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Nick Verreos Top Chef Apron

I am very excited to "unveil" the brand-new "Nick Verreos Top Chef Apron". About a month ago, I was asked to design the "Top Chef" apron that would be sold on the Bravo website in conjunction with the debut of Season 2 of "Top Chef". Initially, I was a bit confused in regards to what "designing" would entail. Was I going to add my infamous fishtails to the apron? Or could I somehow create a bias-cut apron with an asymmetrical hemline? No and No. Thank God. I then decided that I wanted the apron graphics to be fun, colorful and modern. I don't really cook--I order out and I microwave, that's how I cook, and I am embarrassed to say it. However, when designing the apron, I thought of what kind of apron I would wear, when microwavin'! I also thought of all those tacky old-school aprons that our moms would debut while serving the Thanksgiving turkey or that big plate of home-cooked paella. This apron would not be "your mom's old apron". I wanted to design a hip looking apron that you could see in a sexy editorial from a magazine like "Wallpaper". From the beginning of my design, I always wanted the apron to somehow incorporate a large cutting knife, especially since that is already part of the "Top Chef" logo. At first, I wanted the apron to say "I'm going to CUT you!" , but then I decided that might be, how shall I say this, a bit too mean. So I went for "Chop!". I hope you guys like it and I think it will make a great gift for all those other microwave-cookers as well as real Chefs. Click HERE to read all about it on the website.
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8 Responses to "Nick Verreos Top Chef Apron"

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Love the apron! Very cute.

How do you stay so thin eating out? Do tell.


andreita said...

u rokcs!!
luv from ecuador!

Jay said...

That apron is cute, my dads a chef and he would only ever let me use his aprons from his resturant (extra publicity I guess lol)and I'm woundering the same thing as the anonymous person earlier how do you look so great with a microwave and eating out diet?! God i wish i had your metabolisim!!! I look at a carrot stick and put on a pound!
Take care,
Jason (Iasona)

Joe.Lai said...

nice,the apron's really cute:D
i believe u can make a even better one tho


Kevin Jones said...

love the apron. can't wait to get mine!

paula said...

hi nick!!! u r great as usuallll, come to argentina, we ll waiting for you DIVINOOO


Elizabeth said...

I have video from lay-z-boy! Yay! Thanks again, skipping class was worth it!

Love the apron too! I'm excited for Top Chef!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your work! Nice apron. :)
Have a nice day.