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NICK APPEARANCES......NIKOLAKI at EMC2 Trunk Show featuring Project Runway Designers

THUNDER SHOW No wonder most New Yorkers somehow find the resources to get out of the city in the middle of July. I woke up Thursday to a hot, sticky, humid New York day. The theme of the day was quickly materializing into : "I shvitst, you shvitst, we all shvitst!"( To quote my favorite Kara Janx). Today was the Trunk Show at Emmett's NoLita boutique, EMc2. David and I arrived at the store to set up in the lovely back garden space Emmett had created for Chloe, Kara and myself to show our lines in the back of his store. We signed 10 of the just-released Season 2 DVD's to be given to the "big-spender" customers at the Trunk Show. In the beginning, the weather, though HOT and humid, was a bit sunny. All of a sudden, as soon as the store (and the back garden) seemed to be packed with visitors, shoppers and fans alike, a thunderous storm poured into New York. To be honest, it seemed as if the nucleus of the storm was EMc2!!! HUNDREDS (it seemed) of us scurried for cover under the garden tent Emmett's well-oiled employees had set up. Suddenly, the rain had poured so fast and furious that the tent seemed to be coming down and threatening the flooding of all our collections. With the unconditional help of all the fans, shoppers, and visitors, we gathered bags to cover the clothes and the racks and rushed through the uncontrollable downpour to bring the collections inside for safe cover. Everything turned out fine, even with the snafu of the rain (remind Emmett next time to check the Acu-Weather forecast please). I sold A LOT, from my draped caplet jersey tops(they were a hit!) to my Cruise Collection linen skirts and jackets. Tarah, my model and muse from the show, recently moved to NY from Miami, along with her sister Sabrina, and I asked them to come by and model my designs while the guests and shoppers were there so they could see what my collection looked like, just as they do in other Trunk Show events I have been a part of. Amanda, the model from Season 3 whom I befriended , also stopped by and offered to model my dresses as well. A Getty_Images photographer stopped by and took several photos of my "Nikolettes". Tim Gunn made another fabulous appearance holding court just as he did the previous night at Buddha Bar. He was diligently signing T-shirts, autographing bags and being gracious, classy and unflappable never letting on that there was a torrential downpour happening 10 steps away. He didn't even SHVITST, thank you very much. Chloe's model , Grace (wearing a cute vintage shift dress and jacket) also came by to congratulate Chloe and they posed for a photo with the Elle Magazine layout that just came out on the newsstand. I had a great time, even with the thunderous storm that almost ended the whole event. Were it not for the unbelievable support, love and help of all the guests, shoppers and fans of "Project Runway" we would not have been able to "Carry On!" Speaking of fans: there were lots ! One in particular stood out, because of his shameless tenacity and fervent love for us and the show. Most fans want us to sign T-shirts, DVD's, etc. He asked, no DECLARED, that we sign his CHEST!!! Well, before I could say "Nipple Ring", he took his shirt off and handed Chole , Kara and myself a Sharpie. When it came time for Tim Gunn to sign his chest, unfortunately we left little room above the belly button for his autograph (on purpose of course!). Let's just say, this fan went home never wanting to wash his chest, torso, and abs ever again!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

You guys are just the cutest!

I wish I could have been there...rain pour and all.

Wish you could do one of these in LA!

Is Tim Gunn the classiest guy ever, or what?


Trish said...

I had the best time and I will cherish my Barbie forever!

Love to you and David :)


Trish said...

OK i am screaming over the fact that i am on gettyimages drinking a glass of wine LOL

aida said...

hola, acabo de enterarme que creciste en mi pais, yo soy de maracaibo y confieso ser una de tus mayores fans,soy diseñadora grafica y aspirante a diseñadora de modas algun dia jeje, adoro tu trabajo, imagino que hablas español por eso te escribo en el idioma que compartimos, soy fan numero uno del show, aca apenas van a transmitir la semana que viene la 1ra parte de la final, adoro a daniel!!! enviale saludos desde venezuela, los admiro mucho a todos!!!! saludos y besos...
PD: espero que algun dia se encuentren tus piezas por estos lados

Carol said...

Hi uncle Nick!

It's Carol from Brazil!

I'm so sad that I live here and not in NY. I would love to meet you and Kara.
The sale seemed to be a sucess!

Yesterday, I saw the special episode from PR and I just loved to see you and Santino singing a Daniel Franco's song!
What happened to John Wade??? =O

I'd like to be a Nikolette. I'm jealous!

I love you =D
Carol, Brazil

Carol said...


I'm sorry for being so boring.
But I wrote a "thank you commentarie" in my page, for you, because of the comment.
So, if you have time, do you mind going there and writing an OK?
I swear I will never ask it again.
If you have time, do it for you most boring fan?!

I Love You.

Carol, Brazil

d~ said...

I'm betting that the torso autograph boy followed up by having the signatures tattooed on. He'll get to keep them always!

Anonymous said...

Loved meeting you! You're as nice in person as you were on TV. My 12 year old daughter is still talking about it and is a bigger fan than ever! Good luck and come back to NY anytime! We miss you here!

Heather said...

My goodness, it looks like it was a lot of fun. Really wish I could have been there!

The Scarlett said...

Nick, you are just too, too adorable for words. How I wish I could have been there that evening! Believe me when I say I cursed our Madonna tickets more than once when I found out about Emmett's event.

Laura, Tbone and I send our love.

katiecoo said...

Fantastic commentary Nick! You are so photogenic! Thanks for taking us along with you to the party and congrats on all of your sales. You are a true class act.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

And Trish...
It's not just you sipping a glass of wine. It's you sipping a glass of wine with Emmett!
Love it! So psyched for you too. Wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

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