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TRAVELING IN STYLE.....Asian Airline Flight Attendants FABULOUS

Airport Fashion Show Welcome Aboard: Korean Air Divas, in the exact uniforms I witnessed at Sea-Tac Airport As some of you know, one of the first things that inspired my early love of fashion and fashion design, strangely enough, were 1970's flight attendants from airlines like Pan Am and TWA while flying with my family. With that being said...I just returned from Seattle where I shot four segments for Special K and MSN The Victory Project. While standing at a LONG and painstaking security line at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport/Sea-Tac--one of the worst in the nation--a breath of fresh air glided through and I almost heard angels sing: Approximately 20 absolutely doll-like flight attendants, all decked in the most perfectly pressed baby-blue and ivory uniforms, matching chignons with... An accompanying looped ribbon hair "accessory" walked by us through the "special security line". I literally dropped my carry-on and PUSHED David, my traveling partner a la Elaine from Jerry Seinfeld. They were all flight attendants from Korean Air getting ready for a Seoul-bound flight.Then before I could even mutter "You Go Girl!", another group of 20 flight attendants sashayed by. This time in very retro-looking chocolate brown uniforms featuring second-skin fitted jackets, knee-length 4" heels and (wait for it!) pill box hats! They looked like Pan Am flight attendants from 1972!!! This second group of flight attendant DIVAS were from Asiana Airlines, another South Korea-based carrier. The Asiana flight attendants then proceeded with almost military-like precision and ease, to take off their shoes, scarves, hats and fitted jackets, revealing...A diagonal striped mock-turtleneck 3/4 sleeved top with a back invisible zipper and gold buckle closure. Yes, I was watching them like a fashion-hawk; I didn't miss a thing!Funny enough, the current Asiana Airlines Flight Attendant uniform looks very much like... This uniform from Delta Airlines circa 1958! Retro indeed. It was all too much Flight Attendant Eye Candy for one fashion designer to take! Under other circumstances, in my Zara trench coat, Marc Jocobs tie, dress shirt and Hounds-tooth pants, I would be "well-dressed" for US airport standards--but darling, I felt cheap and inadequate standing next to these flawlessly dressed creatures! Also, if I was a US-based Airline flight attendant within a ten foot radius of these ladies, I would have run and hid my elastic-waist pleated polyester trousers in the bathroom until the airport fashion show was over. Here are some more Asian-based Flight Attendant Uniform "Honorable Mentions" which I did not see (but can't wait to catch a glimpse of) while at Sea-Tac Airport: The iconic "Singapore Girl" from Singapore Airlines and their printed ankle-length skirts and scooped-neck tunics. And, how about... The Thai Airways flight attendants and their silk shantung floor-length violet "gowns" with matching fitted jacket and gold sash. What happens in an emergency landing (God forbid) when you are wearing these gowns and dresses? Is there Velcro on the skirt and stretch hot pants underneath? Finally, I love...The China Southern Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform of red and white suits and the accompanying mini-pill box hat and silk printed scarf I have never flown any of these airlines but trust me, the day I do, you might have to physically restrain me from the uncontrollable emotion I will shower them and their uniforms. What makes these Asian Airline Carriers want their flight attendants to look so chic and "retro" as opposed to their American counterparts? I'm sure there are many reasons, but, I for one would love to see all the US carrier flight attendants look like this! It might make flying just a little bit nicer. Until next time: Safe flying kiddies and I'll be on the look-out for some more fabulous international flight attendant uniforms!

5 Responses to "TRAVELING IN STYLE.....Asian Airline Flight Attendants FABULOUS"

Danhe! said...

hi, nick!
Hola me llamo Daniela! soy de mexico me encantan tus diseños.

Perfecto el blog asi me entero màs facil de lo que haces!! :)

Divalocity said...

I don't know if people know that the great Pierre Balmain designed the uniforms for the Singapore Airlines in 1972 and from what I see they're still just as beautiful.

Nick Verreos said...

Thanks Divalocity!! What a great fun fact to add to this post!

Anonymous said...

I think you should check out Malaysia Airlines uniforms too. A lil but same like Singapore Airlines but I think I like the Malaysia Airlines color and design more :)

oscar daniels said...

Hi Nick! I am a flight attendant for a US Airline, and you're right, all the International Carriers have fabulous flight attendant uniforms! It definitely puts us to shame, when we walk across the terminal in Paris, Beijing, and Rio de Janeiro.

I think you should design the perfect uniform for us!! As a matter of fact, United Airlines is in the process of designing new uniforms for flight attendants with the help of former Project Runway judge, Cynthia Rowley. Perhaps, with your input and collaboration, you can help make the new flight attendant uniform, sexy, trendy, and fashionable!

PLEASE look into it, and give it a try!