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NICK APPEARANCES.....Hollywood Parties

As you can see , I have changed the format of my blog a little bit. I decided it was time for "face lift". Let's just say I smothered it with some anti-wrinkle moisturizing creme perk it up! But enough with the cosmetics analogies. Last week, I was invited to several events/parties here in Hollywood. Even with my crazy schedule, somehow I found the time to speed my way through the crazy traffic-ridden streets of Los Angeles after 9 hours of teaching and designing to make it to a couple of these. The opening of the "Original Penguin" store on Melrose Ave. was a fun one to attend, where we danced to Brent Bolthouse's DJ'ing, munched on Dolce's yummy hors d'eouerves and ran into my Project Runway friend, Andrae Gonzalo. I know, you have to ask "Where's Andrae?", well on that night, he was with me , at the "Original Penguin" store opening. I also went to TMZ'z First Anniversary Party at Republic on La Cienega. The last time I was there was at the "Entertainment Weekly" magazine party, and I wanted to attend since I love TMZ and all those "gotcha" videos of celebrities and party professionals such as Paris and Lindsay getting caught doing (and saying) things they would probably regret. I ran into the creator, and "master" of one of my favorite other blogs, "Pink Is The New Blog", Trent. Here we are posing for a photo from that party. The T-shirt I am wearing in both photos was given to me by a student of mine, who has a great new line of T-shirts, NDCENT, featuring some cool screen prints. Just this last week , I attended a fabulous event in Palm Springs and I just returned from Kansas. I will soon post articles here as well as on on these.

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misty said...

The new blog looks FAB! Love it! And Love You!

(and now, a moment to blogwhore" if you get a chance, and are inclined to, please visit:
A good friend AND my husband write for it, AND have a book out for one of their semi-regular features, and if you love snark, you'll love the blog. Thanks for indulging me!)