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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Passing The Crown

...And the Fitfth Runner Up is: KAYNE!! This was the episode I was waiting for all Summer: Who would I pass my "Fifth Runner Up" crown to? Who would replace "Uncle Nick"? Well, it was the young bubbly Southern pageant boy, wouldn't you know it! I helped cast him back in Chicago and he get's auf'd the same time I did last season. Coincidence? Maybe. Read my Recap of last night's episode. On another note, I have arrived in NY and have already gotten into the swing of things. Last night, I went with my NY friend and "Host Extarordinaire", Louie, to "Florent" in the Meatpacking for a yummy dinner. On the way, several fashionably-clad women yelled "Nick Are you on your way to THE SHOW?". I was wondering, "What Show?" Then , a familiar voice from Yellow Cab called out my name as well: It was "Dirty" Diana Eng! Who would have thunk it? She was coming back from seeing THE SHOW. So, I asked , "What show?" : It was Zulema's fashion show! Needless to say, I did not get an invitation. After dinner I met up with the fabulous model, Danielle (Andrae's model) at The Gansevoort rooftop bar. The bar was filled with lots of "suits". I expected "post-NY fashion Week" scene but got "after party for an accounting firm"! Danielle had also just modeled Zulema's show and gave me some DIRT regarding tomorrow's Final Project Runway Fashion Show. I will be there with "bells" on!!! Can't wait to see what the Final Three, or Four , will do. And don't forget to stop by the fabulously chic Trunk Show Kara, Chloe, Emmett,Alison, and I will be having at the EMc2 boutique on Saturday. The unflappable Tim Gunn will be there looking on like a Proud Papa! I Love NY!! Click on The Title to read my recap

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

I'm shocked that Zulema did not invite you to "the show". Did you really want to see her "ethnic muumuus" anyway?

Love you. Not happy Kayne received your crown. You wore it well and proudly.

I think Jeffrey or Uli should have been out. Uli's outfit was hideous and Jeffrey's looked like a dorky hooker outfit (if there is such a thing!). I liked Kayne's dress. It was kinda sexy.

I'm thinking Michael may win this thing! He seems like such a nice, put together guy. His design aesthetic is gorgeous, too. I think Tim is secretly rooting for Michael to win, too.


Anonymous said...

Nick, don't dare give anything away :)..Hey Nick I picked up season2 of PR and watched again the episode you were eliminate....i sobbed again...what a dork...i know you've gone on to great things...but you are so genuine and we always want the good ones to win....have fun! stay out of trouble....i hope to catch a glimpse of you on runway

millie said...

nick --

i met you outside the tents this morning at the PR show. just wanted to say again that you are great and i'm definitely coming to the trunk show!


millie said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't you think that the judging was slightly hypocritical? I mean, if Kayne's dress didn't follow the challenge by not having "enough" white, shouldn't Jeffrey have been eliminated for not making an outfit for the dog?


Anonymous said...

Do you mean "Keith", Ruth?

Anonymous said...

Hi nick,

your so good
actually i saw the video of your Nikolaki runway show its so gorgeous and i actually love it and the fact that the music u used was sung by a filipina , hehhe..
take care...

Anonymous said...

Whoops, yeah, I meant Keith. My point remains the same...

Raul said...



SA said...

i've got a crush on you ... =-) ...use to write about you on my blog, and now there showing repeats of your season on tv, and i wanted to say HI, HI ..say hi back ...- SA

(you can TOTALLY delete this msg after you read it, btw ...)

Anonymous said...

Although Kanye's last outfit was not really all that great I totally thought he was a good designer! I also love you! You are like my fav person EVER! I LOVE YOU! Well, you should totally e-mail! I am your BIGGEST fan!!!
My e-mail is!