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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos to do "The Learning Annex" Seminars

I know it is the Summer and everyone is taking their lovely vacations to places such as Cabo, Cancun, Bali, and so on. But not I. I will be "schoolin'". The Learning Annex approached me several months ago to give 3 seminars on "How to Break into the Fashion Industry" in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. These will be 2-hour sessions in which I will give insight , lessons, and recommendations on how to break into the fashion industry, what to do to start your own line, as well as re-count my experience in starting my line, Nikolaki. Through my mistakes, I will give you insight on what NOT TO DO, and what TO DO. An added bonus: students can bring their portfolios and/or actual garments and, time permitting, I can give you a candid evaluation and suggestions on how to improve on what you have, especially if you may be thinking of "applying" for future season's of "Project Runway". I am so excited to be doing these "Learning Annex" classes and cannot wait to meet everyone! For more information on the LOS ANGELES class click HERE For more information on the SAN FRANCISCO class click HERE For more information on the SAN DIEGO class click HERE

6 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos to do "The Learning Annex" Seminars"

Kimmy said...

You were at my graduation on Saturday! (not that its weird since you teach there) but I was hoping to see a blog about it!

hila said...

come to toronto?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

I'm so happy that "numbah 5" is finding so much success.

Your talent is breathtaking! And you are just TOO adorable.


KiWi said...

Nick, I'm a fledgling t-shirt 'designer' and I was wanting to use a quote from project runway in one of my designs. I'd like your approval if that's at all possible.

sewlikethewind said...

Oh please come to NY for a class-would love to come and see you!

Oksana said...

that's so awesome. I'm so jealous of those who are going to your seminar!!!