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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway My Scene Nick Verreos Barbie

The wonderful Laura Kluvo over @ Blogging Project Runway recently informed me of the fabulous Ebay auction taking place involving my Project Runway Barbie, a Messenger_Bag autographed by myself, Diana Eng and Tim Gunn and a BPR T-Shirt that I also autographed and did a Barbie sketch on. She said there was some question as to whether or not the signature on the Barbie box was authentic. I just thought I would do a quick posting to assure everyone that it is absolutely real!! While autographing the Barbie for Marcia, the Grand Prize Winner of BPR's 1st contest, Laura slyly slipped in a second Barbie to sign. How great that she stashed it away and brought it out at just the right time to help boost the BPR Parsons Scholarship Fund. So bidders, rest assured that it is an authentic autograph and that you are bidding for a worthy cause. Happy Bidding!

6 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway My Scene Nick Verreos Barbie"

Laura K said...

Thanks Nick, the Barbie is already up to $100. All of the auction items are going "crazy!" It's just wonderful.

Cindy Hsu said...

Hello Nick

i am your fan from taiwan
how are you?!

i love the bag and the doll! they are fabulous!! too bad that Zulema took your model away!! when i was watching that episode, my face expression was almost the same as AndraƩ

have a nice day ^__^

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Are you aloud to sell your "Barbie creation" with your Nikolaki line? For that matter, are any of your designs on PR "aloud" to be sold under your Nikolaki line?

Just curious.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! It's up to $405!!!!
That's amazing.
Love u Nick!!

TropicalChrome said...

Just a belated but heartfelt thank you for autographing the Barbie that I won in the BPR contest. I'd missed out buying one through my own procrastination, and I was just completely thrilled to finally have one, and autographed to me personally to boot!

Thanks again for taking the time out to sign the doll - it's definitely a treasured part of my collection!


Anonymous said...

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