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The Devil Wears a Prada Phone

Recently, I was asked to comment on mobile phone designs for CNET, a web/news source for software technology, electronic gadgets, camcorders, digital cameras and the like. It is ironic that I would be asked to say something about cell phones, because in less than six months , I have lost or had to replace mine THREE times!! The last time, I lost my RAZR in New York City while I was ending my New Year's Holiday in the Big Apple.

I was at the La Guardia Airport check-in gate, when I discovered that my cell phone was missing. After calming down, I realized that the little skinny RAZR must have slipped out of my coat pocket during my cab ride. I therefore blamed the loss on several things , including a poorly-designed welt pocket on my trench coat, as well as me being slightly careless for even putting it there and not checking the cab seat before getting out. Nevertheless, I did not blame it on a poorly-designed phone.

I like my RAZR, I just wish it was one of those gold "Dolce & Gabbana" kind--those are fabulous! I wish Barbie "My Scene" would come up with a "Nick Verreos Barbie" phone; it would be apple green with a Pucci-esque swirly print on it--it would just scream "Paris in CAPRI!" Just recently, I received a Blackberry as a gift, which will come in handy for work. I promise that you won't see me typing out emails/text messages while sitting down at lunch or dinner with someone though. Not only is that way too "Hollywood", it's also rude. I'll go outside and do it!

Click HERE to read the article on what I think of mobile phones deisgns , and especially the men who CLIP them on!!!

3 Responses to "The Devil Wears a Prada Phone"

Parisjasmal said...

I so wanted that D&G Phone I love it. Oh and I am well into adulthood, but Barbie MyScene RULES!

So sorry you lost your phone Nick.
Oh and I am so looking forward to SURVIVOR on Thurs. You know who I am already rooting for!


Heather said...

That D&C phone is stunning! I have the plain old charcoal Razr. The red one looks nice, but it's for the service that I DON'T have!

I can totally picture the MyScene Barbie. You'll have to get in touch with PR3 alum, Robert Best. Maybe he can work it into one of the upcoming Barbie lines as an accessory?!

Anonymous said...

Come back to New York we miss you!