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Don't Forget about Billion Dollar Babes this Weekend!

Hello All! Tonight I was a judge at AIU's Portfolio 2006 Graduation Fashion Show. I had a blast and I will post more on that and several other things this weekend, but...........for now, I just wanted to remind everyone to RSVP for the Billion Dollar Babes Event in Los Angeles this weekend. It is at a new venue, Sony_Studios in Culver City and I am excited to test this new forum out for the first time. Since it is usually in Hollywood, it is finally time for all you Westsiders to get your shoppin' on!! I will be there on Friday evening around 6ish and again on Saturday at around 3PM, so please come by and say Hi! *WARNING* come early!! There are some serious shoppers who attend these events and things go fast!! Click HERE to RSVP for Saturday

4 Responses to "Don't Forget about Billion Dollar Babes this Weekend!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Thanks for keeping us updated on where we can do a meet and greet.



Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

I love all the BDB events, and I'm planning on going to tomorrows...How long do you plan on staying and meeting all your fans? I probably wont be there till later in the afternoon. =T Hope to see though! And I'll be sure to check out your fab designs out <3

Oksana said...


I wish to meet you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick:

I am watching reruns of Project Runway, and can't believe Santino didn't get kicked off for the ice skating outfit or poor Kara's jumpsuit!

Wish we could have seen your fabulous work at Fashion week . . .but sounds like you are doing great, anyway . . . good luck .