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NICK APPEARANCES.....Heidi's Halloween!


Halloween 2006: Ahoy Mateee! Last night I attended Heidi Klum and Seal's Halloween Party at Hollywood club, Privilege. I decided to use the illustration I did for NPR as my inspiration and do a "Pirate" theme, however, you know I had to take it to a whole other level. I was John Galliano as an Indian Pirate. 

I used his fabulous Men's Spring 2005 Collection as my springboard. My costume began as a regular ol' Pirate and I "tested" it at a party over the weekend but everyone kept coming up to me saying "You look like John Galliano!". So for Heidi's party, I decided to "own it" and be John Galliano, but as a Pirate! Heidi Klum looked amazing as "Original Sin", the Apple and the Serpent from the Bible. Seal was Eve. I could not get past his blonde wig and the leaves strategically placed throughout his shift of a dress. Hilarious! I did the Red Carpet and posed for photos with fellow Project Runway designers Santino Rice, Raymundo Baltazar and winner, Jeffrey Sebelia.

I also did an exclusive "Live from the Red Carpet" for Heidi and YouTube has a video of the fun and a peek into the fabulousness of the party. Check it out HERE I will also do a more complete posting of the goings-on of the party on with more great photos!

6 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Heidi's Halloween!"

Heather said...

So Cute! And is that Santino that you're standing next to?

Jay said...

I LOVE Heidi's costume soooo cute lol! she is soo creative with her costumes. I like your pirate idea too Nick, its very you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

I saw your video on ProjectRunGay blog. What did you imbibe in? OMG!

You looked adorable anyway. Heidi was very creative in covering her pregnancy "bump".


Neva said...

You are such the gay-version of Robert Downey Jr....without the substance abuse problem. :-) Love you!!!

Kev in VA said...

Alriiiight Uncle Nick. Loved the costume. You were looking a little X-Tina Dirrty if you ask me.
oh so cute!

Anonymous said...

u look great and funny