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NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's South Coast Plaza INC "Popsicle" Summer Fashion Event: RECAP!


NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's South Coast Plaza INC "Popsicle" Summer Fashion Event: RECAP!

Popsicle Nick: Nick Verreos--Macy's INC International Concepts Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event, Macy's South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa California

This past weekend, I hosted an I.N.C. International Concepts and Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event at Macy's South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Orange County CA. For the last 7+ years, I have had the pleasure of MC'ing and hosting many, many Macy's events through out the continental U.S. and even Puerto Rico, and these are always some of the most fun events to do since it involves several things I love: Fashion, meeting people, discussing fashion and most of all, having lots of fun! And this weekend's event was no different.

Macy's South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa California

The fashion presentation showcased the latest Popsicle® -inspired (Yes--THAT Popsicle!) designs for Summer 2017 from I.N.C. International Concepts, a brand exclusive to Macy's.

Popsicle Style: Nick Verreos with models at the Macy's South Coast Plaza INC and Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event, Costa Mesa California

The fashion show featured lots of models in colorful, super fun designs--perfect for a Summer bar-b-q, a cruise, holiday/vacation...or a perfect Sunday brunch! We also had a DJ, Popsicle® beverages, a "Balloon Artist", faux tattoos, a Macy's/INC/Popsicle Photo Booth Step & Repeat, and much more! Here is my Photo RECAP of the afternoon with lots of fun pics...

Look Mom, My Name Is On A Big Sign!--Nick Verreos arrives at Macy's South Coast Plaza--Macy's INC and Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event, Costa Mesa California

After arriving, I changed into my fabulous I.N.C. International Concepts ensemble (I can say "ensemble" when referring to menswear!), this OH-SO-NICK "Slim Fit Silver Foil" jacket, crisp white dress shirt with small collar and super skinny black pants. The event's stylist Shifteh Shahbazian (LOVE HER!) had picked this out for me and OH MY GAWWWWD was it PERFECT...

Jacket Love: Nick Verreos hosts the Macy's South Coast Plaza INC Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event--Costa Mesa, California

MC Fun: Nick Verreos hosting the Macy's South Coast Plaza INC Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event--Costa Mesa California

Model Fun: Nick Verreos with models Ivana Korab and Amber Lindauer wearing INC International Concepts Popsicle® -inspired looks--Macy's South Coast Plaza INC Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event, Costa Mesa California

Photo Booth Fun:
(L to R) David Paul, Nick Verreos and Brenda Fuentes--Macy's South Coast Plaza INC Popsicle®                                          Summer Fashion Event, Costa Mesa California

Popsicle Guest: Nick Verreos with guest at the Macy's South Coast Plaza INC Popsicle® Summer                                                    Fashion Event, Costa Mesa California

Model Posin': Nick Verreos and models in INC International Concepts Popsicle® -inspired looks at the Macy's South Coast Plaza INC Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event, Costa Mesa                                                                                     California

Popsicle Secrets: Nick Verreos and model Ivana Korab sharing "Popsicle" secrets--Macy's South                    Coast Plaza INC Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event, Costa Mesa California

That's a Popsicle Fashion Summer Wrap!: Nick Verreos at the Macy's South Coast Plaza                                             INC Popsicle® Summer Fashion Event, Costa Mesa California


WHO WORE WHAT?.....Cannes Film Festival: Days 4-6 Top 10 Best Dressed/Best Dresses!


WHO WORE WHAT?.....Cannes Film Festival: Days 4-6 Top 10 Best Dressed/Best Dresses!

 Red Carpet Goddess: Thai-British actress and L'Oreal Paris Ambassador Araya A. Hargate in Alexis Mabille Couture Fall 2014

This year's Cannes Film Festival has been OUT OF CONTROL FABULOUS in terms of the COUTURE that has been on display on the red carpet. I've covered my Top Ten Best Dressed (or Best Dresses!) of Cannes 2017 Day 1-3 which you can read HERE, so now it is time to continue my "Red Carpet Report" and discuss my Top Ten Best Dresses of Cannes 2017 Days 4-6. Lots of $100,000+ costing gowns to discuss. Oh, and on a side note: Why actresses don't look THIS COUTURE FABULOUS at the Academy Awards is beyond me and very, very frustrating but oh well. It seems the red carpet mantra is...Oscars: Safe. Cannes: Go For It!

Gown Divas: (L to R) Araya A. Hargate, Sonam Kapoor and Aishwrya Rai Bachchan--2017 Cannes Film Festival Cannes France

Let's begin with one of the Red Carpet Divas of the Cannes 2017 Festival--Thai-British (and slightly pregnant) actress Araya "Chompoo" A. Hargate. I must admit that I had no idea who she was until this year's Cannes Film Festival--even with her (as of writing this post) 7.2 MILLION Instagram followers! But now, darlings...she is my new favorite STYLE MUSE...

