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Nick on E! "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds"


Just before the end of the year, I was called in to do a "segment" for E! Entertainment. Of course, I was extremely excited. Well, I was thinking, "Great, will I be commenting on Spring Fashion trends? Or will I be talking about Red Carpet trends? Or teaching non-fashion people how to tell the difference between a $100 dress and a $2000 one?" Oh, no I quickly found out that I was going to make commentary on the "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds". Some of the feuds, I must admit, I didn't even know were going on! I hoped that at least one of the fights dealt with Paris stealing a dress from Lindsay , or a famous fashion designer bitch-slapping another fashion designer. No such luck. Well, I tried to do my best "catty " Nick. I almost forgot I did this segment, until some students of mine approached me and said "Mr. Verreos, I saw you on TV last night... you were so funny!" I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about, until I realized it was this show. I assumed that they had watched some old clips from Season Two.

Also, click HERE to read a "Shout Out" from the PR Gay Boys and watch a video that they dug up. I was invited to the Christian Audigier Melrose Store Opening (He was the designer for 'Von Dutch') and I asked Amanda (model from last season) to be my date and she wore one of my cropped gold linen jackets and jersey mini-dress from my Holiday NIKOLAKI line. She wore the mini dress over her own very skinny jeans and looked hot!

3 Responses to "Nick on E! "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds""

Raul said...

Nick, help.

Mella said...

Hello Nick,
I came across this website because I did a google search for you, to see if you were still into teaching classes! :-) I would have loved to have a class with you. Congrats on all your success and I hope to hear much more of you in the future! Let me know if you need any redheaded models...LOL ;-)


Raul said...