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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe Pageant, Nancy O'Dell Hosts in NIKOLAKI

Boy was my humble Los Feliz studio busy this week! After all it is not every day that the "Miss Universe Pageant" rolls into Los Angeles. It is usually held in some far-flung locale such as Thailand, Cancun, Cyprus or Manila. A week before the contest, I got a call from Nancy O'Dell's stylist, whom I have worked with before and is such a great friend. I proposed to design a gown that Nancy would wear at the live telecast of the pageant. ONE WEEK before the contest!!! David and I went on OVERDRIVE(as well as my faithful seamstresses!). Mind you, I had classes to teach, and had to fly to San Francisco to do a "Learning Annex" as well. Needless to say, I think I slept maybe a total of 4 hours last week. The gown , as seen here, turned out to be a "showstopper", complementing her figure and her skin color and showcasing my design aesthetic. About a month prior to last night's pageant, I learned my friend Brook Lee would be attending as a former "Miss Universe" and the last "Miss USA" to win the prestigious title back in 1997. I designed her a fabulous gown of navy and cream flower-printed silk, featuring my "Angel-Wing" cascade-ruffle back and a tulip silhouette. I told her she looked like the beautiful mistress of a wealthy European sugar-plantation owner in Hawaii. All she needed was a fan (she had one!) A day before the big night, Tamiko Nash , "Miss California 2006" and the First Runner Up to Miss USA, also came by my studio and she chose a one-shouldered canary-yellow asymmetrical silk charmeuse dress that looked glorious against her copper skin color. My beautiful sister, Rita Verreos, who is a former "Miss Venezuela" finalist and now trains the "Miss California USA" winners, also made a visit to round off my contingency of "Nick Verreos/Nikolaki" beauties of the world. She wore an emerald green silk gown featuring a criss-cross bust drape and (wait for it!) yes, my infamous FISHTAIL HEM!!! You might have thought that I would be on "Cloud Nine" with so many stunning beauties wearing my dresses but all I kept thinking about was if the sweat (Ok, they do not sweat, they perspire) was staining the expensive silk under the 100 Degree humid weather that we were suffering Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles. All in all , I was ecstatic to have lived this great moment and did feel that I had gotten a "Coup D'Etat" of sorts, by having so many of my gowns worn on one night. At the "Coronation Ball", it was a unique experience hobnobbing with all the "Miss Universe" contestants and VIP guests. At one point judge and famed photographer, Patrick McMullan, approached a group of us because we were all in Black and White and started snapping away. This little surreal group included ,"Miss Ireland", Nancy O'Dell, her husband, Carson Kressley,"Miss Sri Lanka" and myself. It doesn't get much better than that!! After the contest, I also felt proud for fellow "Project Runway" designer, Kayne Gillespie, who basically got his "Barbie moment" and career zenith by winning the "Miss USA Challenge" and having Tara Conner wear his design for over 600 million viewers in 170 countries to see. Congrats to Kayne for getting that coup! *And yes, if you look closely at the first picture, that IS the back of Donald Trump's head! David was sitting a few rows behind him. Good job Mr. Trump, no bald spot!!

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Chris said...

Congrats, Nick.

I loved you on Project Runway.

Too bad PR wanted that Chloe woman to win no matter what...

She was awful.

Congrats on all your evening gowns, I was thinking of PR when I saw Nancy's dress... And Look! You were the designer.

You're our favorite (and very handsome too)

Let us know what you thought of Puerto Rico's dress and the rest of the top 20, ok?

It would be great to know your thoughts.

Heather said...

Beautiful gowns!!! I cannot wait until I can afford one of your creations. Although at this rate, I will have to stand in line behind some pretty famous names to get one!!!

Congrats on all of your and David's successes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Glad to see you and David are so busy. I thought you were just so popular because of your people pleasin' personality. It's nice to know that your business is REALLY taking off as well.

Still waitin' on the fat girl line!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Nick!
The dress was gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...


Women don't sweat (or perspire).

We -- ahem -- "glow".

xoxox from desertwind

PS - Your dresses are lovely.

Ashley said...

The gowns are absolutely stunning, I love the one for your sister (she is beautiful) most of all. Congrats on all David's and your success, keep it up :) Mucho amor

Heather said...

OK, can someone who is more familiar with fashion terms explain the difference between a fishtail gown and the one that Nancy was wearing? I know that both had an assymetrical hemline but that's about the extent of my knowledge!!!

Valerie said...

wow! four gowns on high profile, beautiful ladies in one night. that must've been so exciting, congratulations! I *love* Miss California's dress, it could not have been more perfect for her. And the color of your sister's dress is *divine.*

Carol said...

Hi Nick!

Congrats for being that busy!
It just shows how talented you are.

I LOVED Nancy's gown!

I have to say I didn't liked Kayne's dress for Miss USA =\

What's your opinion about Miss Paraguai's dress? (the green one)

Love you!

meliblu said...

So much for Klum's repeated comments about long in the back and short in the front and not understanding dresses / gowns of different lengths. Beautiful, lovely gowns. Might change my view of you. I was too heavily influenced by their vulgar remarks, but 'you did good.'

pleightx said...

Nick, everything looks so beautiful. The women are beautiful, no doubt, but what they're wearing is gorgeous! Embrace the fishtail, I say. You don't have anything to be ashamed of.

Anonymous said...

love the last photo!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Somebody please help me find the designer of Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008's gown. The white with rhinstones that she was wearing once crowned. I cannot find the info on the designer :(