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NIKOLAKI.....NIKOLAKI in California Apparel News LA Fashion Week

Nikolaki Fall 2007

Two weeks ago, here in Los Angeles, we celebrated yet another LA Fashion Week. I have shown several times, either as part of the "official" Smashbox L.A Fashion Week and also by having my own show in a fabulous gallery space in Downtown L.A. called The Woman's Building . I've also shown in several "group shows", where along with other designers , we present our collections. This includes shows with CLAD (The Coalition of Los Angeles Designers) where we presented our designs for several seasons to press and buyers here on the West Coast.

I was asked by my friend, muse and model, Amara, if I could host the 6th Anniversary of "Siren And Sailors", a great boutique in the uber hip neighborhood of Silver Lake. Besides being a fabulous DIVA all around, and my "partner-in-crime" when the time came for me to go to the Season 2 casting of "Project Runway" two years ago, she also happens to be the manager of "Sirens And Sailors" and co-runs a production art-and-fashion outlet called "Globe Trekk" here and in Paris.

She said that they were going to have a huge party celebrating the anniversary with an "installation" which would include fashion, music, art, food and cocktails. I told her that I would agree to do it if I could also show my NIKOLAKI collection , along with the other designers that would be featured. Most of the designers were designers that are currently being carried at the eponymous Silver Lake boutique.

I ended up showing a "capsule" collection, a "preview" of my Fall 2007 collection; six beautiful pieces ranging from a few metallic gold linen cocktail numbers to Grecian-inspired (of course) Goddess draped dresses in an aubergine-colored jersey. I ended my mini-showing with a strapless black Duchesse siren gown with a metallic gold Obi back detail.

The show was held near Downtown L.A.'s Chinatown at the Marvimon House and it was a complete success! The space reached capacity so early on that several hundred people were not allowed in, including some of my best friends! I was so happy that I got to host such a great fashion-music-and-art event in LA that celebrated what is HOT right now in this fabulous town, but also, got to show a mini preview of some of my new designs and styles.

It was great to see the write up in the California Apparel News (click on the image to read) and to check out more on the event click HERE and HERE for more photos from some of the other designers.

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gilda said...

nick!! gosh i just found out you had like 2 blogs. anyway i love that gold bare-rop dress. you look like you're doing good and i'm really happy. i'm a fashion student and i've been having a hard time lately, but i came on my computer today to read up on all the project runway guys and rewatch some of my fav episodes, and i feel better already! all psyched up to take on the world!! *yeah right* heh. hope to see a lot more of you in the near future. take care!

with love, gilda

1jonboy said...

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horacionieto said...
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horacionieto said...

nick it was such an honor to meet you and you are truly an inspiration to many designers across the world. keep up the great work and i hope to see you at this years "runway alma". besos.