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Nick's Gown on Miss CA for the Miss USA Pageant

Make sure to tune in to the Miss USA Pageant this Friday Night on NBC. I am thrilled to have designed the Gown for Miss California, Meagan Tandy.

Meagan is absolutely beautiful and the gown that we designed for her definitely matches her beauty. It is a Black Silk Duchesse Satin Gown with a plunging shawl collar, cap sleeves and full pleated skirt (See picture on the left). The collar and waistband are hand beaded with hundreds of Jet Black Swarovski crystals and the gown gives Meagan a definite 1930's Old Hollywood vibe.

I will be at the pageant on Friday night and am looking forward to seeing Meagan take the stage at the amazing Kodak Theater in Hollywood.

I will make sure and report back here with all the details! I am also doing several other gowns and will talk about that in a later posting.

5 Responses to "Nick's Gown on Miss CA for the Miss USA Pageant"

Heather said...

Congrats Nick. I hope it brings her good luck!

Melissa said...

Is it the gown shown in the photo? That is GORGEOUS!

Phaolo said...

Beautiful gown, Nick. Congratulations.

Good luck Miss California.

Monica Powers said...

Felicitaciones, Nick!! That was great exposure on the pageant last night and your gown was elegant and simply gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

the gown is stunning Nick!!