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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Nick Dishes on Project Runway Season Three Finale

Sorry for the late posting this week. I have been busy, busy, busy!! I spent the early part of the week at an appearance in Seattle (more on that later), and somehow still managed to write two articles for --"Uncle Nick's Top Five Moments" of Season 3 plus my final weekly recap. I also had my own Finale drama in Seattle since Bravo/NBC sent the episode there for me to take a look at before writing my recap. I will probably write about it for my new blog on . I actually liked the Finale because it was more about the clothes and less about the drama. However, the whole Jeffrey accusations , I felt seemed to be "swept under the rug" a little bit, but in the end, he made it to become the winner. His , admittedly, was the most "forward" collection. I felt, in my eyes, Uli's was the best. I love her design aesthetic, Uli's girl is the same girl who would buy my dresses. We think alike--maybe I was an East German girl in my past life! Click HERE to read my inside dish on the Project Runway Finale and then Click HERE to read my Top 5 moments from Season Three

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Faith said...

Great review and commentary as usual Nick! :) Hope you're keeping up with everything!