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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Recaps on Au revoir Fleurchon

Project Runway: The Inside Dish! Click HERE to read my recap of Episode 8

8 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Recaps on Au revoir Fleurchon"

sherrie said...

Pitch perfect, as usual. Jeffrey's outfit looked like a reject from "This Is Spinal Tap"; I expected produce to be discovered at a security checkpoint. Bless their hearts, the poor designers walking down the runway - nobody struts like Uncle Nick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

I LOVE the picture of Michael Kors that you posted. That look was the actual highlight of the evening. I don't know how "Miss Fleurchon" got on the show in the first place (unless Santino placed her there). She couldn't design, was clueless, and annoying as h*ll! Ding Dong the Fleurette is dead!

I thought Laura's outfit was beautiful, but that color really washed her out. I'm surprised she chose it.

I'm not a Jeff fan, and I didn't care for his outfit (although the Tee amused).

Kayne...all I gotta say is "yikes!"

I thought Michael looked hot.

I'm bored with Uli and her splashes of color. Show me something else, please.

I hope Vincent is the next to leave. I know Jia I'm concerned that Vincent actually makes it to the final 3!

Love your recaps.


tonit said...

Love Ya! Wanna be in your clique! Mean it!

Tina said...

Jeff's not my favorite contestant -- or the one I think should win -- but I do think he deserved the win this last challenge with Michael a very close second.

But, Jeff? A little graciousness couldn't hurt.

nicole said...

dear nick verreos,
My name is nicole and I am 13 years old. i have been thinking of being a fashion designer for a while now but everytime someone asked me i never had an idol untill i saw you on project runway. and I would just like to say that YOU ARE MY IDOL!!! I love ALL of the clothes which you have designed and i almost cried when you were eliminated. :( and i still wish that you would have won!! PLEASE write back to me at :

misty said...

Jeffrey's outfit would have been fine--if not for his BEDAZZLER CROTCH! said...

i really think youre a fun person!!!i really liked you in PR2...

Jerry said...


A little off-topic, but I thought I'd ask because of an undercurrent from another blog.

I know you're probably still under some form of NDA, but I think maybe you can answer this part. I know that the garments that you guys manufactured as part of the show became the show's property (and hey, they paid materials cost, so it's no surprise) and are eventually auctioned off, but in terms of intellectual property, what rights do the PR designers retain?

I ask because it was suggested that perhaps some of the pieces that people do on the show that aren't attached to specific marketing rewards (your Barbie pieces, Wendy Pepper's Banana Republic dress, Angela Keslar's INC. outfit, etc., would be the rewarded tasks standing in contrast) might sell if put into production.

(Okay, specifically people have been saying that were Laura Bennett to do her jet-setter wrap dress in colors, they'd be all up in that, but I'm sure there are quite a few other pieces that would fly off the racks were they made available.)

I'm sure that this would have been something that NBC Universal and the other producers probably thought of and included in some "work done for hire" clause, but I was just curious.