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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Recaps and

Epidode Three: It's A Dog-Eat-Dog World : Highlights include: *Bradley needs a Red Bull! *Laura dresses up Like Athena Onasis at the Equestrian International Competition. *And Angela creates a fanciful story that beats my "Paris Hilton Goes To Mykonos"!! You can find it all (and more): Go to You can also find my blog on on the "Project Runway" site. Click below: On another note: I wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone who attended my "Learning Annex" seminars on "How To Get Into The Fashion Industry" and "How To Get Your Dresses On The Red Carpet". San Francisco , Los Angeles, and especially (big SHOUT OUT!) San Diego (best turnout of the three, thanks to FIDM San Diego and David's family for helping out with the advertisements) were great fun and, I hope , informative. I will be returning to San Diego to do an event with the W Hotels. Will keep you updated.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

You're so funny.

Glad to hear that you're busy, busy, busy.

David sounds like a great guy.


Meredith said...

Wonderful column! I'm personally on the edge of my seat waiting to see who gets the boot from Tim next week! How agonizing!

Patrícia said...

Hey!!Uau, I Really apreciate u, I'm from Brazil, my english is terrible, I think ur grate, please, write to me!!!My friends will not believe!!!U were the best in the show!!!
since when ur a designer?
When u discovered that was this that u wanted to do for ur entire life??
thanx, I love u!!!!

.::Bia V Corazza::. said...

Hey uncle Nick!!!!

º°ºHow ar u honey??

°º°Just writing to say [again] that I lov u ^^


Lisa said...

I picked you as my favorite on the show from the start and I love how you turned out to be the nicest guy and talented to boot. Props to you for taking your dream and actually making it happen. Personally, I have no skills for a job with fashion, I just love wearing it, but you've shown me that following your passion is what's important. Thanks for that and congratulations on everything! :)


Anonymous said...

hola desde caracas vzla, nunca supe que habias vivido aca hasta que se acabo el programa, siempre tu y santino fueron mis preferidos y me hubiera gustado mucho que llegaras a la final. me encanta todo lo que haces (especialmente me encanto el vestido de barbie, quiero uno igualito para mi!!!) mucha suerte y felicidades por todo lo que has logrado. saludos!

Raul said...

i love you sexy

Anonymous said...

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