Ice Style Finale Part 1

I cannot believe that this season is almost over. And what a season it was. I love these four finalists and I was really eager to see their finished collections when I went to New York Olympus Fashion Week last month (check out my recap of their collections here). It was fun to see four such different designers do their "thang". This first part of the Finale was great. It was fun to see Tim in his Roadster , just driving along like the Parson's stud that he is!! The biggest trest was seeing him sit outside without his jacket AND shoes!!!! Oh Dear. I bet it took Michael Rucker and the other producers HOURS to convince him to "let his hair down". I'm glad they did! The designers collections look great, especially Laura's and Jeffrey. As I stated when I recapped the actual shows, I really liked Jeffrey's collection and how forward and innovative it was. I could not refer it to any other designer's. As to the "scandal". You know there always has to be DRAMA. I hope it works out well for him and all the rest of the designers. As, Mary J. Blige says "No More Drama", just give us FASHION!!!!! My recap is up! Click HERE to read all about it.

2 Responses to " Finale Part 1"

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,
In your recap I felt like you think that Jeffrey has cheated. But I think that he is innocent. Any sane person with half a brain person that watched last season and saw how you had to make a dress at the last minute would come to New York fully finished.
I soo wish that Jeffrey wins.

Joe.Lai said...

man i love ur designs!
im a 16 year-old boy who really wants to be a fashion designer too,i live in China now,guess im going to LA for college,which school are u teaching in?i'd definitely want to be ur student:DDD
anyway is my msn address,hope i'll have a chance meeting ya!
Best regards