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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portraits: Sassy Group

The "WORK IT!" girls...
It's 1979 All Over Again: This contestant--scroll below to find out where she is from--makes my "Sassy" Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown List
To wrap up my "reviews" of the Miss Universe 2011 "Official Evening Gown Portraits" (You can click HERE, for my "Best", HERE for my "Oh No You Didn't" and HERE for "Strippers or Miss Universe Contestants"), I decided there were FOUR gals who stood out for just being SASSY and FAB-u-LOUS, in terms of their photos and "gown" choices. Now, these contestants could have easily made my "Put That Dress Back On The Rack" list--or even my "Miss Universe Strippers" List for that matter--but the good thing is that THEY DIDN'T! Why, well, see for yourself: Miss South Africa Universe 2011 Bokang Montjane: Safari Anyone??? Where is Peter Beard when you need him??? Miss South Africa is giving animal print and not just any animal print but BIG OL' zebra!! You Go Girl! The gown fits beautifully and that "Oh, are you really looking at me?" pose is FABULOUS in my "Nick V" book! If I was a LION, I'd run the other way!!! Sassy Points: 8.8 Miss Guyana Universe 2011 Kara Lord: Seriously, when I saw this photo, I almost thought I heard Chic's "Le Freak" and I was back at Studio 54!!! How amazing is this? This lady knows WAAAY too many gays! And I LOVE her for it! I really want to know what song they were playing during this photo-shoot that got her "in the mood" to be all Pat Cleveland/Bianca Jagger. The poly charmeuse dress, bold tacky necklace those not-matching black pumps...she could have easily made my "Not" List. But the pose and that "It's 1979" look, got her in my Sassy List. Sassy Points: 9.5 Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 Anastagia Pierre: I can't even begin to tell you the SHIVAHS I got when I saw this photo of Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 Anastagia. let me remind you, this was supposed to be the "Official EVENING GOWN Portraits" for the Miss Universe 2011 Website. And she chose a strapless sequined JUMPSUIT!!!! How much do I LOVE her!!! I think she's waiting in line with Miss Guyana Universe 2011 to get into Studio 1979! I also LOVE her because I actually had a FAB "encounter" with her:
Model Anastagia Pierre, Miss Bahamas Universe 2011, Islands of The World Fashion Week 2010
Anastagia was one of the top models "working the runway" at last year's AMAZING Islands of The World Fashion Week in Nassau The Bahamas, which I hosted. She modeled for several of the featured designers and in fact, wore a gown of the Winner of the IOTW Fashion Week's "In Search of the Next Oscar" Competition: The winner was Georgina Estherr (middle) of the Dominican Republic and her "Muse", none other than Anastagia Pierre, Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 (on the left). Oh, and by the way, she gets 9.8 "Nick V. Sassy Points" for the sequined jumpsuit "Evening Gown" Photo! Finally...our last "Sassy Girl" is... Miss Thailand Universe 2011 Chanyasorn Sakornchan: First: The Gown. AMAZEEENG!!! It's a gown..nope, it's also a sequined jumpsuit! Second: The Pose. She is having a BLAST. The perfect pose for this KRAZEE "gown". She's going to the Oscars AND Disco Night at "Oil Can Harry's" in The Valley (The L.A. peeps will understand!). Not to mention: She is STUNNING! Therefore Chanyasorn gets TEN Nick V Sassy Points!!! ขอแสดงความยินดี (Congratulations in Thai) !!

NICK HOSTS.....Nick Verreos Hosts "Project Style" September 3rd South Bay Galleria

Project Style 2011!!!

I am sooooo excited to be hosting PROJECT STYLE this upcoming Saturday at the South Bay Galleria!!!! Last year, I was honored to have hosted the 2010 Project Style Finals at South Bay Galleria as well, so I'm DOUBLE thrilled to be back!!!!

