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Nick's Exit

Watch an exclusive exit interview with Nick.

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Laura K said...

I'm really excited to see you again in the reunion episode!

IntricateGirl said...

I just watched your Exit Interview, and let me say, DO NOT APOLOGIZE! You were totally robbed. The judges need to lay off whatever colorful drugs they were using when they judged it, but I liked it. Good luck to you, although I already know you will rock the fashion world.

Your #1 fans said...

Even your exit interview reveals what a man of class you are. Please do not feel you let your fans down, you have a talent that will shine on after the show.
I'm happy that the show was able to give you exposure and show your creative talents.
You are inspiring individual that is respected and admired.
Looking forward to the reunion show.
Best of luck in all your endeavors

Tanya said...

Finally the Exit interview I been looking for it for like a week now.There is nothing to apologize for we all know you were ROBBED!!!!!
Can't wait to see the reunion show.;-)

AJ said...

"A lot of Nick Verreos in the future"??

I could totally live with that!

Missed you like crazy this week on PR and can't wait to hear more about what your fabulous skills are up to next week on the reunion!

Heather said...

I just got done watching your exit interview video....thanks for sharing it with us!

First, let me say what I'm sure everyone else is going to say...NO APOLOGIES NEEDED!! You were not the one who let us down. The judges let us down....the producers let us down. You DID NOT let us down and I for one am very proud of you!

I couldn't help but think about how you would have swept the floor with the competition during this evening gown episode.

I was laughing my ass off at the "Turkey from the Thanksgiving Day Parade" comment. I think someone needs to shove a turkey baster up the judges.....(ok, ok, calm down. It's only fashion)

I also loved your "you had me at hello" line about Tarah. She is a beautiful person and I see great things in store for both of you.

About wanting to be a model.... baby, you have got that runway strut down. I know that I'll have to order 2 DVDs of PR season2 b/c I will wear out the first one just watching you model Chloe's outift!!!

Again, I am sure that I am voicing the opinions of many when I say that I CAN'T WAIT to see more of Nick Verreos in the future!!! Preferably in one of your sleeveless shirts -- yum, yum (sorry for the tacky moment).

Oksana said...


You did such an amazing job on Project Runway and that's how we fell in love with you and your work! We are not disappointed at all, we are just sad that you didn't make it as far as you deserved. I'm sure you know how many fans there are out there. You are everyone's favorite!!

Regarding the episode 10, you're right, at least your design was finished! It wasn't falling apart like Santino's!!

Tarah was amazing. You and her seemed to be the perfect team! We all saw the connection you've had with her. We adored her as well!

oh and Nick you could totally be a model! You've got it all! Superb talent, looks, great personality!

We cannot wait to see more of your future work. We just CANNOT! God Bless.

R24 said...


From your boys at

SERIOUSLY!!! No real shocker last night....we pretty much knew that the producers would keep Santino for the ratings factor. The ego, the attitude and downright RUDE comments that Santino has displayed to the judges and other contestants is HORRIBLE!! Mess, mess, mess, mess!!!! The final three SHOULD have been NICK, Chloe and Daniel. If Santino is named the winner it will truly be a disgrace to the other designers and to the show. C'mon on Nina and Kors, have some balls and show Santino the end of runway...FACE DOWN!! are our final thoughts about last night's revelation.


mariceci said...

Your interview was great...I really liked how you answered all the questions. You are the only one in the show who really knows how to express and talk. I can't wait to see you next week in the reunion episode.

Akira Garcia Noriega said...

Nick!!!!! Por Dios! I miss you on PR! I can see why your father is proud of you.You made me proud too and I don't even know you personally. And ya know, I don't hesitate to believe that you will have your name and designs on the worlds hottest stars.Red Carpet material baby..and by the way , you totally rocked the walk on the runway! I'm currently one of your biggest fans , even if it is the end of PR for you, I loved your charisma and ambition..keep it up Nick.I am hoping for Daniel Vosovic to win now, I am Anti-Santino. Con mucho amor y carino.
Suerte Nick!

Lisa said...

Awwwwwww Nick!!! It just isnt the same without u!! :(

Julia Weiss said...

This is the second "fan letter" I've ever written. The first one, I wrote when I was 7 to a local DJ named Debbie McFadden. I figured that since I've grown out of my awkward phase, perhaps I should leave fan mail in the past. But I stumbled upon your blog, I think you're fantastic AND I have the opportunity to comment... so why the hell not? You and Chloe were my top picks from day one. Before the 2nd season aired, my equally obsessed friends and I watched the special online stuff, and we fell in love with you. But don't worry... it wasn't in a creepy, "we're going to leaf through your trash to find an old tissue" way, it was more of a "How is this the loveliest man ever" kind of way.

Congrats on your success, and your creation of beautiful garments, and your being sassy to boot.

When I'm rich and famous (I give it 3 years tops) I will be heading your way for my dresses. And 10 years after that, when I hit rock bottom after years of alcohol abuse and overspending, I'll be heading your way for a little bit of cash and a place to sleep for a few days... I'll be out in a week, I swear... and I'll totally pay you back.

Long story short...

you rock... you rock like a parked fan on prom night... and you know how kids are nowadays.

