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ICE STYLE.....2021 World Figure Skating Championships - MEN COSTUMES RECAP!


The Male Costume Peacocks--(L to R) Japan's Shoma Uno, Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu, Hanyu, and Yuma Kagiyama--2021 World Figure Skating Championships, Stockholm Sweden

This past week was the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships, held in Stockholm Sweden. Skaters competed for the title of world champion in Ladies, Men, Pairs, and Ice Dance. Since I discuss figure skating costumes here in BLOG, it's time to discuss the costumes from the Worlds.
First up: THE MEN:
Jason Brown USA Short Program--Jason skated his Short Program to Sinnerman by Nina Simone wearing this sleek all-black costume. The design highlighted his very lean body and heightened the lines of his gorgeous skating. I loved the delicacy and not in-your-face aspects of the sequin work on his top, as well as the delicate shade differences in the top's fabrications.
SCORE: 9.00

Jason Brown USA Free Skate--For his Free Skate to Slaughter on Tenth Avenue - a ballet from Richard Rodgers famously choreographed by Balanchine - Brown, wore a super-tight bright pink t-shirt and black pants. The look reminded me of one of the members of the Sharks or Jets, from "West Side Story", a very 1950's-like young guy...who all of a sudden breaks into a fabulous dance routine! While I would have liked something more "thoughtful" and less "basic", it still worked for him since again it highlighted the gorgeous lines of his skating and choreography.
SCORE: 8.00

Nathan Chen USA Short Program--For his Short Program to Asturias, CanciĆ³n del Mariachi (from "Desperado") performed by Los Lobos, Antonio Banderas, Chen wore a costume that was very, very close to the look worn by Banderas in Robert Rodriguez' film "Desperado". I liked this design on Chen, including the white band-collar shirt and "Mariachi"-lite pants, featuring the silver buckle-like detail on the leg. 
SCORE: 8.75

Nathan Chen USA Free Skate--For his Free Skate to Selections from Philip Glass, Nathan went with a very Nathan look, of an all-black colored costume featuring a floaty semi-sheer black gauze-knit top, with black pants to go along. It was clean, slightly edgy, and not distracting...which is how Nathan seems to like his "costumes". 
SCORE: 8.99

Shoma Uno Japan Short Program--For his Short Program to Great Spirit by Armin ban Buuren vs Vini Vici feat. Highlight Tribe, Japan's Shoma Uno, wore this wine-red costume featuring a fabulously studded top with baby blue, red and silver rhinestones in a fireworks-like motif. Some of the crystals can also be seen on the top of the pants as well. I loved this on Shoma because it had stage presence, and the multicolored sequins were stunning on the ice as well.
SCORE: 9.10

Shoma Uno Japan Free Skate--For his Free Skate to Dancing On My Own performed by Calum Scott, Your Last Kiss by Karl Hugo, Shoma wore this costume that consisted of a blue-violet sequined shirt and deep violet-colored pants. As with his Short Program look, the shirt is the "Costume Star" here, featuring the intricate web-like sequin detail, cut-outs with nude illusion backing, and traditional shirt collar tailoring. 
SCORE: 8.99

Yuma Kagiyama Japan Short Program--Yuma skated his Short Program to Vocussion by Yo-Yo Ma & The Silkroad Ensemble, Rabih Abou-Khalil in this costume which paralleled the music's "Orientalist/Near East" mood. I really liked the kimono-inspired top with that gorgeous scroll-like sequin applique work with jeweled crystals. The thin double belt was a nice accessory touch. This great top was well-balanced with black pants and matching color gloves.
SCORE: 9.20

Yuma Kagiyama Japan Free Skate--For his Free Skate to Jake Enters His Avatar World  (from "Avatar" soundtrack) by James Horner; The Bioluminescence of the Night  (from "Avatar" soundtrack) by James Horner; Gathering All the Na'vi Clans for battle (from "Avatar" soundtrack) by James Horner, Yuma wore this costume which featured "bioluminescent"-looking green-aqua colors which gave a nod to "Avatar". The top had rhinestones down a shiny satin front panel, along with a rather oddly colored "nude" illusion panel that didn't match Yuma's skin color. The costume looked a but "amateur" hour, child-like and dare I say, cheap-looking. Not so much a fan.
SCORE: 6.99

Yuzuru Hanyu Japan Short Program--Yuzuru skated his Short Program to Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams wearing this fabulous ensemble! This is a STANDOUT in its design, execution, and overall impact. The look consisted of one of the best Moto jackets I have seen - even in actual runway shows! - with superb stud-work throughout the seams, lapels, pockets. The jacket was complemented by the tightest latex-like pants. And no detail was sacrificed: Even his belt got the crystal stud treatment. The overall effect was a TEN for me; I was THOROUGHLY his costume!

Yuzuru Hanyu Japan Free Skate--For his Free Skate to Ten to chi to - Heaven and Earth (soundtrack) by Isao Tomita, Yuzuru wore this take on a traditional kimono/samurai ensemble. The look featured a kimono-inspired top in tie-dye blue with gold and silver sequin flower applique. The top had a standup collar, flutter sleeves, and was accessorized with a purple and gold-trimmed mini obi. The purple gloves matched the obi. The look was complimentary to his music and worked just fine, but honestly, it just lacked the Stage Fabulousness of his Short program costume.
SCORE: 8.99

The close-up of the sequin work on Yuzuru's top was exquisite!

Click below to watch Yuzuru Hanyu's Free Skate at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships:

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