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PROJECT RUNWAY.....International Runway


Lately I've been noticing more and more visitors to my blog from countries other than The Good Ol' US of A. At first I thought it was a fluke, computer-savyy fashion-followers out in the international "bloggersphere". But then when they started stating comments about how the show just began actually airing in their country, I have to say, it did take me aback. Having people in the USA watch the show is surreal enough, but now Taiwan, Sweden, Estonia, South Korea, Hong Kong, well , it's beyond my scope of thinking. I know you may not believe this but I really thought I was doing this "little show" on Cable that no one would watch, except my best friends and my mom and dad. Ooooops!
In fact, I just did three phone interviews with Singapore!! They asked me the same questions American interviewers have asked me and yes, they asked if Santino and I were still so-called "enemies" (if someone asks me that one more time , you might hear the scream somewhere in Nepal!) Just recently, someone from Venezuela e-mailed to say that the show is now being seen there and that they are very excited and proud of me. Well, that really did it for me!! Shivahs Part Four!! Since I grew up in Caracas, I will always reserve a special corner in my heart for Venezuela, its beautiful women (4 Miss Universes and 5 Miss Worlds, my mom and my sister!), its food (arepas!!), and it's music (I swear I get emotional every time I hear the Cuatro playing and the harps playing a traditional Venezuelan melody). So to think that Venezuelans are viewing the show makes me LOCO!!!. BBC and Discovery Networks are the carriers of the show through Mexico and Latin America, including Venezuela. Click HERE so you can take a peek on how South America sees Project Runway 2

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

The good news: you're now going to be an International Superstar!

The bad news: you'll need to hire security!


coolshane said...

Oh man!...
You mentioned "South Korea" in which I live. Was there someone else from S.Korea who is your die-hard fan like me?
Oh..Today is Friday (S.Korea) which means I can see You on TV(Onstyle)!!!
Visiting this blog became my daily routine and thanks so much for letting me know more about you!!!

JK said...

Add one more huge fan of Nick from S.Korea. i never undersood being a fan of reality TV star, but now I come to this blog everyday to check out what's going on with Nick! in a few minutes, i will be watching "Project Runway", though i already watched the whole season. you have such a great personality. Am i right??
Carry on~ :)

Lori said...

Hi Nick:

I'm from Alberta, Canada and I loved the show and your designs!! I'm no designer I just love to sew for fun.

Project Runway is a very popular show in the sewing world. Check out www. There is a thread on the show on the message board.
Love ya Nick!!

Yildys said...

Hola Nick:

Me da muchisimo gusto encontrar un medio para comunicarme contigo, aqui en México estan transmitiendo apenas el programa, y esta semana van en la expuslsion de emmet, ya se quien fue el ganador pero independientemente de eso quiero decirte que tus diseños son espectaculares y desde el primer dia has sido de mis dos favoritos!!! creo que eres espectacular, un saludo y enorme abrazo..........

Hila said...

hola nick

that's all the spanish i know. anyway i know it's not really exotic but you should know that we love you up in canada too.

they started playing project runway every night at 3am, and my professors have you to thank for me falling asleep in class.



Heather said...

I think it's great that those traits which drew us to Nick translate internationally. I would love to see an episode of PR where they show Nick speaking, but they dub in an actor speaking in Korean! Probably they use subtitles. I hope that the Santino/Nick "danny franco" duet doesn't lose anything in the translation!

Anonymous said...

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norimi said...

Tuve la oportunidad de ver el show en diciembre mientras me encontraba de vacaciones en USA y de verdad nuna me imagine que eras Venezolano!, por que lo eres chamo, jeje

bueno aqui en Venezuela se esta ahora transmitiendo el programa y de verdad que eres todo un exito.

Tambien me parecio muy venezolano eso de que seas experto en misses, por que ese es casi nuestro deporte nacional.

Estamos super orgullosos de ti, y me muero por que me disenes algo,

Un Besote


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick!
you know what.
Today is saturday in Hong Kong.
AND I am waiting for Project Runway which will be shown on 8:30 tonight!!
Haha! My friends and I love you so much!!That's why we always come to your blog just like what i am doning now!!


bryan said...


i'm your fans and come from Hong Kong.

i like you very much including your design of course.

and please E mail to me if you have time
my e mail is

I am a S.4 student which studing art and i interested in design so much!

Chuku said...

I'm glad you posted that information about PR2 airing worldwide...
because some of the blog posts coming in seemed a little...
well, possibly...
But that's not the case!
You're a superstar,
yes, that's what you are.
Strike a pose and enjoy.

ps (I think Miss Columbia might have been ripped off by Miss Venezuela one year for Miss Universe, but it's all good)

mike said...

Amazing to see the reach of "Runway."

Anything positive that we can share across borders these days is a good thing. Even the little cable TV show that started off with a million or so Americans watching.

Mar said...

Wow Nick,
This response to you worldwide must really be exciting. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one needing to satiate my daily Nick Blog fix daily!


Julia said...

Hi! I'm Julia. I really like your blog, and I loved your designs on last season's Project Runway. It's really cool that it's showing all over now. I actually know someone who's a contestant on season 3 right now, I don't know if you've met those contesants though.

silencio said...

Hi, Nick.
Another fan from South Korea here!

Kare said...

¡Encantador Nick!
Desde estas calles caraqueñas, este cerro Avila, desde este mar Caribe que nos envuelve, te felicito por tus diseños que he podido ver en Project Runway.
Soy una caraqueña atenta a lo que haces en el programa. Justamente ayer transmitieron el episodio en el que diseñaste inspirado en el mediterráneo. El top azul marino ( no sé si se llama así) era hermoso!
Ojalá puedas traer tu colección a Venezuela, aunque aquí el mercado de la moda no está tan desarrollado, a la mujer venezolana le encanta la moda.

Anonymous said...

hi! im form peru, i watch project runway and i love it! but more importantly i think you are awesome.

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