Queen Araya: Araya A. Hargate at "The Meyerowitz Stories" Cannes 2017 Premiere--Araya wore this entrance-making gown from French designer Alexis Mabille Couture Fall 2014. This style may be from a 3-year-old collection, however, it is still SO NOW, and SO RED CARPET FAB! The strapless design featured an off-white column gown with a gorgeous lipstick red "puffy" overcape attached in the bust line with volants and Empire-waisted bustier. All that stitching you see on the overcape was done BY HAND. It's Haute Couture after all. Araya sure knows how to make an entrance! Definitely, one of my Best Dressed of Days 4-6 Cannes 2017 Film Festival.

Fuchsia Araya: Leave it to Ms. Hargate to not just have one--but TWO--of my Best Dresses from Days 4-6 Cannes Film Festival 2017. This is another fabulous gown that she wore, this time to the Premiere of "120 Beats Per Minute" (120 Battements Par Minute). This UBER Princess gown is from Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2017 Haute Couture. The gown was EVERYTHING! Araya has learned that if there was ever a moment to wear SUPER HUGE's Cannes! (Maybe Aishwarya Rai Bachchan taught her this!). 

The strapless gown featured an asymmetrically placed front bodice bow and multi layered silk tulle ballgown skirt all sewn by hand. How anyone sits in one of those small velvet movie theater chairs in this $100,000+ costing Couture gown is beyond me. But, she looked beautiful and Red Carpet perfect--at least for Cannes.

Sonam Kapoor in Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017 to "The Killing of a Scared Deer" Cannes 2017 Premiere: Bollywood super-actress and L'Oreal Paris Ambassador (naturally!) wore this golden gown from Elie Saab Haute Couture. The gown featured gold and crystal hand-cut lace applique over nude tulle column gown with overskirt with a plunging sweetheart neckline. She looked DIVINE.  The gown was the finale "Wedding Gown" look of his most recent Haute Couture collection shown in Paris in January of this year. The gown--as seen on the runway--was a tad bit more "revealing". For Sonam, there were more golden appliques added to cover her up and the sequin work was changed so it didn't look so much like palm trees in a Dubai dessert oasis.

Sonam Kapoor in Custom Elie Saab Couture to "The Meyerowitz Stories" Cannes 2017 Premiere: Yes kids, Sonam Kapoor is now TWICE on my Best Dressed of Days 4-6 of Cannes 2017 List. In other words, this Bollywood Diva is SLAYING it! I loved this pink sequined-and-organza-crinoline gown from Elie Saab Haute Couture. The gown had a gorgeous column base dress with a soft silk georgette overskirt. It was belted and she accessorized it with...

FABULOUS jewels including those incredible finger-to-wrist bracelets. Oh, and by the way,  did I mention that her gown was CUSTOM?. So, yeah, not just Haute Couture but really, really, really...made JUST FOR HER. For free! (This would be beyond the $100,000 price tag). Kapoor has 10 MILLION Instagram followers so I am guessing the Elie Saab P.R. crew is hoping some of those followers might buy an Elie Saab perfume or pair of sunglasses the next time they're in at Duty Free or a high-end department store! Irregardless, Thank You Sonam for being Two-For-Two in the Fab Cannes Red Carpet Moments!

Andie MacDowell in Roberto Cavalli at "The Meyerowitz Stories" Cannes 2017 Premiere: Model/Actress Andie MacDowell looked gorgeous at Cannes in this black and violet gown from Italian fashion brand Roberto Cavalli. The gown was elegant, chic, and sexy! And MacDowell looked AMAZING in it. I loved the shape, the dramatic bow, the draped bodice and side front slit. Andie is almost 60 years old (You GO GIRL!) and seriously, she could teach some of the 20-year-old's a lesson in red carpet fabulousness!

Aishwarya Rai in Ralph & Russo Spring/Summer 2017 Couture at the "120 Beats Per Minute" Cannes 2017 Premiere: Oh yes...everyone bow down to Queen Aishwarya. I love that she basically has showed up to this year's Cannes Film Festival to show everyone in the world why she was crowned Miss World many, many years ago. This gorgeous actress/model/Bollywood Diva has still got it (not that anyone thought she lost it!).  I loved this strapless red ballgown (Aishwarya loves a ballgown!) from Ralph & Russo S/S 2017 Couture collection.

