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Fashion and The Beach

Just returned from my crazy week in San Diego where I showed a "preview" of my NIKOLAKI Resort/Spring 2008 Collection at an event at the W Hotel organized for me at their fabulous Beach Bar. As you know, I love telling a story and this was no exception.My collection was based on Cleopatra arriving in Rome to look for her Marc Antony, but in 2008! And these were the fabulous dresses she had in her Louis Vuitton trunks. Here are a couple of shots from the runway show, which went well: No models falling, no broken high heels, no ripped seams or broken zippers! The model in the aquamarine silk gown is , in fact, my sister Rita, former Survivor: Fiji contestant, who flew out, along with my whole family , from San Antonio, Texas .The press, media and guests I spoke to said that it was a complete success. They loved the show and the collection. From backstage ,I could see people's jaw dropping and could hear the "oohs and ahhs", which I guess is a good reaction.
Prior to Thursday night's show, I did several TV morning talk shows--NBC, FOX and local KUSI--promoting the event, fashion show and my "celebrity bartending".
For morning talk show interview on KUSI Click HERE and click HERE for my interview on FOX.

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