Nick Verreos Hosts Project Style 2011, South Bay Galleria Redondo Beach CA Saturday September 3rd
What Is Project Style?
*It is the ultimate fashion competition for guys & girls ages 13 and up.
*Two trendsetters are selected each round to put their sense of style & fashion to the test by creating the ultimate outfits.
*The trendsetters create a video and post photos of their ensemble. Live voting by Shoptopia members will determine the winner for the round.
*Finalists will come back to compete in a Live Style Off... that I will host!!!...for ultimate bragging rights as the Top Trendsetter and a $1,000 Shopping Spree! (not bad huh?)
Contestant Camila and Nick Verreos during the Project Style Trendsetter Finals 2010, South Bay Galleria Redondo Beach
Below is the Schedule of Events for Saturday September 3rd:
1-2pm – Nick Verreos Meet & Greet --Sign autographs and take all the (Facebook) photos you want!!!
2-3pm – Live Style Off –I host the fashion show with five finalists from Project Style who will model their latest fashions from South Bay Galleria, which they purchased with a $250 Galleria Gift Card. Finalists will also describe their style secrets and tell you why they should win the Live Style Off and $1,000 Galleria Gift Card.
3pm – Project Style Winner Announcement -- $1,000 Galleria Gift Card is awarded. **The Application period has already closed, but make sure to come to the South Bay Galleria to cheer on your favorite and say Hi! to me as I host this fantastic event!! And if that wasn't enough!!: The event will also be featuring the Swivel 3D Virtual Dressing Room. You will be able to step inside this wonderful new technology and try on some of my NIKOLAKI gowns!! To learn more about the Swivel Virtual Dressing Room click HERE. Below is a fun video about the Project Style Contest and how to participate:

SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portraits: Strippers of the Universe

Stripper...OR...Miss Universe 2011 Contestant??? That's a VERY HIGH Slit: Find out why Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2011 made my "Nick V" Stripper Club... I LOVE discussing Beauty Pageants and especially, Beauty Pageant Gowns. I would LOVE to think that somehow, someone is LISTENING--or reading--my comments and advice. I would love to see pageant girls--especially in International Pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss World, etc., be more like what we see at BIG Red Carpet events such as the Oscars and Cannes. But alas, some gals (and their pageant advisers) somehow feel that looking like a Stripper is more Klassy--yes, Classy with a "K". And now, the Miss Universe 2011 contestants who went to the Stripper Club for their "Official" Evening Gown Portraits: Miss Cyprus Universe 2011 Andriani Karantoni: At first glance, I thought this was just-turned-17-years-old Courtney Stodden, the trashy lip-puckering "Child Bride" of that "Lost" actor. Here's a positive: She is SEX on a Stick. But you know, the Miss Universe Pageant may not be the right venue to be so sexy. The bright gold sequined, side cut-out, high center-front slit just adds to it unfortunately.Time of her Stripper Show: She goes on at noon during the Buffet Lunch. Miss Serbia Universe 2011 Anja Saranovic: Such a beautiful doll-like perfect face! She's blessed with flawless genes that's for sure. So why would she choose this too-short and too-tight Mermaid Dress straight out of Playmates of Hollywood? The come-hither pose is not helping matters. Time of her Show: Begins at 2PM, right after the Buffet Lunch. Miss Curacao Universe 2011 Eva Van Putten: Again, such a beautiful girl! Halle Berry Who? The gown is actually quite nice and interesting, but...there's something missing? A LINING!!!!! It's more like a negligee as opposed to an evening gown. If an actress wore this on the Red Carpet, she would have been TORN to shreds the following day. Time of her Show: She begins around 5PM--for Happy Hour. Miss Panama Universe 2011 Sheldry Saez: At first glance, I kinda liked this. But then, my contacts cleared up a little bit, and the whole "I'm a Klassy Stripper" vibe came into full focus: The pouty lips, the would-you-like-a-Bloody Mary stance, that hair! The gold stretch Lycra fabrication of the dress is arguably, a bit cursi (as my Latinos would say). I like the turquoise blue sequined appliques but if only they would have stopped at the top and not continued toward the entire length of her dress. Time of her Show: Sheldry goes on at 7PM, a more "respectable" hour. Miss Dominican Republic 2011 Dalia Fernandez: I just want to focus on her face--it's absolutely STUNNING! If she doesn't win Miss Universe, she'll be a HIT as Santo Domingo's newest TV Presenter/Hostess and/or Telemundo News Anchor!! But this dress: She is 1/2" away from a "Britney" moment. That, in combination with that "Beyoncé Armpit" pose, it's not elegante. Take that chiffon back overlay/train off, close the slit by five inches and drop the arms huney. There! now, it's much better (in my mind). Time of her Show: Dalia goes on at 9PM, kids--with a three-drink minimum! Miss Argentina Universe 2011 Natalie Rodriguez: Up Next, Miss Belly Dancing Stripper Natalie!! Is her entire torso exposed save for some crystal straps? And, it looks as if she's getting ready to begin her "show" as she lifts that chiffon back shoulder "fall" piece. I guarantee that entire "fall" plus the bottom of the gown comes off and volia: It's a Midnight Show in Buenos Aires!!! Time of Her Show: Midnight!!! Hello!!! There's Chimichurri sauce with some late-night empanadas included with the Cover Price... *Up Next: The "Sassy" Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portrait Ladies!!! Stay Tuned!

SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portraits: HOT MESSES

Mija...Tacky Black Pumps, Mother-of-the-Bride Hairdo's, Slits up to the Cha-Cha, Dominatrix Stiletto Platforms...The Miss Universe 2011 Official Evening Gown Portrait No-No's:
A Wrist/Cuff Train Holder??? Uh...NO!!! See where this lovely "HOT MESS" ended up on my "Put That Dress Back on The Rack" List...
As you may know--from keeping up with my blog here--I am in "Pageant Mode", since the Miss Universe 2011 competition is coming up in a few weeks, and the much-anticipated "Evening Gown Portraits" were released over the weekend on the Miss Universe website. In my last two posts, I began with my "Best" from those photos and the gowns the international ladies chose. But of course, now I must discuss THE HOT MESSES as much as I don't like to do it. As a Fashion Designer who's expertise is in designing evening gowns and red carpet dresses, I do it more to help, and "style-advise" my lovely beauty pageant gals as to what they shouldn't be sportin' in the evening category. Now, remember these may or may not be the gowns these lovely women wear in the Final Telecast (for their sake, I HOPE NOT!!!) but still, I must discuss... Here's my "Put That Gown Back On The Rack" List: Miss Mexico Universe 2011 Karin Ontiveros: There's A LOT riding on Karin. Last year's Miss Universe, Ximena Navarette is from Mexico and did EVERYTHING right in 2010--including choosing the right gown. I'm not sure if Karin chose correctly here. It's just a bit "off". A two-piece purple strapless peplum'ed bustier with over-sized flower detail--and a gold lame skirt. If she were hosting a minor award show in Mexico City that her abuelita would be attending: Maybe. But not for the Miss Universe Pageant. Her hair and make-up look great though--very Selena Gomez. Miss India Universe 2011 Vasuki Sunkavalli: I expect a lot from those stunning--and very stylist Miss India's. However, at least for the choice of this gown and styling: Not so much-ey. It looks like a gown I would have designed and made TEN years ago (I think I actually did!) But what bothers me most are the BIG BLACK PUMPS! Whyyyyyyy? It makes no sense. Didn't she bring some metallic strappy heels (EVERY pageant girls needs to have at least THREE pairs!) or nude ones. The whole look wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for those BLACK PUMPS! Miss Finland Universe 2011 Pia Pakarinen: OK, she's just GORGEOUS. Doll-like. She'll be in the Top 15 just for that beautiful face! Leave it to those Scandinavians to produce beauties like her! Something about the fish, the vodka and the cold weather I guess. But I am not a fan of her gown choice here. It's very "Bridesmaid", especially the light pastel color. And, what is up with THAT 4 inches too short length? Miss Hungary Universe 2011 Betta Lipcsei: Well, basically all I have to say is that's just a whole lot of tiered ruffles! Is she a background player at a Budapest performance of "Bizet's Carmen"? It's very "Cha-Cha" and I do LOVE Cha-Cha, but not for this. I say try again and maybe with not so many tiers of ruffles--a "Mermaid"-style gown skirt would have been better. Miss Georgia Universe 2011 Eka Gurtskaia: Look at what we've got here--It's a MINI...No, wait, it's long. No, it's a Mini. No wait, It's BOTH: A Mini dress with a fitted chiffon long skirt overlay...with a silver metallic bodice midriff. Here's the thing: It's WRONG and a little trashy. If it would have been lined all the way to the floor (as opposed to a mini way too close to her nether-regions) it actually could have been nice. Miss Brazil Universe 2011 Priscilla Machado: A lot is also riding on Priscilla. She's the "home-country" girl. The Miss Universe Pageant is--after all--taking place in Brazil! I am disappointed in this gown choice. It's the kind of pageant dress that ends up on the Sale Rack at a local Prom/Bridal Boutique! And, why did she allow herself to get a big poufy 54-year-old Housewife Hair-DON'T? Here's a suggestion Priscilla: Go to Miss Venezuela or Miss Puerto Rico's Hotel Room and closets, take one of their gowns...and you'll be "good as new"! They'll never know the gowns are missing. Miss Montenegro Universe 2011 Nikolina Loncar: OK, I LOVE her first name--NIKOLINA!! But this dress!!! Please tell me her ruched poly chiffon one-shoulder dress does NOT have a Cuff Train Holder? Those three words: Cuff, Train, Holder...I NEVER wanna see together again. And on her feet: The black pumps that DON'T MATCH at all! Chinese Laundry (Miss Universe Shoe Sponsor): We need some silver/metallic strappy heels ASAP! Miss Belgium Universe 2011 Justine De Jonckheere: Oh huney, there are TOO many things going on with this dress: It's a one-shoulder..but then it's not; then there's a Blouson sleeve for no apparent reason; then straps connecting the midriff-waist; a high side slit. It's a little "Belly-Dancer"-ish. To finish it all off, she adds (because she feels it's sooooo necessary!) a tacky necklace, a cuff, PLUS the bouffant hair. She's such a cute girl. Why? Strip her of EVERYTHING and put her in a simple strapless sequined column gown. Done and done! Miss Guatemala Universe 2011 Alejandra Barillas: But, I will save the Best "Hot Mess" for last. This is A LOT of Gown: The Football Quarterback-sized sequined shoulder caplet (I know that Strong Shoulders are "In" but this is taking it to a WHOLE other level!), the high slit (of course), PLUS the too-long train (for no reason) and then (Drum Roll!!), THOSE Stiletto Platform Dominatrix pumps!? Here's a positive: This ensemble would be FABULOSO on a Drag Queen for "Joan Crawford Meets Joan Collins Night" at a bar in West Hollywood. Remove the Over-sized Shoulder-Padded Caplet, cut 20 inches off that train and get her some peep-toe nude pumps (with NO PLATFORM!) and she'll be "back in the game"! *Next Up: The Strippers Of The Universe!!!!! Yes, kids, What Miss Universe 2011 Contestants decided they would be Strippers for their Evening Gown Portraits? Find out in the next post!

SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portraits: Best of Golden/Ivory

The Golden Ivory Girls...
Miss Korea Universe 2011 Sora Chong: Perfect in Strapless and creme/gold and sequins--Safe and Oh-so-Right
In my previous post, I talked about my "Nick V. Top Ten" in the Miss Universe 2011 "Evening Gown Portraits", which were just released on the Miss Universe Website. There were several golden/ivory gowns--ones which I call the "Pageant Safe" gowns--which were also quite good and therefore, I wanted to do a separate post on my favorites of this bunch. Let's begin with my "Top" of... The Golden Ladies: Miss Ireland Universe 2011 Aofie Hannon: Besides one of my favorites in this "Golden Section"--Miss Korea Universe (on the top of this post), I also like Miss Ireland Universe 2011: Gorgeous girl, gorgeous gold beaded gown. Last year, Miss Ireland was one of the favorites to take the crown--she didn't, but got a Trump Models Contract instead! Will Aofie (love her name!) have the same fate? Miss Egypt Universe 2011 Sara El Khouly: I really like this gown and therefore I've included it as part of my Gold/Creme Section. I love the degrade' beading from torso/top section down toward the waist. It's SAFE and it works. Also, good choice for her nude-colored non-stripper heels (or those UGLY black ones some of the contestants unfortunately chose). Now, moving onto the "Ivory Girls": Miss Ukraine Universe 2011 Olesia Stefanko: White with gold trim "Goddess-Lite" gown. Very simple, safe and beautiful. She's a very CHIC Spartan Princess in one of those random Hollywood blockbuster movies...or at the red carpet of one. Miss Guam Universe 2011 Shayna Jo Afaisen: This strapless, sequined and feathered gown is TOTALLY "Pageant Safe" in my book--and still beautiful. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still just right. Out of ten, she's like an 8.5. (if I was a judge). When in doubt girls, just pick this gown from the rack, you'll be "OK". She's probably the most fashionably elegant in Guam...but in the Universe??? Speaking of Safe and Perfect: Miss Aruba Universe 2011 Gillain Berry--Last but not least in this group of Golden/Ivory gowns, is the very pretty Miss Aruba Universe 2011--Nothing wrong with her and this choice of a strapless ivory beaded gown. Is it "Miss Universe" winner-worthy? Don't know. But for the "Evening Gown Portraits", her and her pageant advisers did it right and played it "Nick V. Pageant Safe". *Next Up: The OH-NO-YOU-DIDN'T Evening Gowns!!!! In other words--The HOT MESSES!!!

