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NICK APPEARANCES.....OUTFEST Project Runway Premiere Party Hollywood

Outfest Project Runway Premiere Party at The Ivar, Hollywood Last Friday, I was invited to attend the Los Angeles Premiere of Project Runway Season 3 in conjunction with the Outfest Festival. I went with David, John Wade and my friend, muse and date, the beautiful Brook Lee, TV Hostess and former Miss Universe. I designed a jersey print dress inspired by my infamous "Barbie Dress", featuring a shirred bust and midriff attached to a three-layered skirt . She loved it and insisted on wearing it to the Premiere and I think Brook looked stunning in it. I decided to wear my exclusive Madonna" I Love NY" T-shirt to this Los Angeles party for the kitsch factor! After doing the Red Carpet, we quickly headed upstairs to the VIP area and headed for the bar. I was happy to see all my "Magical Elves" friends (the producers of our show). It's always fun hanging out with the "crew" and the producers, since while we were filming they were so adamant about "The Wall" and how we were not allowed to speak with them, but now since we are done filming, "The Wall" has been "broken" and it's always fun reminiscing about our time filming the show. I also got to meet some, but not all of the Season 3 designers, including Malan(interesting British accent and looking rather "Count Dracula" in his ensemble), Bonnie(wearing a pretty cowl-back dress),Vincent(sporting a hat and a very wide smile), Angela, looking very stately and European, Bradley(quiet, shy and beardless), and Kayne. I was excited to see Kayne, especially since the last time I saw him was when , along with the other judges, I picked him to "go through to the next round" in the Chicago Casting. I had a great "bonding" session , chatting away with Kayne and his partner. I have a feeling we might have been split at birth! It was really interesting to see the Season 3 Designers and how they were reacting to the flashbulbs of the photographers. At one point, we all were gathered together , greeting each other(Season 2 along with Season 3), and the photographers had a frenzied attack. While we (Season 2) were ready for our "close up", perfectly synchronizing our turns with the demands of the photographers, some of the new seemed to be like "Deers Caught In the Headlights". It reminded me of my first photo-frenzy about a year ago. It was very cute and endearing I have to say. All in all, it was a fun evening . It wasn't fun, however, when I didn't get to bed until 3 AM and then had to get up THREE HOURS later to catch my Jet Blue flight to JFK. Needless to say, I spent the whole flight hooked to my Satellite TV screen and wearing my sunglasses to hide the circles around my eyes! Onto New York City: Today I filmed a segment for the TV Guide Channel for a"Red Carpet Special" , which will air Sunday, August 6, as well as doing an interview for Tomorrow is the NY Premiere Party and don't forget that Wednesday is the day of the Trunk_Show at EMc2 , Emmett's beautiful NoLita boutique. Come meet Chloe, Kara, Emmett as well as myself and shop 'till you drop. I cannot wait for my New York Trunk Show "Debut".

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

It's tough being a socialite, huh? You are so damn cute, dark circles or not!


coolshane said...
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coolshane said...

Hi Nick..!

Without a question, you`re smoking hot esp in whites...!!!

The hottest contestant ever in Project Runway including season3 contestants...!!!

-Love from a S.Korea Fan...-

Heather said...

I am looking forward to PR 3 b/c a) you will be on it somewhere and b) my interest has been piqued about Kayne (if you say you were split at birth, I am liking him already!)


Olá Nick, I am a fan its Brazilian. I follow reality show Project Runway, I was very sad when you it left. It was twisting for you... After all I still twist for its career as estilista...

Congratulations for its participation


caique beraldo said...


Heather said...

OMG! Last night I was channel surfing and noticed some PR stuff on Bravo. It was called "the road to Project Runway" or something like that. I was a little perturbed that I didn't know about it sooner b/c I only caught the tail end. In any case, I saw my favorite Uncle Nick during a preview of the selection process and I squealed. I mean, out loud, made my room-mate jump, SQUEALED with delight!!! I LOVE ME SOME NICK VERREOS!!!!!

Bonnie said...

Hi Nick!

It was awesome to see you on the "Project Runway 3" casting special wearing the Star Wars Burger King watch I gave you! Thanks for giving us some style cred! ;-)

You're the best!
Are we gonna see you on TV again?

(I still think season 2 was the best) ;-)

- Bonnie

Carol said...

Hey uncle Nick!

Do you remember me?
It's Carol, your boring fan from Brazil : )

You are so cute that you don't have to be concerned about dark circles in your eyes... rsrs

I hope you had fun in Emmett's today! I wish I'd live in NY...

In Brazil, season 3 is only be started in december, probably, and tomorrow we will see the special episode in PR2, wich you all meet to talk, talk and talk!
It will be so exciting!

I'm gonna write a "thank you message" for you in my page, for youe commet, and when I do it, you should see =D
(I said, I'm very boring!!)

and I Love You
Carol, tha boring fan from Brazil

Carol said...

I LOVED your T-Shirt!
"I disco ball NY"

Sarah Lukas said...

I'm sorry for not following very well- but did you end up putting together any type of clothing line? Your work has always been gorgeous.

LA sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Good! You should have.

broccoflower said...

Love the shirt :)

Trish said...


It was an absolute pleasure meeting you yesterday! I now feel like we are friends!

You and David have beautiful pieces! I wish you nothing but success and I hope we keep in touch!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...


we met the other night at the premiere party. you are absolutely the sweetest!

I e-mailed you through your official site so that hopefully you will send the picture that we took together.

ciao mi amor!

Caique Beraldo said...

Olá Nick I find that you always do not bring up to date its blog, I am pra here to full you again more a bit...
Here it is the Caique of Brazil, assito the Project Runway for paid television. Still we are in the episode that the Kara was eliminated...
I adored to find its blog thus I can leave my messages therefore that I do not bother you...
I also attended to some interviews its, you make look like to be a well comunicativa and estrovertida person...
One more time congratulations for its participation, I adored its drawings.
I also wait one day to see you in Brazil here.

Kisses Caique Beraldo
São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Heather said...

This is not really a PR3 related thread, but I'll post here anyway!

I saw the season premier of PR3. My initial attention went to Kayne since Nick mentioned the "separated at birth". Although it's early, I do sense a bit of the Nick charm.

The one who really caught my attention was Keith (the winner of the first challenge). First of all, that gown was amazing. And man, is he cute. Something about him reminded me of Jude Law. Anyone know if he is straight?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your designs. You are extremely talented and a quality person with great charm and personality. I wish you continued success.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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