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NICK APPEARANCES.....Style Studio!

This week MSN's Style Studio was officially launched! I am so excited to announced that I am part of a very glamorous Glam Squad. Take a little dash of What Not To Wear and Queer Eye For The Straight Girl and add a healthy dose of any magazine's "tips" section on make-up, hair and fashion, shake it up, and VOILA! Fashion Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is SERVED!!!!

Our Glam Squad leader extraordinaire, is Stephanie Greenfield , owner and creator of SCOOP. The one and only Helena Faccenda, hairstylist to none other than Miss Heidi Klum , will be the hair expert. Sexy make up artist , Troy Jensen, who lists Jacklyn Smith and Mary J. Blige as his clients and the elegant Laura Bennett, designer from Project Runway Season Three, round out the crew. I will bring my 13 years of styling, designing and dressing celebrities such as Nancy O'Dell, Eva Longoria, and all those sexy Miss California's, Miss USA's and Miss Universe's to this Glam Squad.

We filmed all these fun yet helpful segments in a spacious high-rise Soho Loft overlooking all of Manhattan. I hope that you enjoy them and that you will get some "tips" that will help you leave your humble abode feeling and looking like an absolute DIVA! The whole point is for us to inspire you to look better and not to "blend in". I hate when women get "bored" with the way they look or how they dress. There are options to make you look your fiercest and we are here for that. Consider us your guiding Angels of Style , make-up and hair. When you go out, we want you to "Own it", bring out your inner Beyonce is what I like to say! Dress Like You Mean It!!!
Click HERE for all the fun. And click HERE to read the posting by the Project Rungay Boys, Love them!

2 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Style Studio!"

John said...


I saw you on "The Simple Life" last night! My first thought was "OMG! Is Rita going to be in the Hot Mom competition?". She would have cleaned the floor with those other moms if she had been!

Please keep making random appearances on my favorite makes TV watching all that more exciting!


Ann said...

This is pretty amazing.