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Back From Torino!

Hello Everyone! I'm back from Italy and had the most amazing time. I bring back with me so many great memories and experiences, including attending the Closing Ceremony! Unfortunetly, one thing I was unable to bring back with me was one of my bags! It is somewhere between Italy and the US and hopefully I will eventually have it returned to me since it contained all the gifts I purchased for friends and family!!
I'm glad many of you were able to see both Olympic Ice and Olympic Zone! As I said before I had such a great time doing both shows and appreciate all the positive response I received.
I am going to try and do a "Nick's Italy Review" when I get a second, I was able to make it to Milan for a couple of days and saw some amazing Italian style! I was able to have a meeting about producing my line in Milan which would be a dream come true.
Tomorrow I am already back on a plane to New York to do the Donny Deutsch show called "The Big Idea". Look for me and almost the entire cast on Monday's episode. I'll update more as details become available.

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Heather said...

WELCOME HOME NICK! It sounds as though you had a wonderful time and I am more than just a bit jealous.

What an amazing opportunity it would be for you to produce your line in Milan. I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that your "Good Luck Tickets" keep on comin'!!!

I will definitely be tuning into the Next Big Idea.

A friend thought she had taped the Olympic Ice segment for me but unfortunately she must have not set the VCR properly b/c all I got were squiggly lines. Dunno if there's a way to post a link to the broadcast, but if there is, I know I would be grateful for the chance to see it.

Anonymous said...

Nick, welcome home!

So happy to see that you are on the PR finale (you should have rightfully been there anyway!).

My husband and I just love you.

Rosy said...

Nick, you have a beautiful personality that just shines through and inspires everyone, and it shows in your designs. It is obvious that you are very genuine in your passion for your designs. You handled everything on Project Runway so graciously. You are a true competitor! I look forward to purchasing many items from your future collections.
I don't care what the judges said, you already won!

asiangirl said...

Nick, truely the gem of the show, the go to guy for fashion..

inspiring and all around good guy/teacher.

Its nice to see you get all the attention you deserve...

please keep us informed of all our success.

Denise said...

It's great to have you home. :) From your pictures, it is obvious how much fun you had on this trip.

Wasn't Shizuka Asakawa pure poetry and grace on the ice? Let me say that I was one of those people who made fun of figure skating every chance I got while I'd sooner watch snowboarding on the half pipe. (I watched both of those sorts of events this year, among others.) But since I've got older I can appreciate just how graceful it is and how much hard work is put into it.

And I was SO surprised by the PR finale! It was unexpected but I think Danny V. made the perfect choice in picking you to help him with the 13th.

Bonnie said...

Hey Nick,

I sent you an email about being interviewed on -- so if you have a chance, please get back to me.

Thanks! Oh and welcome home! ;-)

Anonymous said...

nick, you're the greatest and I truly think you should have been one of the top three. If I had $100,000 lying around I would give it to you in a second to get your line going.
good luck with everything you do!

Oksana said...

Nick, welcome back!!

Your line in Milan would be so incredible!! we would love for that to happen for you!! OMG!

I'm excited to see you again on TV, since now you are going to be on the Donny Deutsch show!!

btw, today is my birthday! and my friends made me a card with your picture on it! They know that you are my favorite designer and they know how much I love project runway!! Just thought I'd share :D

Jill said...

Welcome back to the 'hood, Nick! ;-)
I fell in love with your sweet soul while watching Project Runway - I have the feeling that no amount of editing could erase that vibe. I'm so excited that I happened upon your blog - I look forward to following your endeavors!

AngieA said...

Oh wow, how exciting, Milan! But that sucks about your bag-especially since it was the one with all the gifts.

Will most definitely be watching you on Monday!

jeph said...

omg...i just searched your name an i come across this page...-wonders if you actually read your comments-

but were my favorite on the show...n then when you were kicked off i didn't want to watch it any more...haha...i dont get bravo on my tv so i actually spend hours downloading it a couple days after it i did not watch this weeks yet...X_x

k now im just rambling but just wanted to say hi and hope you had fun in torino!!

Ashley said...

Welcome back home Nick! Glad you arrived safely!
You should be very excited about possibly having your line in Milan, I know I sure would be! Congratulations on the chance of course!
Will definetely be watching Big Idea on Monday.
You are such a wonderful person and have a sparkling personality. I hope someday I might just end up running into you. :)
Mucho amor y felicad a usted

Suzy said...

It would be awesome if you had a line in Milan.

You rock!!

lisa said...

Welcome Home Nick!!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! It was great seeing you on the reunion and then the finale. I was so happy Danny V picked you! I need my Nick fix! :) Keep us posted on the Milan thing! (((HUGS))))

mailea said...

Hi Nick, I just found your blog and am so glad to see you are having great success! You are fantastic, and I am excited to see your new line when it comes out!

You did a great job on the Olympics. :) I was ALSO really glad to see that you are back on the show for the last two episodes, helping Daniel!!!! I'm so happy to see you again!

Anonymous said...

Italy changed my life 2 summers ago and I'm so glad you had a great time! Your hard work and constant smile are such an inspiration to me - good luck with everything :)


lisa said...

Hi Nick! May I just say, you are the cutest thing since doodlebugs! You were my very favorite designer on the show--consistently producing beautiful, forward, and flattering clothes. I was inspired by your spirit and impressed with your talent. Here's hoping 2006 makes you bigger and brighter than you already are!

samadhi65 said...

I just watched the "Makeover" episode again. Grrr!!! What WERE they thinking? (I know, Santino is great t.v.--and talent too.) For your students, I hope you can continue to teach, and for you, I wish you the kind of success that brings you your heart's desire. Wish you all the best. Kim in Mpls.

Heather said...

I'm watching a marathon of PR......yet again. When I'm supposed to be cleaning my apartment....yet again. And I am enjoying seeing Nick.....yet again. As well as being PO'd about his "aufing"....yet again.

And the Inspiration Episode has got me craving falafal, so I think I'm gonna whip me up a batch for dinner tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

welcome back, handsome! you are SOOOoooOOO fine, but i bet you know that. hey, my friends and i were wondering if there was any action between you and danny v, PLEASE TELL US! lol.

Brie said...

You are just too cute, Nick.
It sounds like you had a fabulous time!
Have a nice week. :)

Melissa said...

Welcome home, glad you're back safe.

Kiss, kiss.

remy said...

Hey Nick! I love it that you're helping Daniel in the finale of Project Runway. I totally want one of the barbies that you designed. Too bad that it is sold out. I wish that they would keep selling them. Anyway I'm a really big fan of yours, I wish you the best

George Nelson said...

Great to have you back in the states safe and sound. When will you ever get back to LA?!

On a side note, do you have a link button to your site that I can attach to mine?

Heather said...

I missed the Oscars but I was wondering if there were any Nikolaki designs on the runway?!?!