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Alpha Store DVD Signing-West Hollywood

ALPHA STORE DVD SIGNING-West Hollywood One of my favorite stores in Los Angeles, Alpha, on Melrose in West Hollywood. Darren Gold, who runs this fabulous "SoHo"-esque haven of shopping, asked me to make an appearance for a special DVD signing. I was thrilled to find out that I would be joined by Andrae and (this is when I just about DIED!), Miss Jody Watley. Jody just released her new CD and was also making a CD-signing appearance. When I arrived , I greeted Andrae, looking very "Resort 2007" , in flip-flops, a short-sleeved shirt and casual pants. He looked so cute ,likehe was about to board a Gay Cruise. I, on the other hand, was "giving" Professor Verreos, with my Zara shirt and skinny tie. When Jody walked in, with her lovely mother and daughter, I just had to say "hello". I whispered in her ear something about what she thought of people wanting us to sign CD's or DVD's without writing "To (fill in the name)". We both screamed "EBAY!!!" at the same time. Instantly we became "BFF's". Jody is an icon and looked every part. Even though she was extremely nice, funny and very warm and friendly, she was still every minute a DIVA. And it turns out that her, her mom and daughter were huge PR season 2 fans. Love them even more!! A lot of shoppers and fans alike came by and we chatted about our experience on the show, we dished about Season 3. Speaking of Season 3, guess who made a special apperance, Kayne's model, Amanda Fields. She is in town to do Los Angeles Fashion Week , which begins next week and came by to lend her support. I even did an exclusive interview for out their site for more photos and an exclusive taped interview from the event.

4 Responses to "Alpha Store DVD Signing-West Hollywood"

Jennifer said...

Loved the video clips of you and Andre. And I so agree with you about the show becoming more about the celebrity and less about the design. This season appeared much more contrived for drama than last season. I just can't get that excited about this batch of designers like I was last season. And of course there's no YOU this season! Still think you're the best. Thank you so much for keeping us updated with your great blog.

Mar said...

I loved your write up about PR's reunion special. I could not stop laughing! With the exception of Michael Knight, I haven't liked anyone on the show. The final four this time around is not even close to the final five last season.

One thing you didn't make clear in your previous blog, is your new studio/showroom open to the public or is it trade only?

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!

Anonymous said...

Two questions...

1. Did Amanda let you get a word in edge wise?

2. Did she eat something (so she wouldn't faint, yet again)?


Anonymous said...

Can you be anymore adorable? I miss you and the rest of Season 2 compadres. You guys really had respect for the competition and what the benefits could bring you (though I can't discount the infamous walk-off, I'da snatched a NUB off that skeeza Zulema!). Congrats on the Windsor line!