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ICE STYLE.....2021 World Figure Skating Championships - LADIES COSTUMES!


 Ladies Style--(L to R) Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Alexandra Trusova, Karen Chen, and Anna Shcherbakova--2021 World Figure Skating Championships

Continuing with my ICE STYLE BLOG on this past week's 2021 World Figure Skating my last post I discussed THE MEN'S COSTUMES HERE, so now it's time for the LADIES...
Let's begin with Japan's Rika Kihira:

Rika Kihira Japan Short Program--For her Short Program to The Fire Within by Jennifer Thomas, Rika wore this very striking costume which featured a very elaborately sequined deep blue-and-red dress over deep blue leggings. The "dress" had an eye-catching display of fire-like red and blue strips throughout the torso, all heavily beaded, over an ombre-dyed stretch chiffon base. The heavily appliqued bust detail had the effect of a heart "exploding". The rest of the dress featured nude illusion from neckline to shoulder, and to the back. It was a very detailed costume for sure. I'm not sure if the leggings were even necessary but, it did add a slightly modern touch to the look.
SCORE: 9.05 

Satoko Miyahara Japan Short Program--For her Short Program to Gnossienne: No. 1 by Erik Satie, Metamorphosis Two by Philipp Glass, Satoko skated wearing this aqua-green costume. The design was a very classic ladies figure skating costume with its lace applique, tiny crystal beading, nude illusion, and double-layered skirt. Even though it didn't reach any new heights of style or fashion in the world of figure skating costumes, it was pretty and right for the music.
SCORE: 8.99

Kaori Sakamoto Japan Free Skate--For her Free Skate to Main Title Trinity Infinity from The Matrix (soundtrack) by Don Davis, Clubbed To Death from The Matrix (soundtrack) by Rob Dougan, Chateau Vol.2 from The Matrix (soundtrack) by Rob Dougan, Kaori wore this fabulous costume which I loved this past season. This is a perfect example of taking figure skating costume design to new (higher) levels. I loved the modern fabrication of latex-like-faux stretch leather, along with the asymmetrical details. But really, the "stars" were those stunning jeweled crystals that mimicked "The Matrix" code/digital rain. Kaori looked fresh, modern, high-fashion styled, and dare I say it: bad-a** !
SCORE: 9.90

Bradie Tennell USA Short Program--Bradie skated her Short Program to Moderation by Florence and the MachineI think it's fitting that for this skate to a Florence and the Machine song, Bradie would wear a more modern, sleek costume. I liked this second-skin black jumpsuit for the fact that it was quite a sexy departure from what we normally see her wear (she's more known as being in the "Ice Princess" category in terms of costumes). The costume had the appearance of a separate midriff-baring crop-top and super-skinny tight leggings and featured geometric details, semi-see-through panels, and delicate beading. If she were to really elevate the entire look, I would have liked to have seen a more modern hairstyle. A faux-hawk perhaps?!
SCORE: 9.00

Bradie Tennell USA Free Skate--For her Free Skate to Sarajevo by Max Richter, Dawn of Faith by Eternal Eclipse, Bradie wisely contrasted her modern sleek look from the Short Program to this more classic elegant costume. The ivory and black ombre-shaded costume featured an asymmetrical neckline, boning-like details reminiscent of vintage Dior corselettes, and beautiful silver crystals that went from heavy to light throughout the torso. This was quite an exquisite costume and very Ice Style Couture.
SCORE: 9.35

Karen Chen USA Free Skate--Karen skated her Free Skate to Butterfly Lover Concerto by Takako Nishizaki - Takako Nishizaki wearing this absolutely beautiful costume. The lilac-colored design featured a rich display of crystals, sequins, and butterfly motifs encircling the torso and bodice, creating a stunning visual accompaniment to her skate and music.
SCORE: 9.75 

Hae-in Lee South Korea Free Skate--Lee skated her Free Skate to Nina's Dream (from "Black Swan" soundtrack) by Clint Mansell, Stumbled Beginnings (from "Black Swan" soundtrack) by Clint Mansell, A Swan Is Born (from "Black Swan" soundtrack) by Clint Mansell, Perfection (from "Black Swan" soundtrack) by Clint Mansell wearing this gorgeous costume. Even though the music was to "Black Swan", the costume was done in a deep hunter green shade which was unique. I also loved the feather-like crystal embellishment on the torso in green and silver which gave a nod to the swan. Last, but not least, the crystal beaded neckline was EXQUISITE!
SCORE: 9.75