SASHES AND TIARAS......Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portraits: Best

Are You Guys Ready? Well, Here Are My Gown "Top Ten" Faves...
Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2011 Viviana Ortiz: Where will she end up on my "Top 10 Best" List??
The 60th Annual Miss Universe 2011 Pageant is well under way in São Paulo Brazil--site of this year's pageant. All the 89 contestants have already arrived from all over the world to begin all their "checking-in", fittings, events, touring and photo shoots--as well as the upcoming Preliminaries. The Final telecast will be shown LIVE on NBC and Telemundo Monday September 12th. The Miss Universe website has just put up photos of the contestants including the much-anticipated (at least for me!) "Evening Gown Portraits". Some girls bring their own gowns from back home for this and some are able to chose from a "rack" of dresses the Miss Universe Wardrobe Dept. has for them, of course, from the "Official Fashion Sponsor", Sherri Hill... Now, these are NOT necessarily the actual FINAL Gowns they will wear on the FINAL night (A LOT, reserve a "very special" gown for that!). But still, it gives a good indication of their "taste level" and well, how "Gown-Savvy" and "Not-So-Gown-Savvy" these women are. So, even though these ARE NOT NECESSARILY the Final Gowns they will wear on the Telecast, I still have to give my "Nick Beauty Pageant Gown Two Cents"... In ascending order from 10 to 1, here are my Top Ten: No. 10: Miss Kosovo Universe 2011 Aferdita Dreshaj--Aferdita squeaks into my "Top Ten Gown Faves" in this canary yellow halter-style taffeta satin gown. The color is impacting. The silhouette and style fits her very well and reminds me of a 1950's "Hollywood Starlet". I do realize that it is a little bit "Miss Teen USA" and well, kind of "Disney Princess", but this girl is so stunning, that it works. The only thing that DOESN'T work is that BOUFFANT hair of hers. Someone should be FIRED for that! No. 9: Miss China Universe 2011 Luo Zilin--This bubblegum pink is a popular color for pageant dresses this season and it looks amazing on Miss China Universe. She's OVER 6 feet tall, and I'm just happy the gown is still the correct length and not ending up above her ankles. Also, she gets EXTRA "Nick V." points for the peep-toe nude/blush-colored pumps, especially when you see the STRIPPER heels some of my "Not-so-Faves" wore (in an upcoming post!). I'm also happy the slit isn't up to her you-know-what. No. 8: Miss Vietnam Universe 2011 Hoang My Vu--This strappy animal print chiffon gown that Hoang My Vu is wearing here is very Cavalli runway and on-trend with what's going on in evening gowns. Therefore, she gets high marks from me. It fits beautifully and stands out--in a good way--in a sea of solid bright colored satins. Bring on the prints! As long as they're delicate ones. No. 7: Miss Slovak Republic Universe 2011 Dagmar Kolesarova--I really like this pretty blush colored satin and chiffon gown with crystal strap detail on the exotic and strong-featured Dagmar. It softens her. I also love the straight-on pose (SOOOO many girls did these odd and awkward side-to-back poses which were NOT cute!). The big pouf in the front of her head is a bit 1994 and Prom-y, but I will forgive her for that! (again, can we fire the hair people!!??). No. 6: Miss Angola Universe 2011 Leila Lopes--Wow. Period. There were lots of these silver or creme/nude-colored gowns in this year's "Miss Universe 2011 Website Evening Gown Portraits" but this is one of the strongest for me. It has drama, gorgeous sequin and feathered detail; it's elegant and Red Carpet-ready! Not a fan of the "Beyoncé Armpit" pose, but other than that: An "A" for Angola! No. 5: Miss Switzerland Universe 2011 Kerstin Cook--One of the most beautiful girls in this year's pageant (and there are A LOT!!), this 5'11", 22 year old is DESTINED to be one of Donald Trump's "Trump Model Management' girls! (if the