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From Arches to Space Needles!

After finishing my hosting duties at St. Louis Fashion Week last night, I am off to do an appearance with Andraeeeeeee in Seattle at the La Mode Fashion Show for IADT!

This one will be fun because I will have a partner in crime with Andrae this time. On Saturday we will be giving a seminar at the IADT Campus and Andrae will even be part of the silent auction creating a sketch of a one-of-a-kind garment live at the seminar.

I'm going to have to pick up some of that world famous Seattle coffee when I get there to help me make it through this weekend!

For more on the Do You La Mode Fashion Show click HERE.

4 Responses to "From Arches to Space Needles!"

HeatherLee said...

Just saw some pics from your show on BPR. Great designs! Many congrats on your successes since PR2!

nick said...

aw.....! what up nick! it's nick! lol.....thanks for the phone call, I was sad to miss the show; last minute I had to be up in canada for work. =(
Hope you had fun in my hometown? Did ya kick it in the city ?
holla.! =)

Anonymous said...

hey nick, its greg, we met at the fashion show, it was such a pleasure to get to know you for the like three seconds that i did, you should keep in touch with me, when you can my e-mail is and i am not sure if you are on myspace but if you are here is my addy. add me

Lanae said...

NICK!!! I'm going to be in Seattle August 29th - September 3rd...can I show you a hott spot in my home town?

Love You,
Lanae (former student...big fan!)