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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Recaps Mothers Against Jeffrey

13 Mothers Against Jeffrey This Wednesday, I sat down, with my chips and guacamole, notepad and pen in hand, ready to watch this week's episode of "Project Runway" and I almost could not control myself from hurling an avocado-covered bowl at the TV! No, but seriously: what an episode! Two in a row! First , Alison getting booted, then Jeffrey calling someone's mom a "Crazy B****"!! Am I watching MTV's "Real World Key West" or "Project Runway"? I actually loved the challenge and thought it was one of the best ones, especially showcasing large size and real-life fashion issues instead of having to design and create something for a 5'11 , size 2 Amazonian model. I am sure that this episode will be scandalous and cause polarizing comments such as "Jeffrey is Crazy!" and "Angela's Mom is Insecure!", and I cannot wait for the "I am sure it didn't happen that was the editing..." Stay tuned, I am sure next week, the mud-slinging between Jeffrey and Angela will continue. Hopefully, though the fashion will overshadow the overwrought drama. Read my recap of the entire episode HERE

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KiWi said...

I'm with you on that one. If that arrogant giraffe had insulted my mama, I'd have plunged my scissors into downtown detroit (kwim). And then, to add injury to insult, he made her that patchwork burqa. That thing was 32 flavors of fugly. It was a sleeping bag with a collar! I think that 100% of people would argree that they would rather wear a boring basic than hot mess.
Jeffrey, you gots to go.

Val said...

It would have been Karma if Jeffrey had designed for Laura's mom and then mouthed off. They would have castrated him with his own scissors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

I didn't understand how emotional Angela's mother got. I think we didn't see a LOT of what really happened. I think he disliked the mother, right off the bat, because he dislikes her daughter so much. Either way, they were both in the wrong!

I was sad to see Robert go. He did make his "model" look 50lbs heavier, but he gave the client exactly what she asked for. Jeffrey (who looks more like a turtle than a giraffe...he has no neck), didn't give his client what she wanted, and it was a hideous tent!

Jeffrey should have gone for being a lousy designer and just a big f*cken jerk!

Love your comments!


Lori said...

Nick, I come to your website every day and enjoy your take on PR season three. Losing Robert the other night was the same as losing you on season 2. It was hard to watch, and I kept thinking, "No!" You and Robert are both decent people and treat others with respect, and I admire that. I was thinking that the editors were making Jeffrey the villain of season 3, but after the other night I realized he doesn't need any help. How awful to be that way to someone you barely know. I know we didn't get all the story, but still, where was the common decency? And to see Jeffrey's mother make excuses for him really bothered me. I have three sons and I would have made them apologize and tell Darlene, "You know what? We can do this. Let's make it work together and get through it, even if we don't agree on things. We don't have to like each other, but we can work together." If I were a wealthy woman that bought designer clothes, I would NEVER buy from Jeffrey, having seen this behavior. How do I know he wouldn't treat me the same way and try to put me in something...unflattering. So very sad to see people behave that way. Keep up the wonderful column on People! I go to read it right after I read Tim Gunn's take! You two are my favorites!

mdizzy said...

i'm he with you on the momma thing, nick. i posted over at BPR, that if that had been my mom, she would have ripped him a new one. when she was finished, i would've started. you don't talk to anyone's momma like that.

Glenn said...

This is way off topic, so I apologize in advance...

Mr. Verreos, I'd love to hear your commentary on the women's tennis outfits at the upcoming U.S. Open (Aug. 28 - Sept. 10). The diva sisters Serena and Venus Williams are back, so we can expect them to wear something interesting, if not altogether outrageous... And that shrieking biatch Maria Sharapova is always out to make a fashion statement.

There are many other glam tennis girls to watch out for, including the legendary Martina Hingis, and - in my opinion - the gorgeous Anastasia Myskina.

Please let us know what you think!!!


ThePRGayBoys said...

GREAT recap, as usual, Nick. We agree with you 100% on Jeffrey.
We LOVE your comments. Best wishes, darling!

Anonymous said...

Nick, I was afraid Robert would be the 3rd Season you--the better designer that got robbed. But it turned out he didn't make it quite as far. I have to disagree with you on your take of this episode. With Robert gone, Jeffrey has emerged as a personal favorite after Michael and Uli. I don't think anyone should automatically deserve respect because they're someone's mother because that is not a qualifier for "good person." In Angela's case, the nut really doesn't fall too far from the tree (to paraphrase Tim). Angela's mom was difficult and uncooperative. If I were Jeffrey, I wouldn't feel the need to be nice to her because I would feel she didn't really have my best interest in mind and perhaps was trying to set me back. Angela and her mom were the ones who tried to play dirty as they clearly tried hard to do. Kudos to Jeffrey for not putting up with this nonsense!

Laura K said...

Check out the BPR interview with Darlene(Angela's mom.) She is gracious (even toward Jeffrey) and charming. This was the first time she was ever on a plane!

Jay said...

Hey, I discovered this blog just a few days ago and totally addicted, I'm here in Australia and we have just recieved project runway 2 (unfortunately avoiding your PR3 recaps for spoilers and let me tell you its hard.)
Nick you are my favourate on the show I love all your designs, and I too a Greek boy and an aspiring designer, im acctually looking into my further education right now, I've heard Parsons,Fashion Institute of Technology and Central Saint Martins and good but I so scared to run off to another country fro 4 years or so, the colleges here unfortunately don't have the best name for international fashion .
Anyway,I can see myself in you when i watch the show and btw thank you so much for presenting Greeks in reality,(esp. boys)as educated and respectable people (Unfortunately, we have alot of negative connotations down here in OZ)its really refeshing to find someone who can represent the race in a positive light and for what it really is. (And relating my insipration back to Greece, is what I do all the time, can you believe that my teacher didn't know where Santorini or Mykanos were? when i told her my insipration was the awsome nightlife on the islands)
Anyway I cant wait to study fashion full time, and fingers crossed you will win PR2 dont tell me who wins yet.
p.s. sorry about the long rant, im just a huge fan!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick
Just saw a picture of you in People Espanol- Luis Miguel is on the cover. You are on page 32- Looking wonderful!! You go Latino

Heather said...

I was watching the show and when Jeffrey's mom came over to try and comfort him (after she was defending him to Angela's mom), I was wondering why on earth she wasn't scolding him for his treatment of Angela's mom. I guess this episode explains a lot of Jeffrey's behavior.....angry recovering alcoholic who can do no wrong in the eyes of his mommy.

No offense to guys who have close relationships with their moms. It's just that the guys I know who are "mama's boys" (for lack of a better phrase) have mothers who would woop their behinds if they ever caught them verbally abusing someone the way Jeffrey seems to do on a regular basis.

Nick, I agree that he needs therapy. I think he might also need a few group hugs! LOL

Roni said...

I vote for an update!