The original style--as seen on the catwalk--featured a less-structured bustier (mainly because it was for the super teeny 32" bust measuring model!), and for Rai Bachchan, the bustier was constructed with a little more, shall we say, support. I thought Aishwarya looked like a Red Carpet Red! One of these days, she just needs to bring out that "Miss World" crown and just wear it on the red carpet. It would make A LOT of gays very, very happy! (i.e.: Me!).

Eva Longoria Marchesa Pre-Fall 2017 at "The Killing of a Scared Deer" Cannes 2017 Premiere: Miss Eva gave you some Cannes Red Carpet Realness in this blush colored sequined-and-applique tulle gown from Marchesa Pre-Fall 2017. This is such a beautiful gown, a beautiful 30's-like silhouette, but updated with the nude/blush coloring. I especially loved the capelet detail of the gown and her styling was perfection. Muy bella Eva!

Lana El Sahely in Ralph & Russo Couture Fall/Winter 2016 at "The Killing of a Scared Deer" Cannes 2017 Premiere: Freelance stylist and founder of LArmoireDeLana Blog, Lana El Sahely wound up wearing one of my Top Ten Best Dresses from Cannes 2017 Days 4-6. I have no idea who she is but she was important enough to get a free Ralph & Russo Couture gown--at least for a night. And it looked gorgeous! The style featured white silk crepe gown with pale blue silk organza overskirt hand appliqued with ruffles and embellished with China blue silk thread-work, crystals and glass bead embroidery.

Barbara Meier in Alexis Mabille Spring 2017 Couture at "The Meyerowitz Stories" Cannes 2017 Premiere: German fashion model and actress--best known as the winner of the 2nd cycle of Germany's Next Top Model--wore one of my Top Ten Best Dresses of Cannes 2017 Days 4-6. This royal blue gown was from French designer Alexis Mabille. His Couture creations have been getting some exposure at Cannes which is great; I ADORE his designs. This dress featured an off-the-shoulder style with sequined godets highlighting the neckline with a beautiful simple belted column gown. I also loved her center parted chignon hairstyle.

Last but Not Least in my Top Ten Best Dressed of Cannes 2017 Days 4-6...
Naomi Campbell in Atelier Versace Spring 2017 at the Cannes Fashion For Relief Fundraiser Gala: Leave it to Miss Naomi Campbell to make it onto my Top Ten Best Dressed of Cannes 2017 Days 4-6. She wore this super sexy Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2017 gown at the "Cannes Fashion For Relief" fundraiser event. The blush colored silk georgette dress featured an intricate Swarovski crystal encrusted web over the base of the gown, as well as side front slit to show off Campbell's iconic legs. This was a perfect choice for Naomi and she, naturally, wore it fabulously.


ROYAL COUTURE.....Pippa Middleton Wedding: Wedding Gown, Best Dressed & "Uh Oh" Guests!


ROYAL COUTURE.....Pippa Middleton Wedding: Wedding Gown, Best Dressed & "Uh Oh" Guests!

 Wedding Gorgeous: Pippa Middleton and James Matthews smile after their wedding--St. Marks Church Englefield England

Pippa Middleton--the sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, married hedge fund manager and former professional racing driver, James Matthews on Saturday at a glorious wedding fitting a royal--or "Royal Adjacent". Pippa might not really be a royal but because of her very close approximation to one, I am placing her--and her wedding--in this Royal Couture blog. So let's discuss the wedding and more importantly, the Wedding Couture beginning with Pippa's wedding dress and then some of the guests...

The Dress:
Pippa Gown: Pippa Middleton chose a "Princess"/A-line shaped ballgown style for her wedding day. The handmade gown of lace and pearls was designed by British designer Giles Deacon. The dress was done in a manner that would not show any seams--by overlapping the lace--by hand--meticulously over the many seams that are in a gown of this silhouette. The dress featured a full ballgown skirt shape and UBER fitted drop-waist torso/bustier. It also had a high neckline, drop shoulder sleeve detail and heart-shaped semi-open back.

 British designer Giles Deacon

Giles Deacon Couture Fall/Winter 2016, modeled by model Anna Cleveland, daughter of famed 70's Supermodel Pat Cleveland 

Giles is said to have put on hold all his fashion business for the last few months to concentrate on Pippa's one-of-a-kind gown. His most recent "Couture" collection was for Fall/Winter 2016 and it showed glorious, billowing handmade gowns with exquisite applique detail. Pippa's wedding dress would probably cost in the realm of $75,000-$100,000, at least that would be the going price for an actual Haute Couture gown from the likes of Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Chanel or Dior. No news if she possibly got a "discount" for all the press he would receive.

The Veil:
The veil--of tulle and pearls--was done by famed milliner Stephen Jones.

