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Fall Off The Runway

Don't forget to come join us on Saturday September 16th at EMc2. Click HERE for directions.
Can't wait to see all of you there! It's going to be a great event.

5 Responses to "Fall Off The Runway"

Shane said...

I'm your big fan!
I saw you on the project runway!
and i really love your designs!
Even the suit for man (Daniel)
i feel it was not fair!
maybe it's too late to show my support but i will keep my energy for you!go go go !

p.s. maybe you can come to my blog to give me a short comment
i just created it not very long

thank u!!

Jay said...

God I wish I go! Your doing alot of public apearences aren't you? good for you i would go to the openign of an envelope lol, unfortunately I'm stuck in OZ but if i were in the states i would so be there! have fun

Joamar-John said...

Hey, Hi!
Eventhough here in my country
Project Runway 2 is still on air and the merely fact that it's still starting heehe, we're so late but that's ok,
Hm... I really idolize you well infact my phone is filled with your pics hahha.. continue and carry on,
I could also say that hope to know you alot as a friend hahah and i liked your style, hope ,,,,
I really want to go on Emeths store but Im in Asia , but I do know in the future I could buy your clothes, well im too young that's why ,
Thank you for making me smile with your pics on the net and the fun you made in project Runway hope you'll take care and.............
continuing inspiring people far from there and young people like me,
THANK YOU, Hope you won't be lazy reading ....


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

I think it's great that Emmet's store does so many "special" events. Does PR undercut any of the costs associated with it? It seems that he features only past PR designers.


Kimberly B said...

Nicki baby I'll be there! I'm so lucky I'm a NYer!! Love you guys and can't wait to meet and shmooz with all of you. I have so much to say to each and every one of you. My boy Daniel V isn't come? : (