I read your blog..loved your Barbie! I loved you on the show..." Well, that was IT for me! I wish I had her as my every day Wake Up Alarm Clock! The interview and mini fashion show went great and I had a lot of fun with everyone at Univision Puerto Rico.
But now, it was time to get ready for my Puerto Rico "Director de Moda Evento" (translation: Fashion Director Event) at Macy's Plaza Las Americas.
We had three great Challenges, where audience members styled our models for special occasions which I came up with, such as Dressing for Puerto Rico High Fashion Week and "What Would You Wear For an Interview?".
Hug It Out: Nick Verreos and and old friend of his family who resides in Puerto Rico, Dyneli, who came out for the event Everyone had a lot of fun--especially me--and it was great to meet the fans of Project Runway in Puerto Rico. Hopefully I can return to this gorgeous island and possibly be invited to show my Nikolaki Collection like I showed in the Bahamas two years ago at Island of The World Fashion Week. I love me the Caribbean that's for sure!
One of the Pools at the Sheraton San Juan/Convention Center and the View of San Juan from the Pool Deck
Before leaving the following morning (I had a plane to catch to host another Macy's Fashion Director event, this time in Nashville Tennessee!), I had to at least get a photo of the Hotel's pool and some "Caribbean-esque" Palm Trees. Otherwise, people would have not believed that I was even there! Sorry no Beach-y photos, but I did get to see them from my airplane window when I left. Adios Puerto Rico, Te Amo! Now, I wonder where I can get some Sancocho in Los Angeles????? For Some Great Interviews I did in Puerto Rico (both in Spanish) Click Below:Click HERE for my Interview with Puerto Rican Newspaper "Primera Hora" Click HERE for an Interview with "El Nuevo Dia"