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This past weekend , I was forwarded these wonderful "DFilms" that Project Runway 2 fans had put together, for the "DFilm" contest exclusively on Blogging Project Runway. These films, in particular, featured me in one form or another. I am loving how young, fit and cute they make me look. Thanks for the "makeover" on me! It's like having my very-own "Barbara Walters cheese-cloth" over the lense--You know the kind that always make her look younger and better than the guest she is interviewing! Anyway, I thought the films were so creative and ingenious that I figured I would post a link to them. Some of you might have already seen these, but for those of you that have not: microwave some popcorn, make yourself a drink, and enjoy!!! The fun, light-hearted creativity of PR 2 fans never ceases to amaze me. Santino_and_Nick Chloe_and_Santino

9 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....DFilm Crazy"

Heather said...

Too Funny!!!! Gobble, Gobble!!!

The turkey should have been wearing am ill-fitting, falling-apart catsuit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

I think you're way cuter than that cartoon. That actually looks like Raymundo.

Also, Santino looked like "Huggy Bear" from the original Starsky and Hutch television show. Then he looked like a pimp on crack.

Poor sweet, innocent Chloe, she looks like a vamp...even after Santino "dressed" her!


bryan said...

oh nick!!
the cartoon is too funny!!
but i think the cartoon not looks like you as well.
he looks like Raymundo Baltazar.

however, i think you are cuter than
the cartoon.

Laura K said...
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Laura K said...

Thanks for featuring these, Nick. We had a lot of fun with them on BPR.

Dave said...

You rock my world, Nick Verreos. Come to Nova Scotia, and MARRY ME!

Anonymous said...

Cute cartoon, Nick. But there's one thing you gotta say for Santino. What you see is what you get and he's totally upfront with his shit. Not so with some of the others on "Runway" I could name! While I was watching the re-run of Runway (the episode where the designers design for each other), let's face it, the suit you designed for Daniel V was a disaster. Tim Gunn even warned you. But was Daniel V gonna say anything? Hell, no, he let you go on your merry way, probably complimented you, said how great it looked, etc. etc. And then, who got knocked out of the competition? YOU. And THEN, you end up trying to help HIM win at Fashion Week. You bubble-head! And Daniel V. also smirked and rolled his eyes at Santino's remarks (defending his stance at the finale) when he (Santino) wasn't really saying anything out of line at all. I think Santino- obnoxious, yes, arrogant, yes--at least is more upfront, honest and genuine than Daniel V. could EVER be. Daniel V. LET YOU HANG YOURSELF in the "designing for the designers" segment, and then conned you into helping him try to win the finale. You have the potential to be a great designer but in regard to the "dark motives" and manipulations of those surrounding you, I don't think you have a CLUE. Regarding Daniel V-- Wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

paula argentina said...

i m not gonna move, i ll stay sittin here waitin for NICK N SANTINO THE MOVIE! i love the night acid of the cartoon, sorry it s not a real fiction but... NICK u r THE TALLEST baby! and i know everybody of the ppl that love u know that u know it! kisses and good cuts!

Anonymous said...

I see you on POJECT RNUWAY
althouh you are out
but I still think your design is very good
your are the best!!

Come from Taiwan fans^^