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Yet another interview

Sick of Nick?.....probably............... ....but HERE is one more interview. Over the past few months I did a whole slew of interviews and it seems that some are just now being released. A few questions I'm sure are getting rather redundant (they sure are to me!!!) but I will remain loyal to the "Nick Fans" and continue to post them here.

5 Responses to "Yet another interview"

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick...

I loved this interview. It didn't seem like the same ol' same ol'.

I didn't know you like to dress women with curves! How about a "big girl" line? Help us hide our big butts and arms! Give us a hint of what a real woman should/would wear when dressed by Nick.

You're fabulous.


Mar said...

I agree! This was a very good interview. It revealed more about who you really are - as a designer and as a person.

I'm especially looking forward to seeing more of you on TV. Hope you'll keep us informed so we can watch out for your appearances!


Heather said...

I liked the interview, especially when you explained that you prefer to design for "real women" but that the fashion/modeling industry kind of forces you to design for stick figures!

Chuku said...

You know...
the website that did the interview reminds me of the MTV animated series "Daria". Her sister, Quinn, always wanted to be president of the fashion club.
That is the website Quinn would have created!!!!
I was rather made me smile. Thanks!

what's wrong with elementary school couture?
...a little glue stick, some glitter, and a pair of plastic scissors...I'd do all right.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! bonne blonde