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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Latin Billboard Awards Miami


Red Carpet @ the Latin Billboard Awards
Greetings from Miami, or as they say "Saludos de Miami". Without sounding too nostalgic, I forgot how much I loved Miami. It was , in fact, the first stop my family and I made when I arrived to the US from Caracas , Venezuela over 25 years ago. With the perfect blending of Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, and South American influences, I feel at home in Miami, as if I was back in Venezuela.
I was asked , as you know, by Heineken, to design a "Green Ribbon/Pin" to raise music awareness within the Latin community for the Celia Cruz Foundation which was to be worn by the presenters and performers at the Latin Billboard Awards as well as the "Special Pins" which were worn by Los Angeles-based band Ozomatli. Last year , designer Narciso Rodriguez designed the pins for the Grammy Awards, so I was beyond honored to have been asked.
Tarah and myself @ the National Ribbon Unveiling
Tarah and her sister Sabrina in Nick Verreos
Lenny (Tarah's Beau), Myself and David
I first met up with my "Project Runway 2" model, Tarah, whom I had not seen since I left the show(as well as her beautiful sister Sabrina) to attend an "Unveiling of the Ribbon/Pin Party" at the fabulous "National Hotel" in South Beach. Tarah and I were so giddy together, it was as if we were 10 years old! She is looking more beautiful than ever (if that is even possible) and it was just really nice to be reunited with her. Tarah has such a positive energy and exudes kindness and warmth --I forgot how much she was the glue that was holding me through the mess that was going on during the filming of the show. Along with David, Tarah's boyfriend, model Lenny came along as well. We joked how much he looked like a "Ken Doll" to her "Barbie"! I dressed both Tarah and her sister in my silk-print cocktail dresses that were perfect for the balmy 85 degree weather. They loved the dresses and looked sexy and very "Miami" in them. We had a lot of fun at the party and were surprised to find so many Miami locals who were big fans of the show and loved my work.
Ribbon unveiling by the pool @ the National Hotel
Red Carpet @ the Heineken Ribbon Unveiling
Ozomatli and myself on the Red Carpet @ the Ribbon Unveiling
The next day , along with Ozomatli (who were so great by the way, we are totally going to hang out back in LA), we arrived at the awards show, via a limousine to do the Red Carpet and attend the show. We joked how no one would know who we were and they would be saying "Who are these guys?". Much to my surprise, fans in the bleachers were calling out my name and wanting to take photos. We were interviewed by many reporters including Telemundo, NBC affiliates as well as other news sources. It was a bit difficult to change from Spanish to English and visa versa every two minutes, and at times, I became a bit nervous at the whole process, but overall it was lots of fun. For the actual awards show, David and I had great seats and enjoyed the show immensely. Highlights were seeing Shakira shake her "thang", cutie Alejandro Sanz, and seeing "Reggaeton" idol, Daddy Yankee, perform. I was even more excited to see my Ribbons on the lapels of some of the performers who went up to receive their awards. I also have to add that it was a treat to see how different Latin performers, actors, singers, dress to these events (as opposed to the Emmy's, Academy Awards, Grammy's, etc). It was nice to see that not everyone was "safe" and "boring". Were there train wrecks? Yes. Was there fabulousness? Yes. It was great "eye candy" to see how everyone dressed for this event. All in all, Miami was amazing. The weather , the beach, the food, everything was great! I am definitely coming back! Special thanks to Heineken and the beautiful team of Diane Von Furstenberg wrap-dress clad gals at Shorefire Media --you rock! Now I have to moisturize the slight burn I got from laying out in South Beach! Ciao.
Ozomatli and myself on the Red Carpet @ the Latin Billboard Awards

14 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Latin Billboard Awards Miami"

Anonymous said...

I want Tarah's Dress

Anonymous said...

I know Sabrina!! AHH

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Great to see all the pics.

Tarah's boyfriend is YUMMY!

Wish you would show a close up of the pin.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool.Glad you had fun in Miami.Keep it up!!! Nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Tarah and her sister looked GORGEOUS in your outfits! Not to mention how handsome you look! Glad you had a good time!


Heather said...

WOW! What a great update! tarah's beau is very cute, but you still take the prize for smoldering good looks! You may have been surprised by your reception, but those of us who have fallen for your personality are not. I am so happy that you are having such a wonderful ride that I am not even bitter about the catsuit anymore. That was all set up for ratings and is absolutely NO indicator of how successful you will be. Karma is a wonderful thing!!! (Zulema who? Santino what?).

May you continue to be blessed with much happiness and success.

Heather said...

PS: Tarah's sister is absolutely gorgeous as well. Wish I had some of those genes!!!! What a perfect canvas for your designs!!!

PPS: I rally am liking the whole jean and cowboy belt buckle look!!!! Giddyap!!!

LauraK said...

Thanks for the update, Nick. What a blast!

Anonymous said...

tarah's dress is gorgeous!!

Gracie said...

tarah's dress is gorgeous!! thanks for signing the cousins were so excited~!

Anonymous said...

Tarah and her sister are such beauties. And those dresses are hot!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to see the red carpet show but my friend told me about it.
those dresses are beautiful!
I want to see a close up of the pin!

Anonymous said...

oh Nick, these pictures are fantastic and your Miami overview is awesome - very interesting to hear how you spend your time there.

I didn't know Tarah had a sister!!

OMG, Tarah's and Sabrina's dresses are beyond gorgeous!!!! I saw what they are wearing and automatically thought "I want them!!" I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE Tarah's!! WOW.

this was yet another great post!! thank you.

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