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Miss Japan Becomes Miss Universe!

Congratulations Miss Japan!
Congratulations to Riyo Mori for winning the title of Miss Universe 2007. She looked chic and stylish in her Gucci Spring 2007 gown. I'm sure Nina Garcia approved of this dress! Nina looked stylish and elegant herself.

This video was very unfortunate. Rachael Smith never looked comfortable from the start of the contest. I think that the weeks of feeling unwelcome by the Mexican population was weighing on her and our sources tell us that besides being booed at the National Costume Parade and preliminary judging, the booing started from the moment she was introduced at the National Auditorium and reached it's climax when she answered her final question. The fall was unfortunate but what was even more regrettable was the unsportsmanlike attitude of the audience.

6 Responses to "Miss Japan Becomes Miss Universe!"

Gena M said...

Thank you for the nice comments on the pageant. There is absolutely no excuse for the crowd booing a young woman in a contest. Perhaps Mexico should not be allowed to host the competition anymore.

Angelina said...

I feel for Rachael. She was a smart girl but didn't have the public on her side. Which can effect your confidence and overall image.

Still I think the Mexican people went too far. They didn't have the manners to only clap less (or don't clap) when they don't like the pageant.

Booing made them looks like little kids who didn't realize how deep they're influencing a young girl.

I feel bad for her - but I guess that's life. You fell and you dust yourself and get up to do bigger, better, stronger and faster.

Anonymous said...

why did they boo miss usa anyway. did they just not want the usa to win the title?

misty said...

I applaud Ms. Smith and how poised she was and how gracefully she handled herself after the fall. She was the picture of beauty, poise, and grace.

MitchyKo said...

i thought Ms Brazil was gona win...ahuhuhuh...she can pass as a victorias secret model...poor Ms USA..i heard before the pageant itself, she was already being booed...Ms Universe should be a wonderful experience for each of the representative...not horrific...and you can tell from her facial expression during the pageant that shes greatly affected by it...poor girl...and worst, she slipped...and theyve been playing it on TV every about adding insult to injury...accckkk...

Mary said...

There is no excuse for such behavior. In that I agree completely with everyone's comments. However it is also true that the United States has been quite insensitive towards other countries. The United States is planning on building a wall in order to separate themselves from Mexico. Obviously that is something that offended mexicans. Imagine if it were the other way around. I also must say that the event in itself was unbelieavably insensitive to the delicate and dreadful political situation of Mexico. I was in shock as I watched the contestants prancing around Chiapas, the land that is the center of the very difficult indigeneous struggles (The zapatista's fight for the rights of mexican indigeneous cultures.) The cheesy video montage of the girls having a great time and declaring that region "Mexico's Playground" to me was quite offensive, knowing what really goes around in that land. I am not mexican, but that doesn't mean that I can't sympathize with human struggles.
Like I said, I don't approve of the mexican public's blatant rejection of the USA candidate, but I understand their outrage.
This wasn't the model's fault. However I feel that given the adversity of the night, she pulled herself through gracefully.
I thought Brazil shold have won though. She was one of the strongest contestants.