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NICK PROM DRESSES.....Nick Verreos for Windsor Prom Dress Tour: CHICAGO

As I type, I am in my hotel room in Orlando, Florida for my second stop of my Windsor Fashions Appearance mini tour. I will be at The Florida Mall Windsor Store making an appearance from noon-2 PM today , March 17Th. If you happen to be in the "neighborhood", please stop by , say "Hi" and take a look at my dresses!

Last weekend, I began my "Prom Dress Tour of the United States" for my just-released "Nick Verreos for Windsor Fashions" mini prom dress line. First stop was Chicago. I made two appearances in the "Windy City", one at the Chicago Ridge Mall, the other at the Windsor's Lombard location. This was my third time in Chicago (I was there for "Project Runway Season 3" casting/judging and for an ALMA Fashion Show Fundraiser Event) and I was excited to return and enjoy the sights and tastes of this fabulous city.

Three things I noticed about Chicago
this time around:

1) Lots of Toll freeways!!(we spent over $10 in 2 days!);
2) Lots of condos, and
3) Some of the most expensive parking lots in the US!

On our way to the first location, David and I got lost and ended up in some forest with a frozen lake! I am not even kidding. After calling Mayra, the lovely--and helpful--manager of the Chicago Ridge store, we were re-routed to the correct destination (Note to self: Get the GPS Navigator option whenever renting a car!) Mayra had warned me to "hurry up" because of the line of people that had been waiting to meet me for over an hour! I hugged and greeted many moms and their daughters who had come to the Windsor store, to check out the line, plus to get a hug from "Uncle Nick". One mom even brought her "Project Runway My Scene Barbie" for me to sign. There was a raffle in which we gave away a free "Nick Verreos Windsor dress", which was won by the beautiful (and perfect size 3) Molly , shown here wearing one of the most popular styles, "The Justina". The gorgeous crew of the "Windsor gals" at the Chicago Ridge Mall store were the BEST! Not only were they all "working it" with their outfits, but they were the sweetest, most professional, most accommodating bunch of young ladies. Mayra and her girls ROCK!!!!

The next appearance at the Lombard location was just as fun. Not so many people came out but the ones who did got 110 % of me!!! There was a St. Patrick's Day Parade occurring that Sunday, which was where most people were. Nevertheless, I was just happy to see anyone who stopped by and wanted a photo, an autograph, and hopefully try on one of my dresses! Again, the Windsor gals at this store also were "working" their ensembles, with matching necklaces and earrings and shoes!

While in Chicago, we had one of the best dinners at WILDFIRE Restaurant , in the Oakbrook Center. Casey, the restaurant's manager,is my new BOYFRIEND!!!! I know that if he reads this ,he will be so teased by his buddies , the staff of the restaurant, plus half of Chicago population who might know him BUT, Casey and his staff were extraordinarily gracious, helpful and treated us like Chicago royalty! He even brought us a delicious lunch THE NEXT DAY, at my second appearance! That's when I almost proposed to have him move in with me!

Subsequently, I ended my weekend in Chicago hanging out with my friend Drew, a stylist, who took us to several places on Halstead Street, plus the JBar at the stylish James Hotel in Downtown Chicago. Thanks Drew!

8 Responses to "NICK PROM DRESSES.....Nick Verreos for Windsor Prom Dress Tour: CHICAGO"

Tito said...

Hey Nick! I saw you last Sunday at the Lombard Windsor with my sister and my mom. Me and Tess, my sis, were so excited to see you that Tess was freaking out saying that we had to get there really early in case there was a line, which there wasn't so that was good for us. Anyway you were really nice and friendly and such an awesome guy. My mom had no idea who you were before Sunday and you made her fall totally in love with you. She keeps calling you her "boyfriend" and says you're so guapo and stuff like that. So anyway thanks for all the advice. I just faced a stressful week with so much school projects and the SAT and seeing you and talking to you just made my whole life. I feel like I've broken free of some motivation block or something and now I'm inspired to do all kinds of things that I lost interest in before. So thanks for the advice. Anyway I have the pics we took on my flickr page:
Enjoy the rest of your Windsor tour!

queen t said...

nicky...."please buy my chiclet"...okay, how about I am SO happy to find this blog. I know I am late, but I had to comment. You were my fav on Project Runway.

Anyway, I look forward to checking you out some more.

Jewelles said...

Hi Nick!

I was just watching "Grease: You're the One that I Want!" on NBC and Laura, one of the final two contestants to play Sandy was wearing your "Summer" dress for Windsor - I looked at the store's website after the show and it was an exact match! I hope that you manage to see her perform in it - it's a beautiful dress that enhanced a great performance.

Jewelles xo

Adrian said...

ok so i totally saw you today at the magic kingdom. i was the kid driving the big double decker bus down main street and told you that your awesome. and that pretty much made my day because i never see people who are cool at the magic kingdom.

Ashlee Yvette said...

Gooo Nick! That is so wonderful. Congratulations =)

Matt from Gap said...

Hey Nick!
I met you today at the Tyler mall in Riverside. I wanted to thank you for being as charming and handsome as you were on the show! Talking to you was totally fun, you made my day!

Anonymous said...

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Carol said...

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