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Semi-Haute Couture: Recap

Semi- Haute Couture: Recap This episode was a doozy: From the egg-throwing kid, to Vincent flirting and schmoozing with designer guest judge Catherine Malandrino to Michael chomping on his gum like some Hoochie-Mamma in a Jay-Z hip-hop video to Jeffrey and Vincent's "Joan and Melissa" catty comments about their fellow designer's work to Michael Kors' "Whether you are German , Colombian, Australian, American..." Let me add "Greek, Venezuelan"(me)----it is still NO NO NO! Congrats to Jeffrey on winning his second challenge . Thank God I do not have to imagine Vincent getting turned on and all hot and bothered over his own garments. That is just a nasty thought that I would much rather put behind me. Enjoy my recap and hope to see some of you this weekend in Seattle! Click HERE to read the entire recap.

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sherrie said...

I do not understand the judges' infatuation with Jeffrey, either; I thought his dress was positively ghastly. I too thought Kayne's work was underappreciated - Ms. Malandrino complimented him on the fit in Paris (and the episode was about dressmaking.) However, I am rejoicing that our long national nightmare (i.e., Vincent somehow still on this show) is over. Love the blog - wish I could make it to Seattle.

Doris Shen said...

Hello Nick,

I am one of your fans from Taiwan.
I do love all your designs from Project Runway, especially the one for Barbie. It was so so so COOL. I like your design style and also your personalities. You're a very nice guy. I'm wondering how you've been doing. I bet you're doing great because you are the most talented designer. I'll aways stand for you and wish you a wonderful day ! ! !

Doris from Taiwan

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Happy to see your blog is back to normal. What happened to it yesterday.

I loved Kayne's dress. I'm white...but I'm not trailer trash. I thought it looked gorgeous. Could it have too shiny in person? Does TV really change to look of a garment? I have I'm just asking.

I have to agree with Maladrino's comments on Vincent (and probably his dress) NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

I hated Jeff's dress. What exactly do the judges judge on? What do they see that us average woman/men do not see?

Loving you.


Heather said...

I have my own theory that Ms. Malandrino has a thing for bad boys. It was the 2 challenges that she was involved with that Jeffrey won.

Uli's dress was very pretty, but I felt that she stayed well within her comfort zone and didn't do much else but to add some braiding to her normal halter style dress.

My fave was Kayne's. True, he kind of stuck within his comfort zone by making something kind of pagaent-like, but I thought it certainly had a lot more detail. The corset was ingenious (saved him a lot of time when he had to switch models. Even though the judges blasted the corset top as being tacky as opposed to the chiffon, I loved the contrast. I hope that Uncle Nick isn't right about them setting Kayne up to go home next week, but it wouldn't surprise me.

I'm not sorry to see Vincent go. That whole "it got me off" stuff TURNED me off. Made me want to shower.

Raul said...

Alison should be reintroduced into the show. PR did not do justice kicking her off before mediocre-designer Vincent. WTF

Jeffrey's dress was very Gwen Stefani/Rock n Roll/Goth-Couture. I totally understood his concept.

So...FINAL FOUR is soooo CLOSE!!!

My final for are as follows.

Uli. Kayne. Michael. Jeffrey.

Laura is a nice lady and a FABULOUS sewer, but her designs are very basic, and unimaginative--compared to the rest.

TELL me what you guys think.

Anonymous said...

The second season of Project Runway is just finishing here, and I must say that you were my favourite from the start.
I loved the elegance, grace and beauty of your designs. You truly are inspiring. Your angel wings are too lovely!
I am so happy you got to where you did, the perfect point as to where you can start your own line, I've seen the designs and they are fabulous!
I just wanted to tell you how much I respect you and wish you all the best of luck for the future (not that you need it.)And tell you how much I enjoyed watching you on the show, you have such a wonderful personality.
Megan (New Zealand)

Heather said...

raul, I agree with you on the Final 4. Laura just seems to make the same outfits over and over again. Of course, Uli also kind of stays well within her comfort zone, but at least her comfort zone turns out some pretty dresses.

Of course, seeing how that crazy Santino catsuit beat out our darling Nick's outfit for Daniel in season 2 makes me fear for my favorite season 3 designers (Kayne and Michael).

WHo do we all like for the overall winner? I am rooting for Michael.

Shane said...

I'm your big fan!
I saw you on the project runway!
and i really love your designs!
Even the suit for man (Daniel)
i feel it was not fair!
maybe it's too late to show my support but i will keep my energy for you!go go go !

p.s. maybe you can come to my blog to give me a short comment
i just created it not very long

thank u!!

Mrs. Carlson said...

I just found your blog and wanted to post that Kayne's gown from the couture challenge was auctioned off for $1,900. It was the highest bid on any of the PR creations. $400 higher than the winning bid for Jeffrey's nightmare. (Didn't SJP make it on someone's "what was she thinking" list for wearing a crazy plaid dress?)

Your recaps on are excellent.