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RUNWAY REPORT.....Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture

Sorry for not posting something for a week or so but it has been a little hectic here in Los Angeles for me (Hectic in a good way). I am nearing the end of the Spring Quarter and had lots of Midterms and papers to grade, plus I am cutting orders for my line, Nikolaki and meeting with people regarding various future projects. I also somehow sneaked in a session with a great photographer, Johnny Nicoloro to take some new “Head Shots” for me. Yes, headshots, a clothing designer in 2006 now has to have headshots. We live in a crazy world! Amongst all this, I did find time to take a little break last Sunday and experience Madonna’s “Confessions” concert Debut in Los Angeles at The Forum. Year’s ago, I had designed and made some outfits for Madonna’s iconic backup Diva, Niki Harris. She was the sweetest, kindest person, opening her home to me for fittings, and “dishing” about the Industry. This is the closest “Six Degrees of Separation” that I got to Mrs. Ritchie. I expected to be entertained, shocked and to work up a sweat (I am a Madonna fan, for the last, well, 15 years!)and I was. The beginning, with the “W” magazine photo-video montage by photographer Steven Klein, and the whole Jean-Paul Gaultier/Hermes-meets-S & M Horse-riding costumes was one of my favorite sections of the whole concert. I especially loved the dancers and their saddle accessories on their shoulders and their horse-trotting inspired choreography. It was both innovative and sexy. She did several costume changes, going from velvet knickers-clad Madonna-on-a-cross with thorned crown to boot, to her ode to John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” white 3-piece Disco suit. I have to say, however, that there were moments in the whole concert where she could have “gone further” in terms of costume. I expected a little bit more in that department, and especially knowing Jean-Paul Gaultier was collaborating with her. His most recent Haute Couture collections have been breathtaking visions of the ultimate design. Several seasons ago he paid homage to Africa by designing silk and leather bustiers based on African Tribal masks as well as chiffon gowns reminiscent of Garden parties in pre-colonial Kenya. Just stunning. A parade of these gowns would have fit perfectly in the section of the concert where photos of African children were splashed on the big screen. In my “fantasy” Madonna concert this would have juxtaposed the horror of these photos with the blinding beauty of these dresses all standing on her concert-stage-runway. Most recently , his collection was inspired by Grecian beauties, with one particularly stunning red “bubble” gown that I could have just imagined Madonna come out on stage in. But in the end, I enjoyed the visual journey the concert put me through. If I had the money, or the connections, I would have seen it again.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Nick:

Wish I would have known you were at Madonna! I would have hunted everywhere for you!

Loved you review of the concert, BTW


shim jin said...


I"m shim hyo jin
I"m from korea
I always watching progect runway2
i like you

I expect good for you

Where are you from?

Hawe a nice day

Heather said...

I am so jealous Nick! I have wanted to see Madonna since, well...forever! I just can't afford the tix. I am keeping an eye on EBay in hopes some poor soul will have to give theirs up, but so far no luck finding any in my price range! I predict that somewhere in the future, you will get to meet Madonna in person.

I love the head shot that you posted. You always look MUY CALIENTE on camera. I'm still waiting for a pic of you in your sash!

Dennis said...

Hello Nick!
Project Runway S2 is being showed on TV in HongKong and i do appreciate you and the dresses designed by u!!And I've watched the episode#10 and seen u going......It upset me a lot!!Anyway, u're the best designer in my heart,u should be the top3=(

Your headshot is pretty nice and u're quite handsome!!The photographer really did a great job.

Support wotever u did!

Lelo Carbone said...

Hi Nick

I´m a big fan of you... my english is not so good (I´m brazilian) and I´m watching Project Runway, which make me try to be a fashion designer as well...
I work as a graphic designer and graduate in Advertising. I want to make contact with you... and know more about your work...ok?

I wait your contact...

Oksana said...

Johnny Nicolor is fantastic. I've seen his work so many times before!!

yay for a headshot!!! great picture of you there Nick!

Chuku said...

The designs for Madonna's show came out well...except for the Erotica white/purple stripe leotard thing...I thought she looked excellent, much better that the Re-Invention Tour. Especially the beginning of this show, with the equestrian theme, that was classic Madonna making an entrance.
The designs I saw in print were definitely toned down after seeing them live on stage. Maybe that's just the way sketches are, ie, they exaggerate design elements.

I agree that the overall show was incredible...very uplifting and positive (unless you are a fan of George Bush). I left the show wanting more. Fortunately I get to see it again.
In fact I MAY have an extra ticket for the 6th in Fresno. Why she is playing Fresno...I don't know. It's hours from LA and SF.
thanks for your Madonna commentary.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

Don't like the headshot, especially the hairy chest. Doesn't do your personality justice, just looks creepy.

Just keeping it real.

Van said...

Nick, I don't like the headshot either.....I think it is a bad angle and does not capture how super cute you really are....just my opinion of course.....and that last anonymous dude is a chump....hairy chests are so back!

DA PR Man said...

I LOVE the headshot and the body hair. Absolutely scrumpious.

Your friend "at the Ballet."