Alexandra Trusova *Figure Skating Federation of Russia* Short Program--For her Short Program to Love Story by Lola and Hauser, Appassionata by Secret Garden, Alexandra wore this white and lilac shaded costume. It was a pretty costume and I appreciated the side-back strappy details (very Versace-lite!) and the crystal embellishment throughout the front torso. Although I didn't mind the delicate white-and-lilac color, I feel Trusova looks better in stronger richer colors and I wish the skirt was shorter for her petite frame.
SCORE: 8.45

Alexandra Trusova *Figure Skating Federation of Russia* Free Skate--For her Free Skate to O Verona (from "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack) by Craig Armstrong, Montagues & Capulets (from "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack), Come, Gentle Night (from "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack) by Abel Korzeniowski, and Dance of the Knights (from "Romeo and Juliet") by Sergei Prokofiev Alexandra wore this black and fuchsia-colored costume. The design was "dark" and "mature" for the young lady but fit the imposing "Romeo and Juliet" Prokofiev music. I liked the "skeletal"-like details around her ribcage/torso and web-like back strap embellishment...

The Thorn Queen...but not at Worlds

...As her skate neared its second half, I was waiting for her to do the release of her sleeve thorns which was a highlight (for me) of her skate and never came. It seems that the Russian Federation might have gotten some "costume notes" from previous judges who possibly suggested to not have that (maybe too gimmicky??)...Oh well...because I liked it!

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva *Figure Skating Federation of Russia* Short Program--Elizaveta skated her Short Program to Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khaled. She wore this "fashion forward' look, consisting of a see-through stretch mesh leotard/bodysuit with a crop black top and a very mini skirt with silver belt/chain details. She accessorized the look with black gloves and a silver metallic wrist bracelet. She looked like a sexy back-up dancer for a 90's Paula Abdul. The costume was more in line with something one would see for a "Show"/Exhibition look but it works for Elizaveta because as we all know, she's ALWAYS ready for a show!
SCORE: 9.00

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva *Figure Skating Federation of Russia* Free Skate--For her Free Skate to Chronicles of a Mischievous Bird by Bkhima Iunusov, Elizaveta wore this black costume above. The design features wing-like fluttery sleeves, an asymmetrical "skirt" and corset-like details around the midriff. The costume mixes solid and see-through materials for a dark and sexy vibe. While I liked most of it, I am not a fan of the oddly colored "nude" illusion panel in the front neckline; it's just too dark for her skin tone.
SCORE: 8.75

Anna Shcherbakova *Figure Skating Federation of Russia* Short Program--Skating to O doux printemps d'autrefois by Jules Massenet, performed by Joshua Bell for her Short Program, Anna wore this beautiful costume above. The blue design had a gathered bust with a keyhole front, semi-sheer sleeves, and crystal-encrusted Empire and waist seams. As a costume, it reflected a romantic, feminine aesthetic with its silhouette but I also liked how the blue-violet ombre shadings and crystals reminded me of a lovely star-filled night sky.
SCORE: 9.25

Anna Shcherbakova *Figure Skating Federation of Russia* Free Skate--For her Free Skate to Morning Passages by Philipp Glass, Big Plans (from "The Home of Dark Butterflies" soundtrack) by Panu Aaltio, Beethoven's Five Secrets by The Piano Guys, Anna wore this costume...and honestly, it is one of my favorites of the season. The design is gorgeous, luxe, romantic, and goes well with the music. The costume features lovely ombre shading in ivory, silver to deep gunmetal grays in the torso and skirt as well as beautiful pink/skin-colored sleeves. The crystal beading swirls around her body like shiny stars encircling a midnight sky. All in all, if one added layers of chiffon that went to the floor, I could easily see this on an Awards Show red carpet--once we start having those again!
SCORE: 9.85

Click below to watch USA's Karen Chen skate her Free Skate at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships:

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