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On December 1st, I was honored to be asked to participate in the First Annual Bow Wow Beverly Hills Event. Two Rodeo and Tiffany & Co launched this event to promote and help support pet adoption during the Holiday Season in Beverly Hills.
It was dubbed "Breakfast at Tiffany's", because there was an elegant "Continental Breakfast" in the cobblestone streets of Via Rodeo and a doggie fashion show which immediately followed it. I only knew that I was to arrive at this ultra chic location and that I would get to walk a very special dog down the "doggie runway". Once I got there, I was introduced to my dog-walk partner--the cutest puppy named Bruiser. I just about died! I have seen a lot of dogs in my days, but Bruiser had to be the cutest puppy I had ever seen. I just wanted to grab him, squeeze him and never let go. The adoption volunteers informed me that he was a mix of some kind, possibly pit bull and a lab. He was styling in a silk Ermenegildo Zegna bow tie. Not only was he cute but he was a Metrosexual! He belonged on the cover of "Details, the Dog Issue" Not sure but I don't know if it was the Mimosas they were serving me or the smell of puppy chow, but I started screaming to my partner, David , who came with me, about how I was going to be Bruiser's daddy" and was ready to sign the adoption papers. I finally came back to consciousness when I realized how big his paws were and how large a dog he may eventually become. I just wanted him to be THAT puppy size forever!

Besides myself, I was excited to be joined by other runway doggie-walkers Jane Wiedlin, from The Go-Go's. I just kept thinking to myself that I couldn't believe that I was in a doggie fashion show with one of my favorite musicians of all time! I embarassed myself by telling her what a big fan of hers I was and how The Go-Go's were one of the first bands I ever jumped up and down for at a High School dance to. She then expressed to me what a huge fan of "Project Runway" she was and how she was excited to meet me as well! Jane's puppy was this large excited dog that kept trying to cause trouble with all the other puppies.
We did calm him down long enough to take photos with Celina Bojorquez of The Beverly Hills Mutt Club and "The Pink Lady", as I called her. Jane and I thought we were colorfully dressed for the event--until we saw her! Note: Her poodle is also pink! Actor Dick Van Patten from "Eight Is Enough", one of the bachelorettes from "The Bachelor" plus others, including a very HOT Fireman from the Beverly Hills Fire Department, joined us in the doggie fashion show. His puppy was featuring a mini-fireman's hat and bright yellow costume. Double cute!
Before we all could even take our final bow, I got word that MY Brusier had already found a home, and a new Daddy. The handsome and equally stylish, Craig Donahue, director of PR for the event fell in love with Bruiser just as quickly as I did, but he put his money where his heart was! Craig has now asked David and I to be his Godparents. Uh oh, does that mean I have to buy him some Zegna silk bow ties every year on his Birthday?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,
Thank you for posting the Bow Wow
Beverly Hills event and for being
such a fun participant on the day.
We adopted out several dogs over the week of the event and got the word out about adopting dogs from
shelters to literally thousands of people.
Bruiser is now happily living with his new "Doggy Daddy" so once again, Thank you for helping to make the event a success!
Teri Austin
The Amanda Foundation

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I'm an 18yr old self taught artist and fashion illustrator. You can see my fashion by just clicking the display name. :-)

Parisjasmal said...

Awesome post. I am a HUGE animal lover.
Kudos to you to be able to bring attention to such a worthy cause!