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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos on Style Network's "Style Star": Debuts TONIGHT

Angelina, Kate and Nick???
On The Style Set: Nick Verreos on the set of Style Network's "Style Star" TV Show
I'm so excited that TONIGHT on The Style Network, the new Season of "Style Star" will debut--and yours truly has been called in to be one of the panel of commentating experts--for the ENTIRE SEASON!!! The show airs EVERY Saturday night and of course repeats throughout the week. In case you might be out of the "Style Star" loop--the show highlights Famous A-List celebs and what makes them STYLE STARS! Every week style and celeb experts including America's Next Top Model Judge, Photographer Nigel Barker, former Rachel Zoe assistant, stylist Taylor Jacobson and my good friend, Marcellas Reynolds--will go through and "enlighten" the viewer on what makes Charlize Theron or Penelope Cruz or Kim Kardashian terms of style. Are they just born with it? Or is it because of fabulous and intelligent style guidance via stylists and beauty handlers...
For the first show tonight, it's all about the one and only SUPER-actress Angelina Jolie and the Brit-gorgeous Kate Beckinsale. We dissect all their red carpet looks from their early days (Yes Angelina, we're talking about that blood vial) to Kate and that OUTRAGEOUS Mermaid of a gown...
Hope you guys enjoy the season of "Style Star"--there's LOTS more Style Celebs to come---
Click HERE for the rundown of all the airing dates of the show-- But for this first one (in case you missed the Debut tonight): You can still catch it tomorrow--Sunday at 12:00 AM, 12:30PM and 10:30PM and through the rest of the upcoming week--check your local Style Network Cable Listings.

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