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Palm Springs--The BodyFactory

I may not be too old, but I have already decided where I wanted to retire: Palm Springs. Or at least, have a "weekend retreat" from the bustling metropolis that Los Angeles is. But first, I have to earn enough money to even make this a reality. As of now, it is a far-off dream.
Just recently, during the Veteran's Day weekend, I got the chance to check out my future "home away from home" when I got invited to the opening of The BodyFactory ( in Palm Springs. The BodyFactory is a unique Southern California experience. It is a smoothie bar, beauty store, tanning salon, and ultra luxe candle and scent boutique all rolled into one. There is one in Hollywood and it has become a favorite haunt for all the perfectly-ab'ed boys and girls of LA-LA Land and all the celebs featured in magazines such as "US Weekly" and "Life & Style". Palm Springs is about a two hour drive (depending on traffic) from Los Angeles, and during the "Winter" months, it is delightfully cool and tepid. I actually stayed in the nearby town of Rancho Mirage off of Dinah Shore Drive (I am not kidding!) at an expansive resort called The Mission Hills Villas. It looked like a golfer's paradise. Unfortunately for me, I do not golf. I just sew, do patterns, drape, and shop!!!!
The Opening Night of the Palm Springs BodyFactory had its own "Red Carpet" and I was greeted immediately by its owners, the handsome Robert Green and Bob Sliter. There were lots of guests who were either from the Palm Springs' "A-List" or who drove in from LA just for the party. We were treated to some delicious hor' dourves as well as an Open Bar. I also got a taste of what has to be one of the best tasting (and healthiest) smoothies known to man: Body Fuel. Body Fuel is made of alfafa, apple, broccoli, cherry, echinachea, and Shitake mushroom, amongst other things. It sounds a bit nasty, but trust me, it is GOOD!! And totally healthy. One of those, and it makes up for the 4 Vodka Martinis you had before--or after!
The Body Factory also has the best smelling Voluspa candles and incense and carries one of my favorite Men's Grooming Lines, Jack Black. I love the Face Buff, Beard Lube and the All-Over Wash. I know I am sounding like Jessica Simpson pitching Pro-Activ, but trust me, I cannot get out of the house without these products. (Hello, Jack Black, I can be your spokesperson, call me!!)
Besides the party, I also got the chance to check out the new stylish Parker Hotel, which reminded me of one of those amazing homes that stars such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin had in Palm Springs. The sprawling gardens are amazing and a great area to get lost in! I just loved the uniforms the hotel staff were sporting. The salmon-pink colored jackets and white shirts and pants were oh-so-chic! Finally, I also went shopping at the Cabazon /Desert Hills Premium Outlets, where I had to check out the Prada, Gucci and Barney's Outlet stores. I made some retail damage at the last one, unfortunately. I finally ended the evening having dinner at the Palm Springs Hamburger Mary's while the Veteran's Day fireworks were exploding outside. What a fitting ending for such a relaxing and fun weekend in what I predict will be where I set up my very own "Nick Verreos" boutique for all those Paris Hilton's who want to come to Palm Springs for the weekend and may need a fishtail, asymmetrical-hemmed bias-cut dress to go out on the town and hang out at the Parker or The Viceroy.

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Raul said... maybe I'm not only discriminated by str8 people. Supposedly you "support" gay people. Well, it seems you only support famous, rich, known gay people. Well, sorry I'm not, Nick! I only wanted some advice. Thanks a lot for making me feel invisible. Maybe I should just swim in some fremaldihyde.

Anonymous said...

Nick you are so gorgeous! That smile, that smile! We love you here in VA.

Anonymous said...

Love,love,love the new look of the blog!

Plumbum said...

I love love love your new blog design.

just an fyi.

OH, and so i've followed your designs and your blog since PR2 (I still think you should have shown, but i'll get over it lol!) and i'm currently taking some fashion production classes at my college and we have to write a paper about a designer...

i've chosen you! :) So now i'm off to dig in the neverending internet about your life, career, etc...outside of the Nikolaki website of course! :D

Parisjasmal said...

Sounds like a very exciting excursion!


fashionphotographerps said...

Nick... thanks for sharing your experiences in our fair city of Palm Springs in November! You have such love in your heart and though we haven't met (yet), the 3 or 4 people who have met you only have the sweetst things to say about you. I want to also thank you for the humanitarian things you do for charity at the annual gala in Los Angeles... you name and face pops up from time to time on these events... so know that you are appreciated! Continued prosperity and success to you and your partner!