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NICK PROM DRESSES.....Nick Verreos Prom Dress for Windsor Tour

Prom Season Y'all!!!!

My Windsor Tour of the US has concluded right here in Southern California, after brief, but fun stops in Chicago, Orlando, and Phoenix. Along the way, I met hundreds of young kids, their parents, their cousins, as well as "old folk" like me who took the time to come out and see me.

To celebrate my visits, I decided to make a "Windsor All-Stars" collage with some of my favorite and most memorable people who I met along the way. The first is a young designer-hopeful, Tito, who wrote in my blog the most heartwarming letter about how "I inspired him to break free of a motivation block " he had. After reading his letter, I had to post his photo with me as a "Thank You".

The next is an 11 year old girl, from Arizona, who loved watching "Project Runway" but didn't have other friends who watched the show, so she would come to school the next day and dish about the episode with her art teacher(the only other "Project Runway"-watcher she knew). I thought that was the cutest thing I have ever heard!

Also in Arizona, the cutest group of high school students (even though they looked as if they were in college!) had been waiting at the Windsor Store before I had even arrived. They were all dressed as if they walked out of the hippest boutique on Robertson Blvd. The boy in the group was wearing the fiercest Cavalli jeans with a saucy leopard-print. At this point , I have to say something about Chandler/Phoenix Arizona: It must be one of the fittest and best-looking populations in the US! It's as if all they do is rock climb and drink healthy Vitamin Water all day long! I saw so many 16 year old, 6 foot tall, size 4 future models, it was unreal! And the boys all looked like they came from an Abercrombie & Fitch billboard. If I was a model scout, I would get on the first plane to Chandler/Phoenix and do some scouting!

Next up, in the Riverside location, I was visited by a threesome of fans, who drove up from San Diego to see me. They were all led by my Official Nick Fan Stalker Extraordinaire, Brett (he is the Nicole Ritchie-skinny boy in the white thermal long-sleeve tee and super skinny jeans). I first met Brett at the FIDM Debut Pink Party last month where he officially declared himself my stalker! Another group of three (this time girls), also came to my appearance, and were searching for Prom Dresses. The Blonde girl in the Turquoise dress wanted a little bit extra up top. The dress she tried on has pads already attached inside the dress to give you that extra help! And the girl in the Champagne colored dress was worried about her tummy. I recommended the Ariel Dress (a top seller!) that is ruched across the stomach which is great for hiding any little flaws you might have.

At the last Southern California appearances, I met two fans, one of whom was dressed in the classic "Nick vest-and-tie outfit". So you know I had to get a photo with him! And to my surprise , they also brought their prized "My Scene Project Runway Barbie" for me to sign.

In the Glendale location, I reconnected with an uncle and HIS niece, seen here in black shirt and glasses, who were so incredible that they had already gone to one of my other previous appearances , where they took photos with me and now they were back to have me sign them! They get extra "Uncle Nick" points for that.

Finally, I almost broke into "Terms of Endearment" tears, when at two separate locations, standing in line to see me were two former co-workers of mine. Back when I was at UCLA and I was a political science major I worked part-time at a government agency in Westwood where I met these two great ladies!! This was way before I had aspirations of being a designer. I would draw all these fashion sketches at work for fun, and they would say to me "One of these days, you're going to be famous! And by the way, you need to graduate from UCLA already and go to fashion school!!" I had not seen them in over a decade!!! It was heartwarming to see Keshia (in green wrap dress) and Brenda(in Lacoste tracksuit). Brenda , in fact was my unofficial boss at the agency. Seeing them again just made my year!

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who came out to see me , and especially to those girls (and their mommies) who actually bought my Windsor dresses for their upcoming proms, formals or sweet sixteen parties. Sorry if you didn't "make the cut" for this collage, but it doesn't mean that I didn't love you also, it was mainly because of the limited space we had here. You can click HERE, and see the complete "Photo Album" from my Windsor Appearances and see your photos that we might have taken of you! A big "Congratulations" to the winners of the "Win a Nick Verreos Dress" contest. And a final "Hollah" to all the Windsor employees who made it so much fun for me.
Also, look out soon on the TV Guide Channel, in their Fashion and Style Show, because we filmed a special segments showcasing my dresses just in time for Prom Season 2007.

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tim said...

Yaaayyyyy. I made it on to the Windsor On behalf of My neice and myself it was truely a pleasure meeting you, (twice). I admire the fact that you gave everyone who came to visit, including myself, 110% of your attention and really made everyone feel welcomed. Thanks for everything.


Laura K said...

YAY! Kaitlin is in the slideshow!

Raul said...

hey, my name is Raul, I try to talk to you and get a reply...

I wanted to know, why do you have to be 21 to try out for Project Runway? I'm 19, and flying out to New York from Oklahoma this Saturday w/ high hopes. And I just really w*i*s*h my character and my talent is first considered than my age.

anyway, <3 u


Raul said...

P.S.- My e-mail, Nick, is

Please e-mail me anytime.