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ICE STYLE.....2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championships COSTUMES RECAP: The MEN!


BEST IN COSTUME?--(L to R) Vincent Zhou, Nathan Chen, Yaroslav Paniot, Vincent Zhou--2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Las Vegas Nevada

In my last post HERE, I blogged about the LADIES at the 2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championships and their COSTUMES. So now, it is time to discuss THE MEN...

Let's begin with Vincent Zhou:Vincent Zhou Short Program to Vincent (Starry Starry Night) performed by Josh Groban--Let me start off this MEN'S COSTUME blog by saying that I actually really liked this costume on Vincent Zhou. I am a big fan of a complete costume look--especially on MEN! (normally the top is the costume and then, they put oh-so-predictable black pants to go with it!). Vincent's costume was a complete look. It's so nice to see the sequin details continued seamlessly onto the pants giving that complete costume look, as well as on the shoulder. I also love (what traditionally would be considered) "feminine" details--such as the draped cowl neck, here on Vincent. Altogether, this was a beautiful costume for him and for the program.

SCORE: 9.75

Vincent Zhou Fee Skate to Algorithm by Muse and Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) by Muse--Vincent continued his Good Costume Streak for his Free Skate costume choice. While this design wasn't a "complete costume look", it was creative, designed, and worked with the music. The floaty top featured various layers that enhanced his turns, the sequins weren't overbearing and I also loved the delicate hues of plum, grape, lilac. The pants, if you notice, were done not in black but in a darker plum color to match the top. And also, notice that they weren't just any pants...they had a DESIGN aspect with the front leg detailed panels. Thank you.
SCORE: 9.65

Jason Brown Short Program to Sinnerman by Nina Simone--Sleek in Black. Jason wore this elegant look for his Short Program to Nina Simone. The design accentuated his lithe body and the delicate sequin accents added an elegant and luxe aspect to the look. If Tom Ford were to design a figure skating costume for a male skater, I think this would be it!
SCORE: 9.25

Jason Brown Free Skate to Slaughter on 10th Avenue by Richard Rodgers and New York Philharmonic--Originally from a ballet by Richard Rodgers from the 1936 Broadway show "On Your Toes". The ballet involves a dancer and two gangsters who want to shoot him. It originally was performed on TV in the early '50s...therefore possibly the provenance of Jason's look here. He wore a fuchsia berry-colored skin-tight Lycra top with leg-hugging black pants--and a thin black belt. Normally I am not a fan of the whole belt-and-pants look for skating but with this ensemble (and the music), it worked; he looked like he belonged in a George Balanchine-choreographed ballet. 
SCORE: 8.90

Yaroslav Paniot Free Skate to Heartbreak Hotel, Can't Help Falling In Love and Hound Dog by Elvis Presley--If it isn't evident from the photos, Elvis is in the House! Yaroslav skated to an Elvis Presley medley of hits in a perfectly suitable costume. I liked the bold lavender color of the top, the "plunging" neckline, the low-waist silhouette--so vintage 70's Elvis. All that was missing was the sweat dripping from his face and him being slightly overweight! The crystal sequin accents and that ever-so-fabulous belt took it to a purposely gaudy level. Also, inquiring minds (me!) want to know if he dyed his hair a deep black on purpose to be even more Elvis-like? I hope it's a "Yes"!
SCORE: 9.65

Maxim Naumov Free Skate to Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus and Stabat Mater by Woodkid--Two words: Exposed Shoulder. Maxim skated his Free Skate wearing this look, which consisted of black pants and a red-and-black sparkly top. Nothing about that was unusual...until I noticed the "exposed" shoulder detail with a nude illusion panel and black strap across the neck. It was daring and certainly not the typical detail one would see in a men's costume, and overall, I liked it.
SCORE: 9.50

Camden Pulkinen Free Skate to Close Your Eyes by Rhodes--Camden wore skin-tight black pants and this tie dye-like deep lavender top with a criss-cross looped neckline and crystal neckline and hem trim. Not sure what this Pirates of The Caribbean-meets-Mamma Mia look has to do with the music of his skate (FYI: NOTHING!) was Boho Cute.  
SCORE: 8.99

Nathan Chen Short Program to Asturias, CanciĆ³n del Mariachi (from "Desperado") performed by Los Lobos, Antonio Banderas--While we know Nathan is more famous for his Quads than his costumes, it was nice to see him wearing what could pass for a costume (kind of) for his Short Program to "Desperado". The white shirt, black pants with subtle Mariachi metal details were almost an EXACT replica of what Antonio wore in the 1995 film. While it may not have been very creative in terms of thinking differently than what Antonio actually wore, this look evoked the character just right.
SCORE: 9.00

Nathan Chen Free Skate to Selections from Philip Glass--For his Free Skate, Nathan wore a more "typically" Nathan look of black pants and an un-costumey top. The top had small sheer panels at the shoulder and neckline, and a looser elongated shape; it could have easily come from Rick Owens or a brand such as Helmut Lang. While I get that he's not a "costume" skater and this is more his just gets rather repetitive and visually boring. But at least, he's THE BEST MALE FIGURE SKATER IN THE WORLD! So....there's that. I was actually more excited about the NIKE sweatshirts he wore in the "Kiss & Cry". Maybe since he is a spokesperson for NIKE, they can design some costumes as interesting as his after-skate outfits! Pretty Please!
SCORE: 8.25

Click below to watch Jason Brown's FREE SKATE at the 2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championships:

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