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Prom Advice- We Asked Nick!

Prom Advice- We Asked Nick!

I know for many of you, the Prom Season of 2007 has come and gone and hopefully everyone had an amazing time.
But in case you are one of those girls who has yet to experience the big night and are still looking for some advice, look no further than!

This website was developed through FIDM and recently I did a great interview that hopefully offers up some much needed advice on everything from finding the right dress for your body type, Good Prom Hair vs. Bad Prom Hair and even includes a little bit of advice on what to do if somebody shows up wearing the same dress as you!

There are also great questions (and answers) on how to ask that special someone to be your date and what to do if your date doesn't like to dance or if all your friends hate your date!!

And lastly, it's not too late to get that Nick Verreos for Windsor Dress. This was a limited collection and once the season ends they will be gone!! Don't be one of the thousands of people that emailed me begging for a way to get a Barbie!! Snap them up before it is too late. The Summer Dress is perfect for any party (it doesn't have to be the prom) and is in the color of the season YELLOW!

2 Responses to "Prom Advice- We Asked Nick!"

Juna said...

Hi Nick!
Nice to meet you!
I'm a big fan of you in Korea!
I would love to have the dress that you designed, but I don't think they'll post it to Korea:(
See you again next time ;)

Oksana said...

oh Nick, these dresses are fabulous. I especially love the Addison (the back of which is beautiful) and the Rosario turquoise one!
very magical!