Miss Universe crown proves elusive to her). The red color is a stand-out choice for Kerstin. The draped chiffon bust style is fabulous and "Grecian-Goddess"-like. I also love the just-the-right-amount of sequined straps, to give it that touch of "Pageant Elegance". P.S.: She looks very "Taylor Swift" in this gown. 4: Miss St. Lucia Universe 2011 Joy-Ann Biscette--You. Go. Girl! This is one of those gowns that I am sure "Pageant People" will be all "a-twitter" about and either be on the "Love It" or "Hate It". I LOVE IT!!! The bubblegum pink (there it is again!) is GA-GA-Gorgeous on her and I give her MAJAH points for choosing such a "Haute Couture Runway"-like directional style. Therefore, she makes my Top Four!!! Not so sure about those scalloped edges of her peplum (should have been straight just like the top section), but other than that: You Go Girl Miss St. Lucia! No. 3: Miss Venezuela Universe 2011 Vanessa Goncalves--One of my favorites in this color-group of gowns (there were lots!). This is a perfect Red Carpet-worthy gown that one could see at the Oscars, Emmys, etc. Things I Love: The delicate crystals throughout the dress, the interesting godet, cascading organza pieces from the thigh down, the shoulder twisted-knot detail. Also, there's no HOOCHIE slit ANYWHERE and the Mermaid-shape fits her impeccably. There's delicacy and grandeur in this gown: Muy Bien Vanessa! My Almost-Almost Favorite! No. 2: Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2011 Viviana Ortiz--Yes kids, Viviana Ortiz and her gown make it to the No. TWO spot on my "Evening Gown Portrait" Best Countdown!! The shape, color, fabrication: All of it is absolute perfection! All she needs is the crown. It also looks expensive and almost custom. I would be surprised if it was not from one of those top Puerto Rican or Venezuelan-based designers who are so much in demand these days. This is NOT a $499 gown from a store kids (or at least it shouldn't be!). Even her styling and hair were just right: No over-accessorizing and no BIG Bouffant "Real Housewives of New Jersey" hair. Bellisima! No. 1: Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella--But my Favorite of these Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portraits was definitely Miss USA. First, let's begin with the fact that she is STUNNING! OK, now that we got that out of the way, we can discuss her gown choice. Very now, very "Red Carpet", and very "Runway Model" and NOTHING, ZERO, NADA Pageantry about it!! No cheap diamantes, no too-high slits (thank you Alyssa!). I love the golden lame look of the fabrication, the diagonally pleated bust and side details as well as the "Mermaid-Lite" shape. In one word: Sublime. *Next Up: My "Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portrait" Favorites from what I call the "Pageant Safe" Gold-and-Ivory toned gowns.

WHO WORE WHAT?....Britney Spears in Moschino

Britney Spears in Moschino: Oh Miss Britney. We LOVE you!! (well, me and my GAYS do!!) I think she looks amazing from the thighs up! Her hair: Terrific! Her make-up: Great! The cute little shorts ensemble even fits well and looks just right. But then... The Shoes!! There's always somethin' with Miss Britney! Patent leather open-toe Dominatrix platforms!!! Really??? Oh huney. Well, at least she got it 70 % right!!! I'll give her that!

WHO WORE WHAT?.....2011 MTV Video Music Awards: Beyoncé in Lanvin

Beyonce in Lanvin Fall 2011: Why might you ask would Beyoncé not be wearing her signature skin tight gown?? She's PREGNANT!! She used the 2011 MTV VMA's to let the world know that she and her hubby Jay Z are expecting their first child! Congrats Miss B! Oh, yes, and about her gown: Designed by Moroccan-born "Design God" Alber Elbaz for the House of Lanvin, it is a coral one-shoulder caftan (caftans are VERY IN kids!!) gown that was originally shown in beige on the Lanvin runway on a too-thin model. I like it MUCH BETTER on Beyoncé! She looks positively glowing!!