--Julia Weiss

Julia Weiss said...

and by "fan" I totally meant van...

boy is my face red

Dee C.K. said...

Damn, why you? You were soooooo robbed by Sanpeno(hehee). You did a great job and I have no doubt your own line will RAWK!!! The best to you and and can't wait to see you at the reunion! Cheers love!

Dee C.K. said...
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Heather said...

I was exicted when I saw that Feb 22 would be the reunion show. And then I was super-duper over the top excited to find out that Bravo is running a PR marathon on Monday (President's Day). I didn't start watching the show until the Sasha Cohen episode so am thrilled to be able to watch from the beginning (I understand that there will be twirling involved).

Needless to day, I will be glued to the television for the better part of the day!

diana said...

nick, when i saw your Exit episode, i felt like a crime was committed against my best friend. that's how much i was rooting for you! i wrote an article on your likeability factor. i find your maturity and kind-hearted method of living very admirable. thank you for setting a great example for those of us at home viewing the show. i hope i can interview you in person at some point!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your beautiful face again on the reunion show. jeeze, was zulema getting spicy with u? she is such a b****

Christine said...

ahaha did u see santino's would have totally won that challenge. silk charmeuse!! your signature fabric. I LOVE YOU

Tammy said...

You totally rock, Nick! Wonderful exit interview. I only wish I was rich enough, young enough, and thin enough to have you design something for me!

Honestly, I can't imagine you interning any where (even BR). You are so beyond that.

Lisa said...

I am so upset that Santino went orward and you didn't. Santino deserved to go. So glad you are getting recognition! I would wear your designs any day!

Chuku said...

Nick, you rock! I'm sure that the fashion Gods will smile upon you. Everybody knows Santino should have been knocked off in that challenge. My PR wednesdays nights will not be as much fun without you on the show, but at least the reunion show will be aired.
Be well!

Heather said...

I was floating around and came across a website called . I checked out the posts on the thread about Nick and someone said that they were planning on cutting the pockets out of all their pants and mail them to Michael Kors (since he was so stressed out about them not being on Daniel's suit). I kinda got a chuckle out of it.

Nick, you certainly do have some loyal fans!!!!! I hope you know that and use it as inspiration and motivation to keep doing what you do, even when it gets to you. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Sapphire Dakini said...

Project Runway isn't nearly as interesting now that you're gone. But, it looks as though fabulous things are happening in your life.

Bonnie said...

This was by far the best of the exit interviews.... though I honestly wish you weren't exiting. ;-)

Aethlos said...

you're a HOT BITCH Nick... r u single?

Tiffany said...

Nick, you are so talented and ADORABLE. Good luck to you in everything you do. You were the best part of the show.

Anonymous said...


I just caught a PR marathon and was so sad you got the boot! You were so robbed. I miss you on there! You are a sweetheart, you sing great, and you always made me smile. :) I loved the Barbie dress. Congrats on the SAG awards red carpet gown! I can't wait to see what you do in the future...I know it will be fabulous! Best of luck to you. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, you're famous. ¡Felicitaciones! I'm so sorry I didn't know about the show, but it looks like I'm the only one! Even all of my daughter's 15 year old friends know you. They LOVED your Barbie design.
Anyway, I caught a few episodes during the marathon this weekend, and can I just say, "Wow." You are amazing. Tienes una presencia increible.
Actually, it was one of our Mills friends who tipped me off. I couldn't be happier for you. You deserve it all! Do you remember driving across the bridge to Stargaze in Leslie's boat? It seems like a million years ago, but I'm so fond of everything Nick. Your parents must be so proud, but I'm sure NOT SURPRISED.

alivenezuela said...

Hi Nick!!!...I am from venezuela and I just moved to Maryland with my husband (he is from caracas)...I am from maracaibo. We are soooooooooooooo PROUD of YOU!!!...gracias por dejar el nombre de VENEZUELA en alto!

Congratulations!!!!YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!!!!!

YaYa TN said...

I L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E your work!!! You are by far and away the best designer of both seasons of Project Runway. You should have investors throwing money at you to kick off your own line and be at Fashion week soon. I'm proud of you and I don't even know you, so feel good about the work you did and the impression you made across America.

I just watched the finale shows and they're lack luster without you showing your own collection. When they were letting the finalist pick designers to help them I just kept yelling "Nick, Nick" I just couldn't wait to watch you working again. There's a reason you were chosen first. You're the best!

I can't wait to see what you do next. I'll be looking for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a show that made my wife and I look forward to TV on Wed night. We haven't felt this excited about a program in years.
Your words when eliminated touched me. You talked about your Dad saying to your Mom that they'd be proud of you. Lucky man. I cry everytime I hear it, I've seen the ep 10 times and it still tears me up,(I'm crying as I write this) I'm straight,40, married to a middle school teacher, great 7 yr old son, and my parents look down on me with such disdain, because we chose for me to be a stay-at-home Dad. (SE Texas- go figure) And as depressing as it is to think about, I can't help but feel good about a world that has progressed to the point that a gay man's parents can be proud of him.

Much love Nick, and good luck.

You should have been one of the final three.


aLeJ@NdRA said...

I lUv U. i think ur a GREAT DESIGNER, really i admire u. i only watched the show because of u. UR awesome.