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Eva Longoria's Wedding Dress--My vision

Early this month, as everyone knows, actress Eva Longoria got married to sexy San Antonio Spurs basketball player, Tony Parker. A writer for the San Antonio Express News, Michael Quintanilla, contacted me to draw a sketch of what I, Nick Verreos, would design for Eva , if I was the designer doing her wedding gown. He was doing a story regarding all the craziness revolving her fabulous and ultra chic million-dollar wedding in France. Quintanilla wanted to include design visions from local San Antonio fashion designers , as well as a "celebrity designer" (I'm sure he was using the term very loosely!). Several years ago, Eva wore one of my NIKOLAKI designs to an event (in a photo captured here), way before she became the star of "Desperate Housewives".

I obliged his request with this illustration you see here. I wanted to do my "Nick" silhouette--very 1930's bias cut Hollywood Starlet with an asymmetrical cowl draped back (similar to what I designed for her costar, Brenda Strong for last year's SAG Awards. I envisioned it in a off-white silk crepe that would be hand-beaded--heavy to light-- throughout the gown. The finishing touch would be a French lace veil very reminiscent of the Mantillas the Spanish Duquesas wear, to give a nod to her Mexican-Spanish heritage. The sketch was published-along with the other San Antonio designer's visions in the aforementioned San Antonio Express newspaper the same weekend of Eva's wedding. She ended up wearing an amazing silk gazar gown from Venezuelan designer Angel Sanchez, who for years deigned all the gowns for the Miss Venezuela's and now has become a go-to guy for gorgeous wedding dresses. Good choice Miss Eva!

8 Responses to "Eva Longoria's Wedding Dress--My vision"

Luis Darmendrail S. said...

cool stuff
eva has such a great body and such a presence, it suits extremely fine. it's delicate and femenine.

i think that she's a great model and inspirer as well


Dennis Tiang said...

Hi Nick, just want to tell what a fan I am of yours! My partner and I have just finished Runway S2 in Sydney, Australia! I was upset that you did not make it to the final 3. I love you dearly - your obvious talent, warm personality and your constant laughter and smile but most of all, I LOVE the way you connect with your family! If you ever visit Down Under, let it be said that you have a friend and tour guide here!

sweet_allure said...

i have to say i'm disagree with the first comment!eva longoria hasn't a great body and presence..she's too petite,she's not nicole kidman. obviously she's hot and pretty but she have a body type not inspirer at all!
otherwise your sketch is nice..verreostyla
i like the simplicity of the lines making eva's silhouette looks longer

hey nick..come on, you're a celebrity designer, remember: slow steps are stronger!

bye bye!

phuong said...

omgomgomgomg i love your designs and i love you on the show and i would literally kill to be one of your students mwah love you kepp doing what your doing

Anonymous said...

You know when people say, what's one thing you would wish for.... well if I could have anything in the world it would definately be for YOU to design MY wedding dress because I fell in love with one of the designs that you did for Windsor and it's going to be my bridesmaid's dress!!! Of course we can't all be Eva Longoria (gorgeous design, needless to say)... but hey a girl can dream right?!?! .... anyway, I love you and your work and I can't wait to see your spring '08 collection!!!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be so jealous of Eva she is so pretty and has a body to die for!

SEB said...

Eva's gown is amazing. I am a project runway fanatic, and want to become a fashion designer when I grow up I wnat to become a fashion designer and I want to be as succesful and talented as you. That wedding dress is amazing. Do you have any tips you could give me about designing? I'm about to apply to a high school speacialized in fashion next year and want to get a head start. Thanks, and your work is truly amazing!!!!!