Sister Fixing: Pippa's sister, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, was seen fixing Pippa's tulle-and-pearl veil as she was about to enter the church ceremony, just making sure that it was perfect

Shape Similar: Pippa's lace and pearl wedding gown was similar in shape to the iconic Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton wedding dress worn by her sister Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Sealed with a Kiss: Pippa Middleton and James Matthews as they emerge from their church wedding ceremony with their "Flower girls and boys", including William and Kate's children Prince George (second from right) and Princess Charlotte--St. Marks Church, Englefield England

Page Boys and Girls:
Stylish George: Prince George (center), giving a "look" to the photographers--and looking very much like his father when William was his age. Prince George looked super cute in a white Peter Pan collared shirt with mini pintucks and emerald green silk shantung knickers.

Royal Style:
Mommie Kate: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge looked chic and wedding appropriate in a dusty rose/light salmon colored silk crepe dress from Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton. Her dress was a lady-like tea-length and featured a v-neckline, gathered Bishop sleeves, fitted midriff and pleated front skirt details. Her daughter Princess Charlotte looked ADORABLE in her gathered flower girl dress, with fresh flower headdress and pink cummerbund.

I have to say that Catherine looked very "Wallis Simpson Duchess of Windsor"-like in this 30's-like dress.

Dapper Brothers: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his brother Prince Harry in their tailcoat/morning coat ensembles. 

Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York--(seen here with her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank) wore this navy blue A-line shaped knee-length dress from French designer Paule Ka. The cotton dress features a "split-shoulder" neckline and retails for $1,014 HERE. For Pippa's wedding she decided to "play it safe" as opposed to her head-turning look at Kate's wedding.

Vanilla Yellow Donna: British actress--and aspiring fashion designer--Donna Air (who is on-off girlfriend to Pippa's hottie bearded brother James for the last four years)--attended the wedding in this lemon yellow/cream coat-dress from UK designer Emilia Wickstead Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Lots of fashion-watchers criticized her for saying that she should not have worn WHITE (a No-No as a wedding guest) but I have to disagree with these wanna-be-fashion experts...this coat-dress is NOT white and in fact more of a "vanilla yellow"-like color. I liked it! It was demure, elegant and lady-like. I also loved the matching hat and those fabulous ankle strapped pumps. The magenta colored clutch added a respite from all the vanilla/lemon yellow. Did I mention that this WAS NOT WHITE. OK. Thank you.

Tartan: A couple of male guests opted for tartan pants as part of their tailcoat ensembles. And I say "Go On Boys!". Love the tartan, love the statement and even though, yes, I know as a guest of a wedding, it really isn't about you but...I love when (especially) male guests GIVE YOU FASHION!

Flower Prints and Hats: These two guests stood out for their Wedding Fab printed dresses, perfect for a Spring/Summer wedding. I love the canary yellow flower printed dress on the left as well as the blue one on the right. Both looks are great examples of chic Wedding Guest Style, especially for a May wedding. If I had to chose my favorite of the two, it would be the blue; the waist-tie shirt dress style was elegant, fun and I loved the feminine ruffle details.

Fab Dressed: These two guests get my Wedding Guest Best Dressed points--the left one, for that fab pheasant feather-topped hat and blue-and-white ensemble as well as those navy-and-white pumps. I also loved the guest on the right in the pink pleated silk dress with Bishop sleeves and delicately appliqued detail. The gold pumps were a super chic addition.

Uh No Part One: Two female wedding guests that were not on my Best Dressed List were these printed ladies. Now, there's a way to do printed dresses for a wedding (scroll above) and this is a way to not do it. The guest on the left wore this drab Autumn-like printed dress that not only, looked dowdy but also said "I'm not happy at this wedding". And then, somehow, in the middle of May, the guest on the right thought it was fine to bring out her gray fur chubby/mini coat. All I can say is #GURL ! But kids, these two weren't the only ones who went Wedding Koo Koo Couture...

Happy Hands At Home Dress and Lifesaver Fruit Dress Guest: Well, look what we have here--the guest on the left looks as if she took her old Laura Ashley 80's bed sheet or window drapes and felt fine in making a dress out of it. And then, in addition, decided an iridescent organza shawl would make a fine accessory. Speaking of accessories, what in the name of the FASHION GODS are those putrid brown shoes??? Let's move on to the guest on the right--I give this woman points for being "sassy" in this colorful striped ensemble. And the big hat screams "I'm a good friend of the Gays" and I will bet a couple of British pounds that she's a hoot at the open bar, but...this is just too 1992 for me. Especially those "Lifesaver Fruit Flavor"-like buttons.

Oh well, at least, I can still go back to this gorgeous dress:
Congratulations to the Happy Couple--Pippa Middleton and James Matthews!