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NICK APPEARANCES.....The Devil Wears Prada Party at ICandy, Chicago Magazine Mention

HANGING OUT After spending all day doing patterns, cutting dresses and preparing for the Trunk_Show I will be a part of in NY in two weeks (more on that soon!), I sometimes just want to end my day hanging out with friends. And if there is a special event that I get invited to, then all the better the excuse to go out! Last week, I attended a special party for "The Devil Wears Prada" held at ICandy, the West Hollywood bar featured in the Logo show, "Open Bar". I cannot wait to see the film and its depiction of a ruthless fashion magazine editor(fabulously played by Meryl Streep I hear) and her assistant. I am also curious to see Patricia Field's (of Sex And The City fame) costume and wardrobe styling. I went shopping at one of my favorite stores, Marc by Marc Jacobs, on Melrose Avenue(the good side!) and got myself a great "Al Gore" T-shirt , with the assistance of my friend John Wade, who works there and does all the wondrous windows for the store(he really would have kicked butt in the "Banana Republic" Window Display Challenge by the way!) To the left are photos from this event, in which John Wade attended, as well as producer and friend, Woodie Woodbeck , friend Luca Guzman and others. Also, in a recent Chicago Magazine, in the "Party Pix" section, they featured a photo of myself with Chicago Gen Art Director, Kelly Ryan O'Brien. This photo was taken on the day of the Chicago Casting Judging that occurred several months back. I was her date for the Chicago Magazine Summer Fashion "Backstage" Party. It reminded me of how much fun I had judging all the hopeful Project Runway 3 Designers and the great time I enjoyed during my sojourn in Chicago . I wish I would have had more time there. But I will be going back to the "Windy City" soon!!

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Jenn McCue said...

Awww that pic is adorable! Mostly because it's you and my bro together! Thanks for the 4 a.m. phone call.- Jenn

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Do you feel like this is all a dream? Did you expect to become the icon that you are?


Anonymous said...


So, you're going to NYC soon? Ah, I'm going this week. Any idea where some Project Runway contestant hotspots are?

Keep being wonderful! We're all looking for you!

Dave said...

So, after you come to Nova Scotia and marry me, lets make babies: lots and lots of babies.

Carol said...

Hello Nick!

I'm a Brazilian girl that loves you!
You are very cute in the pics : )
I love you and I really admire your job, so, if you have time, visit my page : )
*Love you forever

celia said...

Hmmm, was that last line a hint about some wonderful Chicago event you will be doing? I HOPE so! Please do come back, and this time perhaps it won't be so cold :)

Anonymous said...

Hola Nick soy Puerto Rico y en realidad te felicito y me alegra muchisimo que tengas tanto exito!!!!Eras mi favorito en project runway me hubiera encantado q hubieras ganada pero bueno..saludos deberias viajara para Puerto Rico algun dia de estos

Aian said...

i rooted for you...
sigh. anyway, i thought you were cute and talented -- loved the episode when Zulema was booted out.

Nick Schmidt said...

are you excited for the new season of project runway too!!!