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TV Guide's "Jeer Of The Week"

Last week, I got a call from my Mommy (yes, I still call her Mommy!) and she said "Neeeeeck...go pick up the TV Guide Magazine with the 'Lost' cast on the cover...there's a little photo of you". Of course, as a result of all my traveling (Chicago, Orlando and Phoenix in three weeks!), I had not gotten around to going to a newsstand. Finally when I realized I could just check one out at the airport terminals, I was a week too late! Thankfully Good Ol' Mommy saved hers and sent it to me.

In last week's edition, in their infamous "Jeers and Cheers" section, the writers decided to headline a photo of me while appearing on an episode of MTV's "The Hills" as their "Freeze Frame" Jeer of the Week. They were miffed that the viewers were only teased with my blink-and
-you-miss-it moment and my somewhat unexplained appearance on this popular show. I love TV Guide for even noticing that 2 second moment when I appeared on the TV screen. At least I did not end up on the cutting room floor. I remember telling the director, half-jokingly, "You are filming 8 weeks of my class, and I am sure you're only going to use 2 seconds!" Someone once said (I think): Be careful of what you say or wish for, because it might just come true.

2 Responses to "TV Guide's "Jeer Of The Week""

Laura said...

Hi- I'm a big fan, actually I made a whole myspace page dedicated to you...
Anyway I just wanted to say that I was watching the hills last sunday afternoon and I was tweezing my eyebrows so I wasnt really watching but out of the corner of my eye I see a familiar face and I thought "Is that NICK VERREOS?!" but then it went to a new scene. So then I went to see the next time it was coming on but it only had other episodes. I was going to download it, just to see if it was you, but now that I checked out your blog the mystery is solved :).
Anyway, it's too bad that they were playing a stupid song while you were teaching, but it still made me excited to see you on TV, if only for a split second.
You're awesome,
Laura (a major fan of yours)

Anonymous said...

Here's to nobody caring!